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Patong beach, being graded ready for the Patong Carnival

Patong Beach Graded for Annual Carnival

Thursday, November 8, 2012
PHUKET: Seven graders will be used to smooth Patong's sands to ''make the beach look nice'' before this year's five-day Patong Carnival begins on December 15.

Patong Mayor Pian Keesin added today, after a meeting with Phuket Governor Maitree Inthusud at Phuket Provincial Hall in Phuket City, that a budget of 20 million baht had gone towards the carnival's cost.

He said the roundabout circles at the northern and southern ends of beach road would have statues of dolphins added before the carnival.

Patong council was determined to relieve the occasional flooding at the Patong Hospital as soon as possible, he said.

The council had borrowed a third heavy duty pump - this one from the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation - to use if the hospital was threatened again.

Mayor Pian spoke briefly to Phuketwan after meeting with Governor Maitree.

In the past, meetings between the mayor and governors have been open to the media. The media were barred today.

An Andaman Festival, due to begin tomorrow on Phuket and to be launched with a visit by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, has been postponed until December.

Organisers are awaiting details of the PM's revised schedule.


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Yesterday I went for a swim at the north end of Patong beach , the water was full of sea lice or some other sea creature that made it imposable to stay in the water . Sadly I would think this is a bad Oman for Patong beach and people who go there to enjoy the beach . Maybe there should be some research into this .

Posted by Neil Bryan on November 9, 2012 10:46


I'm getting the impression that Phuket authorities are giving out less and less information, especially about potentially damaging subjects. Instead of fixing problems, stop talking about them and hope they'll go away ?

A very non-international approach if I may say.

Joe Gordon, a.k.a. Lerpong Wichaikhammat, freed yesterday after being jailed for Lese Majeste, said it spot on.

" Thailand needs to learn to handle the truth. Have a thicker skin to move forward "

Every beach destination in the developed world has periodic (usually weekly) water quality measurements which are made public and even clearly posted on the beaches.

I'm no scientist but I hope that one on holiday here would snap a water sample and have it tested so we would know the truth since the authorities don't seem to want to tell us.

Instead we get dolphin statues. Great.

Posted by Andrew on November 9, 2012 16:27


Its called nature Neil.

Posted by coxo on November 9, 2012 16:41


Why would the Governor and Mayor bar the meeting from the press. Doesn't exactly instill confidence in what should be a open public forum.

You would also have thought that a the 7th Grade students would be better off in school learning instead of doing a job that the local council should be employing people for. OK, I know there are those who may voice the benefits of learning about the eco-system and this in itself is admirable but smoothing out sand and cleaning the beach won't provide them with much information, other that how filthy Patong beach is. I personally wouldn't use it or swim in the waters if you paid me.

Posted by Graham on November 9, 2012 18:40


Wow coxo you got it in one . I guess you do not remember the beauty of Phuket's beaches and water quality just a few short years ago.

Posted by Neil Bryan on November 10, 2012 16:19

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