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Phuket Surfers Hang Ten at New Kata Bar

Phuket Surfers Hang Ten at New Kata Bar

Friday, January 11, 2013
PHUKET: Making a big splash on the shorefront at Phuket's Kata beach is Surfhouse Phuket, the place where surfers can learn to hang 10.

Unlike the real thing, the waves that come and go at Phuket's surf beaches during the monsoon season, Surfhouse generates its own waves.

We seem to remember a large restaurant opening not that long ago at this spot neat the Kata Karon administrative offices and the Kata Beach Resort and Spa.

Now, in its place, there's a wave generator and a bar where people gather day and night to watch the fun.

How does it look? Well, pretty good. Surfer dudes hold a rope to get their balance on the board, then they're free to make the most of their own talent.

Make a mistake and you're in the water, swept up backwards to a splashy landing.

The night we looked on, a queue formed and people seemed to be happy to take turns and watch others try out.

Tables and the bar nearby were also popular. It's the first of its kind in Thailand, we were told. Anything that offers an alternative to jet-skis is probably a good thing.

There's a registration fee of 250 baht with an hour costing 650 baht, three hours 1650 baht and a full day at 5500 baht.

From what we saw, the grand opening on January 18 is bound to bring a lot of business. Details are available at


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happy to see a foreign business doing well, these guys are busy all day and all night they will make a packet. god idea well done.

Posted by poppop on January 12, 2013 10:33


popop, it's not strictly speaking 'a foreign business', neither is it 'the first of its kind in Thailand'.

Posted by Sam W on January 20, 2013 15:02

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