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The tourist had to go back to the room to point to where the rape took place

Phuket Resort Staffer, Aged 19 and a Father of Two, Confesses to Rape

Friday, May 18, 2012
PHUKET: A Phuket resort receptionist tearfully confessed today to raping a guest as for the first time he faced a judge at Phuket Provincial Court.

Sakchai Tongsidam, aged 19, was a married father of two young children, the court was told.

The 20-year-old German tourist was reluctant to go through in detail once again what had happened to her early yesterday when the receptionist dragged her into a spare room at the four-star resort in Karon but the judge said it was necessary.

A female prosecutor gently coaxed the information from her in a hearing that lasted about 90 minutes.

The mother of the confessed rapist approached the young German and her Irish travelling companion and asked for them to forgive her son, attributing his action to his youth.

The suggestion was politely declined. With the bail set at 120,000 baht, Khun Sakchai is likely to remain in jail until his trial.

Although Sakchai had previously denied the rape, he tearfully confessed in court today in response to a series of direct questions from the judge.

Having given a full statement to police and the court, the tourists are now able to resume their holiday on Phuket. The pair, now staying with a family friend on the island, head for Australia on Sunday.


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"able to resume there holiday" ED are you kidding me - this is not journalism but an opinion. The woman was violatd and you. Publish that she is going to continue her holiday in phuket as nothing happened. As a reasonable long term Falange here I am so sad to see this news and I would like to send me best or something to the young girl but I have no idea on the correct terminology for this, and for the mans mum to ask for forgiveness, true Thai style - unreliable as she expected the young girl the next day to agree.

Posted by What is happening to phuket? on May 19, 2012 01:00

Editor Comment:

You are making your own interpretation of the words then ascribing your viewpoint to our female reporter. We don't share your opinion. Please stick with one sign-off. Opinions without character are worthless.


What a sad turn for so many lives. The german girl did the right thing to not let it go, even when the process in a foreign country feels like a second ordeal. Other wannabes have to know, that rape gets you into prison. Was he tested on drugs?

Posted by Lena on May 19, 2012 03:44


This is an appalling story and i can actually say that myself and my Thai partner experienced an incident, not in anyway as bad as his, but upsetting none the less at this very same resort. He was also a young Thai male, of about the same age and was working as security.

I was assured by the GM of the resort that this person wouldn't be working at the resort again. @ days later, he was there again, possibly the same man as this incident.

It's not only the bars and pubs here that are employing these lowlifes but also some of the biggest named resorts.

Posted by phuket madness on May 19, 2012 09:45


Hat of for the German girl, did the right thing, hopefully the culprit will be convicted swiftly and as harsh as possible according to the law.

Posted by Bjarne on May 19, 2012 13:28


I am appalled at the conduct of the resort employee. We put our trust in these people and to have a rapist that is of such a young age and a father! He even worked out a plan with place and having drugs. It's great that she was brave enough to face him and not just to drop the case and get off the island. We need more people who have been victimised by predators like this to take a stand. You would hope that they would make penalties harsher when praying on tourists.

Posted by Ty on May 19, 2012 19:31

Editor Comment:

Although the young man confessed his crime directly to the judge in court, the local police apparently still believe he is denying the crime. Fortunately, the prosecutor was in court to hear what the young man said. Best wait for a judge to rule on his guilt or innocence, though. Thai law applies to all, equally, which is the way it should be.


What resort did this occur at? I will be on holiday in Thailand in July. If the resort is not identified I am crossing Phuket completely off my list.

Posted by Mike on May 20, 2012 11:03

Editor Comment:

The resort was identified in our first article but that no longer has relevance. To blame any resort for the actions of one staffer would not be logical, or fair.


resort name has no relevance ? would be a great addition to tourists safety to know who picks quality staff and who doesn't or does not care. (moderated)

Posted by Oliver S. on May 20, 2012 12:34

Editor Comment:

Once the accused is in court, the resort where the incident occurred has no relevance. No right-thinking person would make the false assumptions you seem prepared to make. The rest of your comments are even less relevant.

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