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Last signs of activity on the table in the dead man's apartment

Phuket Expat Takes Own Life as Woman Sells Tokens of His Love

Saturday, May 19, 2012
PHUKET: A German man found hanged yesterday at his Phuket apartment is believed to have killed himself after the woman he loved left him for another man.

The German, aged 40, bought his Thai lover a car and a bar in Patong after they met seven months ago.

However, she recently left him for another man and sold the bar and the car, acquaintances of the German have told police.

The bar and the German's apartment are both off Nanai Road in Patong, on Phuket's west coast.

An Italian man who has an interest in the apartment block investigated a strong odor about 8pm yesterday and discovered the German.

The man's body was dangling from electrical wiring rigged around a television cabinet.

One whisky bottle and several Leo beer bottles were on a table nearby, along with an ashtray and a pack of cigarettes.

Kusoldharm Foundation paramedics and police estimated the man had been dead for about three days. His body was taken to Patong Hospital.

Police say there were no suspicious circumstances.

German envoys have been told about the death and are contacting the man's relatives. Phuketwan will refrain from publishing the man's name until family have been informed.

It is not known whether the man's former lover is aware of his death.


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Another classic tragic disaster. It has been said never to invest more than you are prepared to lose in this country.....a life is a big loss...very sad indeed.

Posted by carvets on May 19, 2012 12:02


Don't get involved with girls in the bar- or similar simple as that.

Posted by Bjarne on May 19, 2012 13:30


It's tragic. The problem was probably wasting millions on a bar and car that could easily be disposed, all in someone else's name. The right visa & lawyer these things could have been out of reach of the girlfriend when she got bored and left. However, 7 months is such a short time to get to know someone. I have met some great people who have worked in bars that have long and happy relations and on the other hand so called regular people that have never been near a beer-bar or a-go-go that would do a lot worse than that woman. It's a sad story, indeed.

Posted by Ty on May 19, 2012 19:13


I love you, I miss you, I take care you.... smart ladies whose power can affect only weak men. This kind of ladies should be paired with german skin heads chaps with swastikas. No pity for the tragic end....

Posted by cekipa on May 19, 2012 23:32


If the top of a fridge is the closest thing he could get to a table, and that bottle can be considered "whiskey", he'd obviously hit rock bottom and I'm not surprised he took his life. Poor bugger.

Posted by Sir Marmaduke on June 19, 2012 12:34

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