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Phuket Month of Eating Pleasure

Phuket Month of Eating Pleasure

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
PHUKET: What is it about food that gets tummies rumbling and starts people debating the virtues of one restaurant over another?

''Probably the taste,'' you say. Yes, that must be it for sure.

When a Phuketwan reporter passed a comment recently that Phuket City dining was far superior to elsewhere on the island, a reader named West Coast Diner fired back: ''No it ain't,'' except a little more politely.

And then West Coast Diner went on to list 15 excellent restaurants, north west and south of Phuket City. ''OK, match those dining experiences,'' he challenged.

He had us trapped like a fat Phuket frog in the headlamp of a midnight frog hunter. We'd been thinking as we always do about ''good value'' restaurants but had neglected to insert those two words in the sentence.

There's no denying Phuket has fine restaurants north, west and south. But could they match Phuket City for good value?

An intrepid reporter set to work and contacted as many restaurants as possible from West Coast Diner's list, then matched them with restaurants from Phuket City.

The result? An instant guide to some of the best restaurants on Phuket, both for fine dining and good value.

There are some notable omissions we readily acknowledge. Phuket's best-kept secret, Kor Jok Si, is not included because dancing on tables is not really on normal menus.

And three well-known restaurants failed to respond to their listed telephone numbers.

Yet for anyone whose tummy is rumbling right now, there's a steady month's worth of nights out at great Phuket restaurants in our list.

Phuket City Region Restaurants

69 Dibuk Road, Old Phuket Town
Telephone: 081-7195340

Specialty: Thai food and French food. Atmosphere

Price and recommendations by Soontree Thipparat

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1000 baht

Other Favorites: Nam Yoy

51 Tilok-U-Thit 2 Road, at the corner, Phuket City
Telephone: 081 4767444

Price and recommendations by Suparat Boonyavanichkul

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 240 baht

Speciality: Tomyum noodles, fried sukiyaki, low price, and cleanness

Other Favorites: Rendezvous Phuket

48 New Dibuk Road, Old Phuket Town, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 218155

Price and recommendations by Gularb Jessadawan

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1100 baht

Speciality: Original Phuket food

Other Favorites: Kan Eang @ Pier

Thammachart (Natural) Restaurant
62/5 Soi Phuthon, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 224287

Price and recommendations by Sirijit Jaiyen

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 600-800 baht

Speciality: Original Thai food and atmosphere

Other Favorites: Pa Lai Seafood

Yaowarat Road, (near Tops Supermarket) Samkong, Phuket City
Telephone: 080 4986082

Price and recommendations by Supawan Tansakul

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 500 baht

Speciality: Healthy food, homemade dough for pizza and bread, fresh food and atmosphere

Other Favorites: Tunka Cafe and Je t'aime

China Inn
20 Thalang Rd. Talad Nua, Old Phuket Town, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 356239

Price and recommendations by Supat Prommajan>

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 500 baht

Speciality: Atmosphere and fresh food

Other Favorites: Raya

Kopi Tiam by Wilai
Thalang Rd., Old Phuket Town, Phuket City
Telephone: 083 6069776

Price and recommendations by Wiwan Bamrungwong

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 200-300 baht

Speciality: Baba food

Other Favorites: Mee Ao Gey, Talay Tong, Brasserie

Tunka Cafe
On top of Rang Hill, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 211500

Price and recommendations by Thanathip Kienpotiramard

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 600 baht

Speciality: Atmosphere, the view of Phuket City, tasty food, and Tunka coffee

Other Favorites: Maimorn

Siam Indigo
8 Phang-nga Rd, Talad Nua, Old Phuket Town, Phuket City Phuket
Telephone: 076 256297

Price and recommendations by Celine Masson

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1600 baht

Other Favorites: Suay and Vset

Phuket View
On Rang Hill, 87/12 Korsimbee Road, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 216865

Price and recommendations by Pongpol Nantawong

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 800 baht

Speciality: Atmosphere, nature and food.

Other Favorites: Tunka Cafe

Watermark (Bypass Rd. Branch)
60/2 moo2 Chalermprakied Rd. Kohkaew,Phuket City
Telephone: 076 377963

Price and recommendations by Uraiwan Chinnabut

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1500 baht

Speciality: Atmosphere, Thai and Italian food

Other Favorites: Tawai

50/2 Takuapa Rd, Talad Nua, Muang, Phuket
Telephone: 081 7974135, 087 8886990

Price and recommendations by Tammasak Chootong

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 600 baht

Other Favorites: Supper Club and New York Bar

The Point Bistro
The Point Condominium, Bypass Road, Opposite Big C, Phuket City
Telephone: 076 301789

Price and recommendations by Pimolrat Dechanipon

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 500 baht

Other Favorites: Raya and Kan Eang @ Pier

Hong Kong
Adress:14 Bangkok Rd.,Old Phuket Town, Phuket City
Telephone: 081 7876600

Price and recommendations by Eggy Kwok

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1000 baht

Speciality: Fried mantis shrimp with garlic, fried lobster with ginger and crunchy noodles

Other Favorites: No recommendation

West, South and North Phuket Restaurants

BZenter 28/46 Moo 1, Nai Harn, Phuket (Opposite 7-Eleven on the road to Nai Harn Beach)
Telephone: 076 289574

Price and recommendations by Jana Sasikova

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 2400 baht

Other Favorites: VSet restaurant, 9th Floor, Rekata and Siam Indigo

Catch Beach Club
Surin Beach Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket
Telephone 076 316567

Price and recommendations by Panchaya Suwanmanee

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 3500 baht for a romantic set up, and 2580++ baht for dinner buffet.

Speciality: Stop and chill, relaxing, oyster bar, sushi, sashimi and fresh sea food.

Other Favorites: Xana Beach Club

Kan Eang @ Pier
Near Chalong Pier, 44/1 Moo 5, Viset Road, Chalong
Telephone: 083 1751187

Price and recommendations by Panatnan Pachantabutr

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 900 baht

Speciality: Great view and location, lobster sashimi, grilled seafood (grilled with coconut spathe - ecofriendly)

Other Favorites: Raya

182 Koktanode Road, Kata Beach, Phuket
Telephone: 076 330015

Price and recommendations by Pinyo Thippimas

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 2000 baht

Speciality: Siam papas for appetizer, green curry ananaz, rock lobster, dried fish tomyum, cheese plate, and mango with sticky rice.

Other Favorites: Ban Rim Pa and Mom Tri Kitchen

Rum Jungle
69/8 Baan Sai Yuan, Rawai
Telephone: 076 388135

Price and recommendations by Pattama Bruno

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1000 baht

Speciality: New Zealand tenderloin steak, fsh fllet, and lamb musaka

Other Favorites: Kan Eng @ Pier

Ban Rim Lay
44 Moo 6, Rawai, Phuket
Telephone: 084 0543431

Price and recommendations by Nimit Ekvanich

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 600 baht

Speciality: Seaview atmosphere and southern food

Other Favorites: Palai Seafood

9th Floor
47 Rat-U-Thid Road 200, Sky Inn Condotel, Patong, Kathu, Phuket
Telephone: 076 344311

Price and recommendations by Thomas Brack

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 2500 baht

Speciality:Meat from Australia, pasta, cheese, and avocado soup.

Other Favorites: Mom Tri Kitchen, Boat House, Joe's Downstairs and Aqua.

Sam's Steak
(Holiday Inn) 52 Thaweewong Rd, Patong Beach, Kathu Phuket
Telephone: 076 344 311

Price and recommendations by Panom Pansuk

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 3000 baht

Speciality: Signature steak and cooking food in front of the customers

Other Favorites: Buffalo Steak, White Box, Joe's Downstairs

Ban Rim Pa
223 Prabaramee Road, Patong Beach
Telephone: 076 340789

Price and recommendations by Susanne Ultmann

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 3200 baht

Other Favorites: Joe's Downstairs

324/15 Prabaramee Road-Patong Kalim, Kathu, Phuket
Telephone: 076 618127

Price and recommendations by Alessandro Frau

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 3000 baht

Speciality: Italian

Other Favorites: Raya, Catch Beach Club, and Ban Rim Pa

Patong Seafood
Beach Rd, 200 m south of Soi Bangla, Patong
Telephone: 076 341244

Price and recommendations by Anan Korkitipaiboon

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1500 baht (depends on the weight of the seafood)

Speciality: Seafood

Other Favorites: No recommendation

30/9 Kata Rd., Kata Beach, Phuket
Telephone: 076 284450

Price and recommendations by Jirawan Tromkamsri

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1800 baht

Speciality: Pizza and Italian food

Other Favorites: Kan Eang @ Pier and Ratri (in Kata)

Surin Beach Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket
Telephone: 076 270090

Price and recommendations by Jade B Lama

Dinner for two (no alcohol): 1600 baht

Speciality: Serving a variety of dishes from a classic ceasar salad to homemade Foi gras terrine.

Other Favorites: Tatonka and Breeze at Cape Yamu


Comments have been disabled for this article.


Raya seems to have slipped in twice on the list.

Thanks for the list - I was actually hoping to see one just like this. Much appreciated.

Posted by ThaiMike on June 26, 2013 17:19

Editor Comment:

Raya is probably worth a couple of visits but it's now in the list just once. Thanks.


great list, but such a disparity in price between most Phuket City establishments and eateries in the more natural tourist zones, think I will stick to Phuket City away from the maddening crowds and pricier options :-)

Posted by Anonymous on June 26, 2013 18:07


thanks for the list!! im a phuket city man myself..

Posted by Sean on June 26, 2013 20:24


Great list! Thank you. Agree, City dining is far superior especially when include Le Winch, La Gaetana, Breeze, Salvatore and Brasserie.

Posted by ivo on June 27, 2013 12:39

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