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Thailand's rice hoard bound for an iceberg, according to US fears

Phuket Prisoner Suicides; Dalai Lama F**get Fuss; Red Bull Coke Link; Football Fan Hits Keeper; Phuket Events

Saturday, October 20, 2012
UPDATE Editor's Choice: Today's Must VIDEO

Goalkeeper Attacked By Leeds Fan
A FAN from the Leeds end runs on to the pitch and strikes Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris Kirkland with such force that he falls to the ground.!/

PhuketWATCH Daily Media Wrap

PHUKET: A daily wrap of Thailand news, with a Phuket perspective, plus relevant reports from national and international media.

Phuket Update Prisoners are to be watched more closely after Theerayuth Thorthip, 28, hanged himself in a bathroom at Phuket's low-security Bang Jo detention centre about 4pm yesterday. He was close to finishing a 45-day term for a minor drugs charge and had a history of mental illness.

Phuket Update Six airports under Airport of Thailand's management delivered positive performances for both aircraft movements and passenger traffic in September with just a slight drop in domestic passenger traffic on Phuket. Total aircraft movements at the airports in September improved by 10.93 percent. Closed caption screens in the auditorium were showing subtitles of the event, and a stenographer transcribing the speech appeared to think His Holiness the Dalai Lama had uttered the words, 'F**k it'.The Dalai Lama's last word of the day, verified by his personal translator, was ''forget''. Google announced the latest generation of its Chromebook browser appliances, featuring a higher-resolution screen, an ARM processor, and a tablet-challenging list price of $249. The new Chromebooks are manufactured by Samsung. Lightning has struck off the head of a sculpture of a 'yaksa' demon adorning the top of a pagoda at Wat Arun, one of Bangkok's most famous monasteries. The Fine Arts Department was making urgent repairs and trying to dispel concerns that the falling head may be an ill omen. Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom dismissed US farmers' concerns that the rice pledging scheme would drive up rice production and lead to dumping of the crop when the stock is released on the market. Traces of cocaine were found in the blood of the Red Bull heir who ran a traffic-police officer over with his Ferrari earlier this year. Police told the media that the blood of Vorayuth Yoovidhya, 27, the youngest son of Red Bull tycoon Chalerm Yoovidhya, also held more alcohol than is permissible by law.

Phuket Update As Phuketwan revealed exclusively back on June 22, the design for a new six-storey 450 million baht Phuket Provincial Hall that includes a helicopter landing pad has won the approval of Cabinet and now awaits a budget go-ahead. It will be erected on a site now being cleared not far from the existing Provincial Hall in Phuket City. A law student who posted pictures of him and his girlfriend having sex on their blog, causing alarm in Malaysia and Singapore, was warned by the woman's parents not ''to touch her again''. A senior sex therapist said the couple needed immediate help. Police said that the allegations of sexual abuse leveled against one of Britain's best-known television personalities were ''unprecedented,'' with more than 400 leads and at least 200 potential victims. Jimmy Savile was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and had often been depicted as a national treasure. Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai, wanted dead by the Taliban, stood with the aid of nurses for the first time since her shooting and is ''communicating very freely,'' according to the director of the British hospital where she is undergoing treatment. Acting on complaints from several European banks, police arrested Bulgarians Rosen Georgief Evstatiev and Georgi Kirilov Gusev at Ploenchit Center in Bangkok while they attempted to withdraw cash from automated teller machines with self-made cards. Burma has given approval for the introduction of foreign credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay and Japan Credit Bureau have been granted permission by the finance ministry to enter the long-closed country, state-run media announced. It did not say when. A Singapore casino resort's acquisition of dolphins from the Solomon Islands for its marine park contributed to the depletion of the species there, an animal welfare group said. The dolphins, now numbering 25 following the deaths of two, are currently in the Philippines for training, and will be shipped to the RWS marine park in Singapore sometime next year. A traditional 10-day vegetarian festival is underway across Thailand as people across the country carry out a range of celebrations marking a 150-year tradition. The festival, focused on Phuket, celebrates the belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar will help people obtain good health and peace of mind.

Phuket World Sports Wrap Former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland has been violently attacked by an opposition fan who ran on the pitch during a game. The Sheffield Wednesday player required medical treatment after being slapped and knocked to the ground by the Leeds United supporter during the tense Yorkshire derby match.

reuters ''Leeds fans should be banned from every away ground now,'' said Wednesday manager Dave Jones, who was taunted by the visiting supporters during the 1-1 match. ''It was a great game but we are talking about vile animals instead,'' Jones told Sky Sports television. The All Blacks are gunning for a 17th consecutive Test win and their 100th Test victory (based on NZRU statistics) tonight against the Wallabies. They have won 38 of their past 41 Tests.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Day By Day

Parades and Places to Beat the Traffic
LEARN where the parades are each day to avoid Phuket traffic hassles.

Phuket Coming Events 2012

THE Phuket King's Cup Regatta is to reintroduce windsurfing as one of its competitive classes this year, representing an exciting ''roots'' style rebirth of an early component of the classic race. The newly announced Windsurfing Class is held in cooperation with the Windsurfing Association of Thailand, with races taking place over four days from 2 to 5 December 2012.

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November 14-21 Fourth Asia Beach Games, Phuket


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"A senior sex therapist said the couple needed immediate help."

Indeed. They should know only HD movies are acceptable nowadays.

Posted by Buster on October 20, 2012 13:45


The photograph is wonderful. It has now come back to me after being circulated around the world at the speed of light, by somebody who picked it up in Antartica and relayed it to me, asking if I am still on Phuket. INCREDIBLE !!! I like PW.

Posted by Dun on October 20, 2012 14:51

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