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Look for the final Phuket 2015 sunset and party LIVE tonight

EXCLUSIVE Phuket New Year Party Coming LIVE as Holiday Island Welcomes 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015
PHUKET: We're going out in a blaze of innovation by live streaming the Countdown to New Year from Cape Promthep on Phuket tonight.

Welcome 2016 parties that span the globe will start in New Zealand and Australian cities and follow the sunset across Europe into cities such as Las Vegas and San Francisco in the US.

In between, we'll be bringing you the big party on Phuket LIVE.

The technology we'll be employing is cutting-edge.

It's capable of carrying LIVE events from Phuket to all corners of the globe.

Sporting action, concert performances, weddings, births . . . check out tonight's livestream and imagine how it could work for you.

For more details, telephone Khun Oi (English or Thai) 089 4725117.


Comments have been disabled for this article.


A-w-w-what's all this then !?! A new start ? I do hope so. (I was thinking one of you was a little too young to retire ; ) !)

In any case, thank you so much for all amazing, shocking and joyful information you've given us over the years. I'm enjoying your free news up to the last minute ! Don't know what I'll read tomorrow. Good luck to you all. I hope you have everything you hope for in the new year. Much appreciated !


Posted by James on December 31, 2015 13:19

Editor Comment:

Many thanks, James.


Am I misreading or does PW continue in 2016?

If not then I wish you all at PW sincerest best wishes for next year & many thereafter.

We might not always have agreed but then isn't that what journalism & forums are about?

I may have abandoned Phuket but not your PW website which has always been informative, interesting & at times given cause for much comment & counter comment.

I do hope that other nonsense with the navy is finally laid to rest; it serves no good purpose to anyone for it to continue.

Health, prosperity & much happiness in 2016 to all others who read PW.

Posted by Logic on December 31, 2015 15:59

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Logic, but 2015 is it for PW.


Hi Allan
All of there very best, you have been good to me and other viewers so please dont delete your data base and if a miracle occurs let us know
Lots of love
Gregg and Khun Withan

Posted by Gregg P Cornell on December 31, 2015 16:02

Editor Comment:

Many thanks, Gregg and Khun Withan. That's a pleasant contrast to the one or two ''haters.''


Thanks a lot for those enjoyable years. With fast and accurate news.
I am gonna miss Phuket Wan ALOT
I wish you good luck in the future
Happy New Year and I wish you a prosperous 2016 and forever

Posted by Mj on December 31, 2015 17:06

Editor Comment:

Thanks, MJ, you too . . .


Bye Alan,
Thank you for an interesting and informative forum.You have raised important issues over the years, and whilst I haven't always shared your personal views on all, you have generally allowed the rest of us who enjoy the forum to comment and air our views. The reporting of news doesn't have to be just passive information it can bring about positive change through awareness. I will miss your coverage of everyday life in Phuket.To all those other contributors I have engaged over the years may I wish you a happy healthy new year. Will seek you in another forum.

Posted by Angus Keeling on December 31, 2015 17:34

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Angus. Technology will take us places we haven't yet been.


Thanks for the outstanding journalism Alan and Chutima. You are a great credit to journalism. You will be sadly missed. I look forward to the book! Alastair

Posted by alastair carthew on December 31, 2015 19:10

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Alastair. So do I.


Phuketwan shook up up the Phuket media scene, introducing features that prompted others to follow or face their own irrelevance.

More importantly, PW's fearless, issue-based journalism was a welcome change from the stale, social-insider, gala-opening junk that had dominated for so many years.

Your relentless optimism in the face of all the cynics and naysayers - of whom, I confess, I am one - was an inspiration.

Finally, I, too, hope that your ongoing legal situation gets resolved satisfactorily and definitively.

It was a great run. So long and thanks for the all the fish.

Posted by David on December 31, 2015 20:50

Editor Comment:

David, thanks . . .


Best of luck. I admire your newspaperman skills. Why not write your book now? All the best in 2016. You had a lot of bad in 2015.

Washington, DC

Posted by on December 31, 2015 22:09

Editor Comment:

Best of luck to you too, Byron.


I guess this will be my last post on PW

Thanks Alan for all the fun and news over the last 8 years - I hope your next endeavour is successful for you

Happy new year to everyone and goodbye !

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 31, 2015 23:32

Editor Comment:

Many thanks, Discover Thainess not just your last post, but THE last post. . . . hard to believe the quality of the pictures we are seeing now.

Once you'd need a tv truck and 20 people. Now we have a cameraman streaming live as he walks, streaming around the world.

This is a remarkable breakthrough and we're pleased PW was able to show how it works for the first time in Thailand.

When the next Rohingya boat lands, we'll be there!

Goodnight, Happy New Year . . . and goodbye.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading PW for a few years now and going to miss it!

Happy New year to all!

Bangalore, India.

Posted by Deepak on January 1, 2016 02:07

Editor Comment:

Thanks Deepak.


a sad day - i'll now have to change the first tab on my bookmarks bar.. good luck to all the PW staff..

Posted by another steve on January 1, 2016 10:08

Editor Comment:

Thanks, another steve.


All the best Phuket Wan team. It's been great reading over the last 5 or so years, since I first came here.

Thank you and good luck with your future endeavours. I will miss this site.


Posted by Michael on January 1, 2016 12:17

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Michael.


It's actually all said already: A big big THANK YOU for all the information and news!
I will miss you guys!
Take care and good health to all of you!

Posted by herbert on January 1, 2016 15:14

Editor Comment:

Thanks, herbert.


Goodbye and good luck with whatever the future holds for you both.
You have done well in that you set up and ran what was to become a Phuket institution. Phuketwan, and especially you and the always lovely Chutima, will be sadly missed.

PS Mum says thanks for the rabbits.

Posted by Phil on January 1, 2016 17:40


The positive thing is, I have every morning 30 minutes more time now...

I understand that the work so intense as you have done, was very debilitating. Eventually the battery is empty.

On the other hand, I find it extremely unfortunate that there was no way to drive PW under half steam. E.g. to release it only every other day, or to find a payment model to recruit staff.

To be honest, I will not miss the blog PW itself, but the complete lack of anything similar.

I wish the team every success with the new challenges and personal happiness.

Maybe you regret it and come back soon!

Good luck!

Posted by Georg The Viking on January 1, 2016 18:12

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Georg.


I am going to miss my daily reading of PW. The only locally based news site I read over the years.
The you very much and all the best to the PW team.

Posted by Terry on January 2, 2016 07:29


So sorry to have missed the deadline for first thanking you on behalf of the persecuted minority you and your more than able partner have strived to support and second for your support for Phuket. I hope both campaigns have a positive outcome.

Posted by Alan on January 2, 2016 18:15

Editor Comment:

That's OK, Alan. We're making allowances. Thanks for your kind words.
Everything we've done has been to try to make Phuket (and Thailand) a better place. Some improvements are obvious . . . other issues need more work.


Please come back, the other local news outlets haven't changed their stories for a couple of days.
I need my Phuketwan fix.

Posted by ppfarang on January 3, 2016 13:52

Editor Comment:

Thanks for the thought.


If you have "closed" why are you still accepting and publishing comments?

Posted by BillyBobJoe on January 3, 2016 20:41

Editor Comment:

Because, BillyBobJoe, we like to annoy the two or three ''haters'' from Thai Visa whose anonymous rants are mindless and lame and fail to add value. You know . . . the guys who use 10 or 12 aliases each to try to give credibility to their pathetic anonymous characters.

No other reason.

Seriously, why would anyone go to Thai Visa for factual information with the loonies on the loose? Why would any supposedly credible Phuket news outlet sponsor such a shambles?

Who in the real world is ever going to believe the lunacy of Old Croc (chortle, chortle) NamKangMan (hoho) or beechbum (seriously). These guys shame the Thai Visa brand.

They shame any reputatable organisation that sponsors or advertises there.

Does Thai Visa approve of unjustified and legally dicey character assassinations by anonymous, unsuable contributors?

Let's see . . .

Thanks for your first comment. Feel free to make as many more as you wish. Just add value in future, please.

Our moderation standards are quite high. Unlike some other sites, we do our best to exclude lies and libels.

As the thoughtful Chainsaw said on Thai Visa recently:

''8 pages and you're still spewing your vitriolic comments against Alan Morrison. He must have really rattled your cage at some time in the past, or maybe your'e the kind of person who enjoys kicking a man when he's down. Where are you going to direct your keyboard hate after he's gone? It's bound to leave an empty space in your day, maybe you should get a hobby - or a life!''

Perhaps it's time Thai Visa realised these kinds of ''no-brain, no-responsibility'' anonymous assassins are liabilities, not assets.

And just in case anyone at TV is wondering, the moderated section of this original comment reads: ''Time for the geriatris home mr ahole morrison.''

The truth is, it's actually time Thai Visa lost these creeps.

If you need help at TV, please let me know. I now have the time to read back on everything that your anonymous contributors have been permitted to say about me.


Have you ever seriously contemplated why so many people consider you an ahole?

Posted by sid on January 4, 2016 09:07

Editor Comment:

The few people who consider me an ahole are pathetic, cowardly critters who misuse the internet and adopt multiple aliases, sid. They ain't real people and they cain't tell right from wrong. Their foolish beliefs have never before been challenged. The sensible vast majority know I'm right and give me plenty of support.

By the way, I've contacted Thai Visa about the gang of misbegotten no-hopers there and expect a crackdown on the liars and deviants with their heads up their own bums any time. What did you say your real name was, sid?


Alan. Dont you think its best to ignore thaivisa altogether and get on with life?
Holding a grudge against random internet people is not healthy and you're just lowering yourself down to their level.
Seeing now that you're angry just inflates their own egos for getting under your skin. Its what they want.

As the old Mark Twain quote goes. "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience"

Move on and dont go out like this.
All the best in future.


Posted by Michael on January 4, 2016 12:35

Editor Comment:

I don't hold grudges - nor do I tolerate outrageous lies and libels, Michael, whether about me or anyone else. I don't have an ego . . . but i can tell right from wrong. Thai Visa is a vastly improved product but an outrageous lack of moderation has meant that I have been defamed there consistently since 2013 and my prospects of selling PW have been severely damaged by a small group of malignant posters. I am not the kind of guy to walk past a mugging - especially if I am the one being mugged. I am prepared to take this as far as it needs to go. It's TV's turn now to do the right thing. Thanks for your kind thoughts.


Sorry, just had to look, you really closed down or not. :) Still looking for my daily Thai News fix...

Thanks to the RTN you are now an expert on how Thai internet law works. When mugged, you need to use the law available to you. Asking damages from TV and its contributors, why not?

Posted by Lena on January 5, 2016 04:12

Editor Comment:

Thai Visa has published damaging lies and defamatory remarks from a small group of ignorant and abusive ''haters'' since 2013. TV's ''moderators'' took a holiday. I hope TV does the right thing, which would be to follow their own rules and ban those posters. Journalists usually don't sue. Phone calls are more rational.

I am also suffering withdrawal but it feels good.


It's been 10 days since PW closed down.

Having to rely on the alternatives is like switching from Champagne to Lao Khao.

The true value of what PW achieved is really starting to sink in. Looks like the bad guys got their way in the end after all.

Posted by Herbert on January 10, 2016 19:12

Editor Comment:

Traffickers are being prosecuted, more high-level corruption is likely to be exposed and questions are being asked about whether anonymous comments really represent free speech.

The bad guys are never going to succeed. It's a win, win, win for freedom and justice.

Now all we need for media honesty to triumph is for FBlue72, Old Croc, hansgruber, garryjohns, FritsSikkink, oilinki and Singerman to be sacked by Thai Visa.

Sadly, the ability to express an opinion without taking responsibility dulls compassion, reduces perceptions of reality and eventually replaces all normal human feelings with arrogance and conceit.


In all my over 10 years in Thailand the times I've looked u ThaiVisa can be counted with one hand fingers.

It was obvious from the very first visit it's not being moderated.

Having been in charge of moderating the largest social media site of it's time back home for many years with apprx 50 volunteers I do know a thing or two about the subject.

Freedom of speech is often misunderstood to mean one can say whatever they please.

Anonymity does not reduce the value of an educated opinion but for it to work, such discussions need to be actively moderated in a fair and just manner.

This is so incredibly labor-intensive that many sites simply don't bother.

Posted by Herbert on January 10, 2016 22:19


Dear Alan,

still missing ur articles on the big and small going ons in Greater Phuket. Your live snarking comments moderations. Hope you enjoy being free and without us.

Your team and you are still fondly remembered here. Nearly tried to get in contact with you, when I visited Phuket this year, but thought would have looked like stalking.

Have a great time with your excess time. I think you will have gained some weight around your cheeks by now. ;) Thank you again.

And I will go on wondering day in and day out, what breaking news would have been on Phuketwan today...

Posted by Lena on November 1, 2016 23:44

Editor Comment:

Hello Lena, Thanks for your kind thoughts. I really appreciated meeting you and the other PW readers who turned up at court during the trial. My ''gap year'' is going well. The beaches are looking good. Today would have been a good day for a PW update on Phuket's past and present shady property sharks.


Happy New Year to former PW staff and the editor, as well as to fellow commentors!

Hope everyone is doing fine!
PW news outlet is sorely missed.

Cambodia seaside looks serene, tranquil, unspoiled, and beaches are far ahead of Phuketisation. Occasional jet skis,no high rise buildings, beach dogs are friendly.

But Khmer cuisine sucks big way vs. Thai one, locals by far not so much relaxed and smiling, and supplies in the shops are all imported with narrow war-time-like sortment of trade wares . And very few restaurants serve lobsters.

As far as I can see on Twitter, Oi and Ian relentlessly continue to pursue their causes.
No word on the Editor, but hopefully the Editor is engaged in activity by his liking and that brings real satisfaction.

All the best, health, good luck and happiness to everyone!

Posted by Sue on December 31, 2016 10:11


Happy new year to former editors of PW, miss you all ,,, Love from India.

Posted by Deepak on January 1, 2017 23:11

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