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Taxi fares on Phuket remain much higher than those in Bangkok

Last Chance for Fair Fares in Phuket

Thursday, September 18, 2014
PHUKET: Fair's fare advocates will have one last chance for lowering the fares in metered taxis on Phuket - an appeal to the national government before the new fares schedule receives final approval.

As honorary consuls pointed out at a meeting this week, reforming the taxi system is great. But the fares remain unfair and way out of kilter with taxi fares in Bangkok.

Any tourist who visits both cities - these days Phuket is viewed by many as an island-city - will be disturbed at the difference in pricing on Phuket.

Residents on the island deserve to have taxis as an option, something that won't happen unless the fares are fair.

Historically, the meter taxis were established at Phuket International Airport to replace the green-plate ''negotiable fares'' taxis, but it did not happen.

Eventually, the meter taxi drivers decided they were better off charging the same schedule as the green-plates.

Now that the reforms are finally taking place, advocates of fair fares argue, it's time to correct that unfairness.

Phuket Land Transport Department specialist, Jaturong Keawkasi, told Phuketwan yesterday that the real surge in meter taxis has yet to become visible on the island.

Plenty of meter taxis can now be seen taking priority at Phuket International Airport. A total of 139 are based there.

But the paradise of having tourists able to hail passing cabs will only come with hundreds more metered cabs on Phuket's streets.

''We have 380 new meter cabs already registered but only three are on the road so far,'' he said. ''The rest will head out there progressively.''

Comparing Fares in Phuket and Bangkok

The fares rates are:

Proposed Phuket Taxi Rate

First 1-3 kilomteres, 50 baht; 3-15 kilometres, 12 baht per kilometre; 16 kilometres plus, 10 baht a kilometre.

Bangkok Taxi Rate

Flagfall 35 baht; 2-12 kilometres, 5 baht per kilometre; 12-20k, 5.50 baht per k; 20-40k, 6 baht per k; 40-60k, 6.50 baht per k; 60-80k, 7.50 baht per k; 80k plus, 8.50 baht per k.

Advocates of fair fares are advised to put their case to Phuket Land Transport or go direct to headquarters in Bangkok.


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Nice picture of a sign that may or may not mean there is a meter in the cab. I have mentioned this in the past that while in Pattaya I found many of the Taxies did not actually have meters just signs that said they did.

Posted by mike on September 18, 2014 10:43


Taxi fare should be imposed by the government and the same in the whole thailand. This is the simpliest and fare solution.

Posted by Anonymous on September 18, 2014 11:10


How can someone on minimum wage (300 baht) afford a taxi?
There still is NO reason why it should be more expensive here. Given than LPG is about 10 Baht pre litre and each taxi will do at least 7km on 10 Baht that breaks out as a cost of 1.5 Baht per KM.
No justification at all for the high unfair fares.
Also why is Phuket 100 Baht pickup from airport where everywhere else is at least half of that.

Posted by Tbs on September 18, 2014 12:36


I've said many times that unless any meter taxi system here charges fares that the majority of locals - Thais - can afford, the only taxi meter you will see are those servicing foreign TOURISTS at the airport. Nothing's changed and because of the limp wristed attitude of the 'authorities' here, nothing ever will.

Posted by jonty on September 18, 2014 13:04


380 new meter cabs registered, but only three on the road so far? Where is the NCPO? Are they loosing grip of the situation? a taxi fare from airport to chalong circle, 760 thb.!! Hello! Taxi driver a sub Lt of police in his free time! Previously I got immigration officers in their free time diving taxis! That is why tourist have to que such a long time at immigration desks! Many desks not operational coz immigration officrs do side jobs during working tiome. Right? You want smart tourists? make your service attitude smart first. Pity that NCPO is loosing grip on Phuket. Looks a hopeless future.

Posted by Kurt on September 18, 2014 14:23


Para sailings? NCPO has no grip on the dangerous situations at beach.
Jet skies? They can do what they want, even illegally transport them unsafe in morning and late afternoon, No police/army to handle this unsafe situation. NCPO does not show grip on this.
Para sailing? beach cleared of vendors,
yes. But para sailing people see the clear beach now as a complete 'free airport'! Don't come in there way!! Where is NCPO to handle/correct this? Smart and quality tourists are sick of this! Action to handle all this, NOW!

Posted by Kurt on September 18, 2014 14:33


I still don't believe, anything will change ! Still hundreds of tuk-tuks are lined up on the Patong beach road side every day, occupying all vacant parking lots and remaining parking lots are occupied by business renting cars or motorbikes.

Posted by Werni on September 18, 2014 17:41


Proposed Phuket Taxi Rate:
First 1-3 kilometres...

I believe that should be "First 1-2 km"

Posted by Smithy on September 18, 2014 18:00


HA! I can't belive what I am reading.. And here I was thinking 200 BHT was a bargain for a 6 min drive to Paradise Complex.. Geeze

Posted by Charlies on September 19, 2014 11:25


Always tell them to activate the meter if not get out.

Posted by ThailandFan on September 19, 2014 14:54

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