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Pirate goods piled high in one of the shophouse warehouses in Patong

Phuket Pirate Goods Haul in Patong Sets Southern Record

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
PHUKET: The largest-ever haul of copy goods in southern Thailand was claimed today by raiders who netted items valued at 100 million baht and made seven arrests in Patong this afternoon.

Acting on a warrant for entry approved by the courts today, about 30 volunteers descended on two shophouses in the Baan Sukjalern district, between Jungceylon shopping centre and the road to Karon.

The raid was led by Udom Petchakud, Director of the Department of Special Investigations, Region 8, who said he believed it was the largest haul of copy goods ever in Thailand's southern provinces.

An estimated 100,000 items - branded bags, shirts, pants and other clothing - were packed into bags and carried away in a 10-wheel truck.

It's believed the shophouses were a distribution point for copy goods to go out all over Phuket and Andaman tourist destinations.


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how do we know those are genuine DSI brand t-shirts??

Posted by another steve on July 3, 2013 19:52


Volunteers, ah so, DSI is using volunteers? But do they ever walk over the markets? Or in the basement of Big C or 3 floor of Jungle Ceylon? Dr. Dre is 'On', these days, fake power banks are 'On', these days, fake 256/512GB thumb drives are 'On' t-shirts are always 'On', DVD/CD's are everywhere, Ray Ban's are much more 'On', as they where last year. This 'southern record' is the tip of the iceberg. Is there a Titanic to expect?

Posted by Anonymous on July 3, 2013 21:05


These people just sell the crap. Why not stop it being imported or made in this country. Resellers fill a demand. Manufacturers are the ones that need to be arrested.
Damn it.. sorry I just realised I am in Thailand

Posted by Tbs on July 3, 2013 22:29


I have known these guys for over 3 1/2 years.
So what they sell fake goods,
You know this before you buy them.
Isn't this how the Thai economy survives.
While I watch tourists argue over 20cents to buy fake goods. Makes me sick!
Why not just close Phuket down, anyone who has ever been there and has not bought something fake would be a liar.

Posted by mick on July 4, 2013 14:10


- mick

I've lived on Phuket almost 10 years now and have never bought any fake products. Why would that be so difficult to believe ?

I don't have enough money to be wasting it on crap quality fakes.

If you think Thai economy survives on selling fakes, you head is far deeper in where the sun doesn't shine than I thought was humanely possible.

Posted by ThaiMike on July 4, 2013 18:07

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