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Unmistakable Italian food is finding new fans in Phuket City's suburbs

Phuket Pizzas Go I-thai-lian in the City Suburbs

Saturday, May 11, 2013
Pomodoro, Samkong, Phuket City

Open: 10am-10pm

Telephone: 081 6933291 080 4986082

Address: Yaowarat Road, Samkong, Phuket City

Style: Italian and Thai food at good prices.

Price range: minestrone soup (60 baht) french onion soup (59 baht) solyanka soup (69 baht) duck steak with orange sauce (200 baht) Chicken milanese (170 baht) pizza margheritta (130 baht) pizza marinara (149 baht) pizza green curry chicken 130 baht) ravioli ham and spinach (130 baht) lasagna (150 baht) black spaghetti spicy seafood (120 baht) bbq pork with spicy lemon sauce (79 baht) tom yum goong (70 baht) massaman beef (80 baht) Fresh lemon shake (40 baht) iced tea (35 baht) chocolate shake (40 baht) seasonal fruit (50 baht).

Specialties: Pizzas.

What Phuketwan says:
Italian is the new Thai. In return for Thai restaurants impressing in Europe and other parts, Italian cooking has made its mark steadily in Thailand down the years. And now spaghetti and pizzas are infiltrating the suburbs of Phuket, without an Italian chef in sight. The Samkong part of Phuket City has always had appeal to residents from other parts who come for some of the best Thai food on Phuket. Pomodoro marks a main road attempt to provide the kind of cooking locals are possibly not so used to trying. For people who find a week isn't complete without a pizza, Pomodoro now offers air-conditioned comfort in a part of Phuket City where pizzas were previously hard to find, and at prices that are just a fraction of those asked in resorts and west coast eateries. Is it possible to present Italian food, untouched by an Italian? We know some Italians who would say ''No'' but the customers at Pomodoro will tell you ''Si.'' This is the new force in Phuket culinary fashion: I-thai-lian.

How to find it: On Yaowarat Road between Vachira Phuket Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Phuket, just the Phuket City side of the only set of lights between the hospitals, near Tops supermarket.

Parking: Spaces in Yaowarat Road or side roads.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you. Pomodoro is a candidate for Phuketwan's Phuket Restaurant of the Year 2013.


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nice interior.. i enjoyed a vegetarian dish which was not on the menu but they were happy to prepare.. my partner complained their was too much cheese on her pizza!! not the cheapest place for thai food but a good addition to the samkong rotation.. until returns it's on the list!!

Posted by another steve on May 13, 2013 08:00


Good to see Pomodor had been reviewed. I came across this restaurant just a month ago and think the food is outstanding at very affordable prices.

Posted by Rod on May 14, 2013 09:40


Is there an association with Il Pomodoro, the Sukhumvit Soi 7 Bangkok restaurant that has food better than most in Trestevere?

Posted by juswunderin on May 14, 2013 14:51


@juswunderin, don't know if there is any connection but was back there again today for lunch and the pizza was excellent.

Posted by Rod on May 15, 2013 13:30

Editor Comment:

The penne with salmon is superb.


I'll certainly try The penne with salmon next time.

Posted by Rod on May 15, 2013 19:53


The pasta is pre-cooked. That's a no no. Also the spaghetti were too soft. The absence of water but presence of heat in them, indicates usage of microwave oven.

Big plus for the salad though and the prices for drinks. Bruscetta way overpriced unless its more than three pieces.

The place looks very nice but also a bit sterile. A bit more Thai kitchen ambiente would help giving the impression that there is real cooking going on. Right now I'm not sure about that.

Posted by alfonso on May 15, 2013 22:26

Editor Comment:

Have you actually visited the restaurant, alfonso, or are you just making this up? As the album shows, there are five pieces in the bruscetta.


Fair comment, alfonso but the average customer that eats at Pomadoro would not be a culinary expert and notice or even care that a microwave had been used or that the spaghetti was too soft. I'm certainly not a connoisseur of fine dining but the food plus the presentation fits the bill for me.

Posted by Rod on May 16, 2013 12:38

Editor Comment:

You mean Pomodor. Alfonso's comment is fair if he has eaten at the restaurant and has no links to any other restaurants. But there are no rules that say spaghetti must be firm. It's like steak medium, rare or well-done - diners have personal preferences.


O.K Pomodor, but oddly enough the business card given from the restaurant reads Pomodoro must be a printing error, no worries same place.

Posted by Rod on May 16, 2013 12:59

Editor Comment:

Strange things happen with outdoor signage and business cards.

Postscript: Having looked long and hard at the restaurant sign, you're right. The tomato at the end of 'Pomodor' is meant to be taken as the final o.

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