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Doggie Heaven turns unwanted Phuket pooches into beloved passengers

Doggie Heaven Finds Pooches Homes Overseas

Saturday, October 12, 2013
PHUKET: Gucci the lucky Phuket soi dog is in Toronto now, enjoying life in the Canadian city, with a loving owner.

How did she get there? She boarded a flight from Phuket in a small cage this week, thanks to Doggie Heaven.

Word is getting out around the world that dogs from Thailand sometimes end up kidnapped and served as meals in neighboring countries.

For New Zealander Sherin Peace, whose home is on the holiday island of Phuket, finding dogs homes nearby or a long way away has become part of her way of life.

For the cost of a cargo fare - in Gucchi's case it was $1000 - an unwanted dog from Thailand could be coming your way.

Sherin and her British husband James McKinder put Gucci on a flight for Canada this week and immediately began planning the next doggie adventure.

''I love animals and it's a way of giving something back to Phuket for having me,'' she told Phuketwan this week at their home in central Phuket.

Her efforts have extended at one time to trying to feed the 400 dogs in Phuket's central pound.

But - for reasons that were never fully explained - local officials stopped her from collecting and passing on school meal leftovers from all over Phuket to the dogs.

Home for the mother of three has since become a rescue centre for the dogs that are most deserving.

She takes in the ones who have the worst infections of bugs or diseases and helps them get healthy again.

Gucci is dog number 22 to be exported to new homes overseas over two years. She's found them ''forever homes'' in Canada, the US and Britain.

''There are hundreds more in the Phuket pound that I would love to go and get out,'' she said. ''The dogs that we take here become so affectionate they hate letting us out of their sight.''

She's also rescued several dogs from the smuggling heartland in another part of Thailand, north of Phuket.

Her background extends to a wild animal sanctuary in Africa then a year in Greece before the move to Phuket.

Sherin's very careful about matching dogs with the right owners and has from time to time even been bold enough to reject would-be owners who didn't quite measure up.

Right now she's looking for ''a b-i-i-i-i-g piece of land'' where her big heart and more dogs can roam in Doggie Heaven.

''We will keep trying to find them homes,'' she said. ''More abroad would be great.'' Would-be owners on Phuket or overseas can find out more at


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Yes and now with the easier rules to bring in dogs to the UK it should be easier, no mandatory six months quarantine.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on October 12, 2013 17:58


good good but she need to watchout becuse immigration is cracking down anyway good luck be carefull!

Posted by Svena on October 12, 2013 20:04


Great... now what we need next is "Rohingyie-Heaven" to save some human souls.

Posted by raland on October 13, 2013 05:53

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