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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a mechanism by which parties with content to deliver ("publishers") - news sites like Phuket Wan or blogs that regularly publish articles - can deliver that content in a structured way ("syndicate a feed") to other parties ("consumers") who wish to receive it.

There are many sites online that describe RSS and its uses, including Wikipedia's article on RSS, Yahoo's Guide to RSS, and this cute RSS intro.

At Phuket Wan, we make our headlines and summaries available to you via RSS feeds to view in the news reader of your choice. Anywhere on our site where you see this RSS logo


you can find links to various RSS feeds of our articles, like Top Stories, Property News, etc.

You'll need a news-reader to use these feeds. Many people use web-based newsreaders, like My Yahoo!, My MSN, and others.

In addition, modern browsers like Internet Explorer 7 (and above) and Firefox will display the following graphic in the address bar when the page being viewed broadcasts any RSS feeds:

Clicking on that graphic in the browser address bar will present you with options for subscribing to one of the feeds available. You will then be able to view article headlines and summaries with links to the complete article.

Monday July 15, 2024
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