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The father waves a gun and wants the alleged rapist in jail

Top Thai Tourism Official Fussed by Father's Angry Rape Song

Friday, November 9, 2012
PHUKET: The Permanent Secretary of the Tourism and Sport Ministry said today that he will try to have a controversial video about a rape case in Thailand removed or banned from YouTube.

The music video entitled 'Evil Man from Krabi' was posted by a father in the Netherlands after learning that the man charged with raping his 19-year-old daughter at a popular Thai holiday destination had been allowed to go free on bail.

News that the alleged rapist could be free for up to two years before the case comes to court has led to a significant number of cancellations at hotels in the province of Krabi, on Thailand's Andaman Sea coast.

The prospect of a tour guide who is alleged to have carried out a brutal beating and a rape being free to possibly rape again clearly does not appeal to tourists.

Tourism Permanent Secretary Suwat Sitthilor was quoted by Thai media today as saying in Bangkok that he would see whether the Information and Communication Technology Department could prevent access to the controversial video.

At the same time, a video is to be made presenting the more pleasant side of a holiday in Krabi to potential visitors from Europe, China, Australia and other countries.

Krabi police have also suggested making a video in response to the father's angry video performance in which he waves a shotgun and sings: ''Evil Man from Krabi, we're going to put him in jail.''

At a media conference at the Tourism Authority of Thailand office in Krabi earlier today, local media reported that Krabi Police Commander Major General Nanthadach Yonnown went through the details of the case.

He said the tour guide confessed to the July 28 rape of the young Dutchwoman when he was arrested on September 20.

Police opposed bail but a local court allowed the man bail when he denied the charge, despite his earlier confession.

Because of delays in the Thai court system, it could be as long as two years before the case comes to trial.

Krabi Governor Prasit Osathanon said today that the police had done all they could and it was not within the power of anyone connected to the case to make suggestions to the court.

Any attempt to suppress the angry father's video or an attempt at a cover-up of the circumstances of the case is likely to put more tourists off coming to Krabi for a holiday.

The woman's angry father, a popular singer in the Netherlands, could even write another song.

By late tonight, the first song had been watched more than 230,000 times.

Evil Man from Krabi

A SHOTGUN-TOTING father whose daughter was raped while on holiday in Krabi has posted an angry song on the internet calling for her attacker to be jailed, not bailed.


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Official response: try to get the video banned from youtube.

Nothing more need to be said.

Posted by Remarkable on November 9, 2012 21:51


They are going to have to wake up to the fact we are now in the 21st century and they cannot cover up as before

Posted by Michael on November 9, 2012 22:30


And it is a great song as well! Good enough for being played in Phuket bars and night clubs.

Posted by Remarkable on November 10, 2012 00:54


I've already downloaded the video. If it gets banned, I'll upload it again.

Posted by Buster on November 10, 2012 03:11


This will simply fade away in a few months.The justice system failed here many moons ago and I don't think it will ever change, sad to say...BTW...That is not a "shotgun" he is holding...

Posted by Ted Davis on November 10, 2012 06:02


What ! Yes this a tragiq event, and I' m a father too! A song is ok to shout an inside anger, but all auditors are STUPID to consider Ao Nang or Krabi is a rapist destination ! The singer is now promoting its new cd, and believe me only in Thailand he is gonna sell a lot ...but...2nd disappoinment and tittle second CD: title: They copy my Cd in Krabi and I get no money ...
Rapes out discos all over the word happened everyday, and I.m sorry for that little woman wich wanted only holidays.

Posted by egress on November 10, 2012 07:32


The ICT could prevent access to the controversial video only in Thailand would be correct :) Banning from YouTube NO CHANCE!

Posted by tron123 on November 10, 2012 11:22


What the father, angried of course, is forgetting is that also in his home country a suspect of a crime could be set free on bail awaiting trial.

Posted by stevenl on November 10, 2012 14:57



There is NO chance that a confessed rapist that also badly beat up his victim would ever get bail in Holland, or in any developed country. Absolutely zero chance.

Posted by christian on November 10, 2012 17:01



No, Krabi is not a "rapist" destination, whatever that means. Rape and assault happens everywhere, it's how you deal with it that matters. And in Thailand in general, and in this case in Krabi in particular, it's not being dealt with in a proper way.

Posted by christian on November 10, 2012 17:07

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