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The freshness makes dim sum at Ranong O Cha the world's best

World's Best Dim Sum, Just a Visa Run from Phuket

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Ranong O Cha, Ranong

Open: 6.30am-2pm

Telephone: 077 822101, 085 0691038, 088 1674164

Address: Main road to the port, Ranong

Style: Exquisite dim sum, laid back cafe feel.

Price range: Extra good value. Each dim sum dish costs just 18 baht. Scrambled eggs (40 baht) steamed rice with chicken/pork/fish and teriyaki sauce (60/70 baht) espresso, capuccino mocca latte (35/40 baht)

Specialties: World's best dim sum.

What Phuketwan says:
Visa runers from Phuket spear in and out of Ranong. We've taken the time to explore the port on the border with Burma and made one remarkable discovery: world's best dim sum. Just how this has come about we have little idea, but the dim sum at Ranong O Cha is the finest we have tasted anywhere, ever. The best restaurants in Hong Kong never had it this good. As with the finest restaurants everywhere, simplicity seems to work wonders. The pork is mouthwateringly succulent. The prawns have never tasted better. Freshness seems to be what works. In a lane around the corner, we found a whole village peeling large basketfulls of small prawns. Down the road at the docks, vendors on bicycles haggle and ride off with a couple of big fish draped over the back. We went back for the dim sum a second time, just to make sure. The place is packed with locals, and the coffee is excellent. Of all the restaurants we tried in Ranong, this was The One. The dim sum here is heavenly, the best in the world. No doubt about it.

How to find it: On the main road to the port in Ranong, 200 metres through the traffic lights, on a corner to the left.

Parking: Spaces in the side road or on the main road.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you. Ranong O Cha is a candidate for Phuketwan's Restaurant of the Year 2012.


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