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Clean Up Phuket organisers are set to sweep Phuket clean of litter

Phuket Volunteers Aim to Spruce Up Sands and Dispose of Litter

Monday, September 16, 2013
PHUKET: Cleaner, leaner but not meaner will be the focus for Phuket next weekend under a plan to transform litterers into lovers of nature.

Organisers hope the Clean Up Phuket campaign - not to be confused with the anti-corruption crusade - will make people realise that throwing unwanted waste away doesn't work.

Between September 20 and September 22, clean-up crusaders are hoping to transform the way the holiday island looks with a series of volunteer sweeps to improve the way Phuket looks.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 20 (Kata beach 11am Saturday)
4-6pm (tide on way out)

Mai Khao Beach
ORGANISER: JW Marriott Sean Panton 08 3391 5869
FRI 4pm Meet at Anantara North edge (down small soi 100m on highway after JW Marriott turn in) plus a cleanup crew fm Sansiri south

Green Nai Yang Group
Celi Harper GECKO School 08 5477 2491
FRI 1.30pm in front Dewa

Naithon Green club
Nick Franklin CBRE 08 4203 1739
FRI 3.30pm middle of beach

Bangtao Green club
Claudine Nagiah 08 1082 0114
FRI 4pm from all four life guard stations

Surin Beach
Hilton Doubletree K Pathama 08 1787 3489
FRI 4pm from main car park

Kamala Green Club
Charly Herget Papa Crab 076 385 315
FRI All zones 4pm

Karon Beach
The Hilton
FRI 4PM In front Hilton

Kata Beach
Krix Luther Clean the Beach Bootcamp 08 9590 0237 or K Aek Boathouse 076 330 015
Surfhouse south end
SATURDAY 10am fitness workout open to public
11am beach clean up

Kata Noi Green Club
Jacob Ritter Katathani 08 3175 0627
FRI 8am and 2pm

Rawai Beach
FRI 4pm

Nai Harn Beach
FRI 4pm

Panwa Green Club
SRI PANWA K Wallop Srangkiat 08 5155 8364
4pm In front PMBC & Cape Panwa beaches

Chalong Green Club
4pm 02 beach club

Koh Sirey
Westin Koh Sirey, To be confirmed


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Time for someone in Patong to step up and lead a Patong Green Club.

Posted by Duncan on September 16, 2013 15:25


Thank you Phuketwan for publicizing this. Everyone who complains about the garbage on the beaches etc. can now do something and make a very public statement by helping out one of these groups.

Posted by Ryan on September 16, 2013 20:01


Great idea, i live in Kata Beach and more than willing to go along, anyone else want to meet up ??

Posted by robert on September 17, 2013 21:26


I was lead to believe that even volunteers need work permits. Can anyone verify this. What I do know that during the infamous tsunami, volunteers were told to, go away. Stupid but true.

Posted by DSI Watch on September 18, 2013 12:49


Thais will never change their attitude towards garbage if they aren't made to. Please no, don't pick up after them anymore. Better to demonstrate in front of a school, poor education is why they have no respect for the environment. From fishing to blue pipesin the sea, to the dumping on the corner, it is Thais.

Posted by medea on September 18, 2013 16:51

Editor Comment:

Well it's certainly Thailand, medea, so you'd expect to find a few Thais. But you also have no right to pretend to be superior. What you have to remember is that Thais for generations were accustomed to consuming food from organic materials. Food was sold in banana leaves, drink could be carried away in coconut shells, so everything was naturally disposable. All the problems in Thailand began when they turned to plastic and polysyrene . . . all so ''convenient,'' non-disposable and introduced from the West. Now thoughtful Westerners know which culture got it right.


Blaming westerners for the deplorable state of the island is also very Thai. Superior? Like I don't s*** where I eat? Native Phuketians, like spoiled children who'll not pick up their room, will never learn if you do it for them.

Posted by Medea B on September 18, 2013 23:48

Editor Comment:

Apportioning blame without addressing the real issue also seems to be an imported Western concept. Native Phuketians will learn if a good example is set, and that appears to be what's happening. So at least you got the analogy right.


Is PhuketWan or any of the other English news outlets also in Thai? Cause I don't see Thai local papers ever covering good deeds of foreigners. I never see foreigners littering. I always see Thais, so cleaning up after the litters, while is a good thing, but is no solution.

Every highly successful action requires a thorough follow- through. Those "watching" signs are a good start, where can I get a few for my neigborhood?

Posted by Anonymous on September 19, 2013 08:31

Editor Comment:

Goodness, frequent-name-changer, you actually said ''cleaning up is a good thing.'' Best call SEEK through Nick Anthony on 089-873 2042.

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