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Parking in Patong remains a problem, Phuketwan found last night

Phuket Illegal Taxi Drivers Given Suspended Jail Terms, Hefty Fines, Say Patong Police

Friday, September 19, 2014
PHUKET: Four drivers arrested for having illegal taxis in Patong recently were given suspended jail terms and fined in Phuket Provincial Court yesterday, a Patong traffic police officer said today.

''The four were each sentenced to six months in jail and fined 20,000 baht,'' said the Chief of the Traffic Division at Kathu Police Station, Lieutenant Eakarat Plaidung.

''But the men pleaded guilty so the sentences were suspended, provided the drivers are of good behavior for two years. And because they pleaded guilty, the fines were also reduced by half to 10,000 baht.''

The penalty for being caught driving an illegal taxi is a fine of up to 100,000 baht and a maximum of five years in jail.

The drivers will also have to report regularly to the court.

News of the penalties is likely to put more illegal taxis off the road without the need for police to intervene.

''We are concentrating on the so-called 'black' taxis for now,'' Lieutenant Eakarat said. ''Getting the green-plate taxis under control, with the help of the military, will follow.''

He added that plans to reverse the one-way system on Patong would first be put to residents at a public meeting.

Taxi drivers have mostly opposed the system, but with a holding bay being established at Tritrang, south of Patong, some may now prefer the traffic flow being reversed.

Cases involving mass arrests of scores of drivers in Kata-Karon and Patong are a separate matter and have not been scheduled in court yet.


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Is this true? A maximum fine is 100,000b. if you just say: 'I am guilty', it will be 10,000 b only!? ( 10%!). Great, the 4 drivers are now laughing. And for others it means, ..just do what you want, and keep 10,000b ready for pay off in court. NCPO seems to loose grip on patong. Today many tuk tuks parked along the red-white painted sides of pedestrian walks at beach road. My prediction is that in less than 2 months patong will be again a 'free port'. Police will be happy with that, back to normal with their 'tea money income'.

Posted by Kurt on September 19, 2014 17:32

Editor Comment:

The NCPO will be in power for a lot longer than two months, so I'd do some research on your predictions and your understanding of court decisions, Kurt. Maximums are only applied in the worst cases.


I fully agree with you, mr Editor. However, today the number of black plated taxis and tuk tuks parked at non parking spaces were hard to count. That is a simple thing to control, right? But NCPO does not. The patong police sabotage NCPO, the police instead was to busy with unhelmed motorbikes today in patong. The police is not demolishing their tea money projects. Right?

Posted by Kurt on September 19, 2014 18:07


Absolutely unbelieveble!?!

Posted by James on September 19, 2014 18:18


The Doomsayers strike back!

Posted by sir burr on September 20, 2014 07:09


So they have been given suspended sentences for 2 years? Does that mean if they are caught driving an illegal taxi again its the slammer for them?

Posted by phuketsaviour on September 20, 2014 08:48

Editor Comment:



Any first offense should get leniency, that's what I'd want. After all, driving an unregistered taxi isn't a violent crime.

Posted by The War Horse on September 20, 2014 10:27


Please get the ones in front of Simplitel in Karon next. And don't forget to take in account the Whisky-Soda Combo at their favorite location. (Black Label - they must make enough money)

Posted by BeerChang on September 20, 2014 12:19


"The NCPO will be in power for a lot longer than two months, so I'd do some research on your predictions and your understanding of court decisions, Kurt. Maximums are only applied in the worst cases." - Ed

So what , in the Eds opinion , is a 'worst case'? I think we'd both agree there was ample warning given , and sufficient time. Please enlighten me how going out and working illegally with an illegal taxi , in total defiance of the military governments warning can be done 'worse'. Dont add in anything criminal BTW , because those would surely be classed as seperate criminal matters...

Posted by Chob on September 20, 2014 23:03

Editor Comment:

Second-guessing the courts is not something I'd waste my time on, Chob. The evidence has been presented and a considered decision has been made. Then the verdict has been adjusted to take account of the guilty plea. Sounds like justice in action to me. To get five years jail for driving an illegal cab would clearly be over the top. You and some other red-necks need to get real.


A reasonable answer - until you showed unbelievable immaturity by calling me a name. Is this what you do to people who merely ask you a question?
I still dont know what a 'worst case' offence is and Im now sure you dont either , but I do know that for you , a 'worst case' is anything that you wrongly perceive as a 'threat' to your filament strength sensibilities.
Debate is not about the person with The Power calling people names. Im incredulous...

Posted by Cob on September 21, 2014 13:40

Editor Comment:

I thought you were Cob. Forgive me, Incredulous. To insist that taxi drivers be given the maximum sentence without having any knowledge of the circumstances of the case is the mark of a red-neck, Incredulous. if there was a maximum sentence for red-neckery, you've earned it.


Mr editor or so called where is your credibility if you are the school bully? I read the above suprising on your behalf.
I now expect an insult for calling you out!

Posted by Navy man on September 21, 2014 17:25

Editor Comment:

Anyone who knows better than a judge without the benefit of sitting through a trial and hearing the evidence has issues, Navy man, formerly W. This is not school and I am not a bully. Readers are supposed to have learned to think before they comment. You're ''calling me out''? Well, you'll need to prove you can think first, and that may be a struggle.



Posted by Navy man or w up to you on September 22, 2014 10:20

Editor Comment:

Given your determination to petty point-score, there's no point in attempting to make whatever point it is you are trying to make. We not longer cop crap.

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