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How Phuket City's Central Festival underpass will look in 2014

Phuket Underpass Lane Closures Announced

Thursday, November 8, 2012
PHUKET: The bypass road will narrow to two lanes north and two lanes south from November 21 as construction of Phuket's new 600 million baht underpass constricts the route.

A representative for the large Central Festival Phuket shopping complex, adjacent to the work in Phuket City, said more talks would be needed next week about the effects on shoppers.

Central Festival building manager Pornchai Dechkaew said a decision has yet to be made about the future of the elevated walkway across the construction zone.

The walkway links the main Central Festival complex to a smaller shopping zone, recently renamed Central Festival East, that takes in HomeWorks.

Under Phase I of a four-phase project, signage will be placed warning motorists of the proposed lane closures and the cessation of the u-turn option at Central Festival for motorists travelling south in the bypass road.

Southbound motorists will still be able to turn right to head towards Patong via Vichitsongkram Road, and to use the main entrance there to the Central Festival underground carpark.

Northbound motorists will be able to turn left for Patong or either of the Central Festival entrances.

Motorists on Phuket have previously been advised of alternative routes if they have concerns about potential delays.

Construction of the underpass by the firm Italian-Thai is expected to take 720 days and conclude on October 5, 2014.

Today's talks took place at the Highways Department offices in Phuket City. More talks are scheduled for next week.


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So it looks like for the next 2 years the traffic, at already a standstill, will get even longer tail-backs.

Alternative routes? Like the Patong Hill where a large section of the road is gone due to poor construction and even poorer repairs. Heard this is not going to be addressed until March. The hill is dangerous enough but with the extra traffic this is going to turn into a disaster for some poor souls.

Posted by Graham on November 8, 2012 16:20


Rarely ever had to wait at Central lights for more than one red-light, except in very extreme circumstances.
Now the tail-back IN the underpass will be horrendous as thousands of cars are given fast access to the permanent traffic jam 6 or 7 hundred metres further down the road. The 'artist's impression' photo above with its 7 cars merrily on their way, is the best joke in a long while.

Posted by IAN on November 8, 2012 22:07


Totally agree with Ian. When underpass construction is finished at both Central Festival and TescoLotus junctions, there will be a constant, uninterrupted stream of traffic heading south until the traffic lights at the junction of Chaofa Road West and Virat Hongyok Road. All this expensive construction will do is to displace the waiting time from these two locations to this junction which is already a bottle neck.

Posted by Tom on November 9, 2012 10:18


They forgot to include the illegally parked vehicles on the left lane there

Posted by temh on November 9, 2012 11:47


Was at central, today, and went over the walkbribge to Homeworks, and wondering what will happen to the walkway, its central SUPPORT pillar, is smack in the middle of the underpass lanes. Hope they won't simply remove the pillar.

Posted by Interested Expat on November 9, 2012 15:04


I was thinking the Central intersection will become a nightmare when construction takes away one lane but there is partial solution (Take away the north and south right hand turns at the intersection on bypass road and close the U-Turn in front of Central) You can do this with three(temp)stop lights installed during construction two at the ends of the road behind Big "C" opening up the right hand turn again from bypass road. The third would be at the junction just south of Central construction to allow cars to turn to go to Phuket city and to come out. By taking away two right hand turns you add more time for cars to go strait ahead thus turning two lanes into one with the traffic moving at nearly the same rate it does now. All three lights only need to stop traffic on one half of the road the other side can be left to flow freely down one lane from the south and east) while merging traffic can inter on a second lane open to them only in the same way they do the turnarounds north and south of heroines monument. When construction is finished you take away the three lights and close off the turn from bypass road heading behind Big C again. Maybe your paper can ask the city to look at doing this before the nightmare starts. Of course large signs telling people to turn early at these lights would be nice as well.

Posted by mike on November 11, 2012 11:55

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