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You give way. No, you give way. The bust-up in Phuket City last night

Phuket Tour Buses in Bust-Up as Drivers Fail to Give Way

Saturday, October 20, 2012
PHUKET: Who gave way when the bus carrying 29 Chinese tourists from the Aphrodite Cabaret confronted the bus carrying 26 Chinese tourists from Patong to the Boat Lagoon last night?

Nobody. The buses nudged each other and came to a paint-scraping halt in Phuket City about 10.30pm.

The tourist passengers on board had plenty of time to wave at each other then shake hands and say ''How's your trip going?''

Overhanging the median strip, the buses brought traffic to a halt, then a crawl in Phra-Phuket-Keaw Road, not far from the Tesco Lotus intersection in Phuket City.

''One bus was doing a u-turn from the rear of the Aphrodite show,'' a policeman told Phuketwan.

''The other bus was coming from Patong and intended to turn left into the bypass road to head for the Boat Lagoon.

''Because there were cars and motorcycles also going past, the driver says he could not give way.''

And so the pair of buses came to a crunching halt.

J-Siam Holiday Phuket driver Chtuichai Wisawakamjorn,54, coming from Patong, maintained that he was doing the right thing.

''The other guy was making a turn and should have given way,'' he said.

Taili Co Ltd driver Songkord Keawsri, 51, coming from Aphrodite, said he had plenty of time for the u-turn and was doing the right thing.

''Ther other guy was going too fast and should have given way,'' he said.

There were no injuries. Along with the buses, a little Phuket pride was dented.


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It would be nice to see a drawing, of how this happened, the story and photos only confuse me, both buses are going in the same direction and any turns have been completed, going by the photo, it looks more like the green buses just tried to pass when there was not enough room, but photos can be deceptive. Whatever happened it seems like kids at play, the same kids we see on the road injuring/killing people.

Posted by dbate_me on October 20, 2012 08:49


Me first, me first, me first. Noticed this many times recently where the bus jockeys want to be first to prove to their passengers, they are better drivers than the next guy. Please this is an island, nobody needs to drive like demons. Chill out drivers of all vehicles please. Just give way.

Posted by Robin on October 20, 2012 08:52


Just cancel the driving licenses of both of them, because they are not responsible enough to drive a commercial vehicle. Back to square one for both, next round without that kind of childish behavior.

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on October 20, 2012 11:14

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