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Erosion of the kind destroying Surin and other Phuket shorefronts

Bid to Save Surin With Wave Breaker

Thursday, September 18, 2014
PHUKET: A one-billion baht wave-breaker is being considered to prevent continued damage and erosion to the sea wall at Phuket's Surin beach. The public will hear all about it at a meeting next Wednesday.

Controversial ever since a Bangkok entertainment business tried to organise a two-night new year's party on the beach without telling anyone on Phuket, Surin continues to produce surprises.

According to Cherng Talay Mayor Ma-Ann Samran, credit for the wave-breaker idea belongs to Phuket's Governor, Maitree Intrusud, who is known to have an interest in environmental solutions.

The mayor, who oversees Surin, Bang Tao and Layan beaches, says that the enormous budget for the project has been set aside by the Town and Country Planning Department.

Research is needed, though, to decide whether the plan will work. Offshore wave-breakers usually disturb the prevailing currents and can deliver unwanted effects.

It's anticipated that this one would be 850 metres long.

Surin beach, where sunbeds and umbrellas and vendors have been cleared, is regularly hammered by monsoon weather that destroys the sea wall, undermining the shorefront path. Severe waves recently demolished the lifeguard tower.

Many of the beach clubs and restaurants are also still being demolished along the shorefront, having been determined as illegal. Mayor Ma-Ann said that some of the wrecking crews, looking for an instant solution, had dumped rubble where the sea wall has been destroyed.

Mayor Ma-Ann said the dumping had been stopped - but it probably means that high tides will mingle pieces of rubble with the sand at the southern end of the beach for weeks to come.

Conventional sea walls stand no chance against the kind of power unleashed by monsoon seas. On Australian beaches, the best answer to halting erosion has been found to be piles of large rocks.

The rocks absorb the power of the waves without moving noticeably, and without the loss of the shorefront. The rocks are hardly beautiful, but they are effective and may be just what Surin and other Phuket beaches need to stop the loss of precious shorefronts.

The public meeting at the Cherng Talay municipal offices starts at 1.30pm on Wednesday, September 24.


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An " interest" alright.. C'mon? 1 billion baht? Get the big rocks for a few hundred thousand including transport- but first clear out the rubble, or as much as possible as it will endanger beach goers for years not weeks.
BTW I followed truck from Bang tao and saw how a wetland on Pasak Soi 4 was filled in with the rubble, was there a EIA on this ?

Posted by The Mare Crisium on September 18, 2014 12:35


At over one million baht a metre, it sounds like more pork.

Posted by sir burr on September 18, 2014 13:17


Utter foolishness. And how stupid does Mayor Ma-Ann think everybody is? I just love his statement that "...some of the wrecking crews, looking for an instant solution, had dumped rubble where the sea wall has been destroyed." Get serious. These Burmese workers did not make any decisions in attempting to find a solution for erosion problems. The owners were looking for a way to not spend money disposing of their crap. This is Mayor Samran's back yard, and he knows what goes on here, and if he was unaware of this dumping (which I doubt), then that alone is being derelict in duty. I dread to think what is going to happen to this beautiful beach at the hands of these people that are unqualified and incapable of managing coastal resources and environments.

Posted by Ed Sanders on September 18, 2014 13:17

Editor Comment:

Answer: A Phuket Beach Authority.


Could someone ask the Mayor how the beaches were formed in the first place as it would appear that the Mayor wants to maintain what nature already provides. If the beaches, in their present state, are the result of a few thousand years of erosion and accretion, if I've got this correct, he wants to build a structure to interfere with this natural process so as to maintain what already exists and at a cost of more than 1 mil baht per meter. Interesting!

Posted by Manowar on September 18, 2014 13:37


Wow, I am willing to do that job for 50% of the estimated price. And I give guarantee, , including integrating it in the environment. Seems NCPO gives 'room' to local corruption/tea money. Will things ever change, NCPO?

Posted by Kurt on September 18, 2014 14:42


For a millennium Mother Nature has designed the beaches the way she wanted, into some of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere.

What right do we have to interfere with that process? What storms take away, the balance is restored later.

The beaches are cleared of encroachment, now a rock wave breaker to destablise the norm.

Posted by Stuart on September 18, 2014 17:19


Combine that with the powerlines from patong! Extend those lines by a few kilometers and cover surin beach with it. Both problems solved.

Posted by Massamind on September 18, 2014 19:51


I will out bid Kurt and do the job for 35 % of the one billion, yep a mere 35 million.
I'll add the beach is fine it's that stupid little road they are going. to spend 1 billion to protect ABSURD Tear it down, all of the road and buildings on the south end and voila, no problems. The beach will take care of itself.

Posted by The Mare Crisium on September 19, 2014 00:32


If they hadnt destroyed the concrete wall proctecting said raised beach, then we wouldnt be having this problem!

Posted by Layan Lad on September 19, 2014 05:28


TNM, 35 mil??
I will help you for the remaining 315 mil

Posted by Manowar on September 19, 2014 08:14


The Layan Lad is as clueless as Mayor Samran. Those existing seawalls exacerbated sand scouring and erosion issues, and piping waste water on the inland side of the wall didn't help either. As several people have mentioned, the beach will take care of itself, and any efforts to "correct" or "solve" a problem will be temporary, and will also create ill effects for beaches to the north and south. If Mayor Samran want's to do something meaningful, why doesn't he stop the discharge of waste water onto the beach, and at least start to address black water issues.

Posted by Ed Sanders on September 19, 2014 23:30


Route 4025 through Surin is a death trap waiting to happen.Just witnessed another stray dog mown down, by a speeding vios (that didnt stop) next time it will be an old person or a child.

Mayor Ma Ann should petition the appropriate authority to apply measures to slow traffic between Suringate and the Surin beach road.Now that he has succesfully cleared the majority of beach front restuarants ( that he actually sanctioned) our residents and tourits visitors are forced to seek refreshment in Surin villag and along the 4025 through road. Although we have futile but expensively installed go slow signs traffic continues to speed through this zone at perilous speeds.

Posted by Furious Surin resident on September 21, 2014 19:26


Mayor Ma Ann is a true visionary and his profound wisdom should not be challenged. He was the man that gave us the wonderful pink football stadium next to the beach, he is building the airport terminal by the park behind the beach, and you didnt know that the 4025 through Surin is actually a new run way.

Seriously though what are a dozens more dead dogs, a few old people and children when we can have a new car park. Ed and furious resident please behave yourselves and please don't ever question his brilliance again.

Posted by Surin's Brilliant future on September 21, 2014 19:55

Editor Comment:

The Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation is responsible for the Surin football stadium, not Mayor Ma-Ann. Roads and road safety are an issue for local police, the Roads Department and the Public Health Department, not Mayor Ma-Ann.


Ed as usual you are technically correct, perhaps the mayoral system works differently here in Thailand. Completely understand that road safety is a police and highways department issue,and that supurb stadium cannot not be credited directly to the Mayor.Surely as the elected leader of the community he should be held responsible to protect the environment and lives? So let me get this straight the major of the town is not responsible for it ? Is he responsible for the vison in concrete for the forshore? IS he responsible for the new terminal I mean carpark ?
Rightly so there is a big show of police on duty to protect the school children morning and afternoon at Surin School, but not a single officer on the stretch of road between Surin gate and the beach. Roll on high season we can surely expect a few fatalities.

Posted by Surin's Brilliant Future on September 21, 2014 20:24

Editor Comment:

Usually, if you want to fix a problem, it's best to focus on the problem and not slag off the person you're trying to persuade to help. You'd also be wise to engage local voters and home-owners. I suggest you try that. Commenting here as 'Surin's Brilliant Future' impresses no-one.

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