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Richard James Daffurn manages a smile after his arrest on Phuket today

Briton Collared for Illegal Entry: Visa Crackdown

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
PHUKET: A British man who admitted entering Thailand illegally via Malaysia was arrested on Phuket today as Immigration officers cracked down on illegal expats on Phuket.

Immigration officers arrested Richard James Daffurn, 44, as he walked along Phuket Road in Old Phuket Town about 10am.

It was the second arrest by Immigration officers of expats illegally on Phuket in the space of two days.

Canadian James H. Nelson, 64, was due to face court today after being arrested yesterday with a visa that had not been renewed since November 2010.

A tip-off is also believed to have led to the arrest today of Mr Daffurn. Officers said they had been on the lookout for a man answering his description.

Mr Daffurn could not produce a passport when confronted today and was taken to Immigration HQ in Phuket City for qestioning.

There, it was established that he had arrived in Thailand in December 2010 and left in January 2011.

Mr Daffurn said that he subsequently entered Thailand illegally via the border with Malaysia. He is expected to face a fine or jail term for illegal entry followed by deportation.

It was not made clear whether Mr Daffurn had a work permit without having a visa and whether the case would create problems for his employer.


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Grassing people up (tip-off) is a terrible thing to do even regarded as such by criminals. These people are not hurting anyone and he was probably doing a job most Thais could not do, like speaking English.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on July 2, 2013 18:26

Editor Comment:

Law-breakers are law-breakers, Feisty Farang. You are surprised that criminals regard police being told about crimes as ''a terrible thing''? These people you think are ''not hurting anyone'' are actually committing illegal acts and probably in some cases involved in corrupt payments, or worse. You have the choice of supporting the law-breakers or encouraging a better Phuket, where all laws are upheld and corruption earns jail time. Your morals? Where have they gone?


I know Ed and I have a number of mmm "differing" opions, but Fiesty Farang, this time I back him 100%. "Law-breakers are law-breakers," it's just a pity they don't pursue their only people as vigorously as they do farang and others.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on July 2, 2013 20:44

Editor Comment:

Thais live in Thailand, Phuket_IOC. It would be unusual for Immigration police anywhere to pursue the citizens of their own country. I would prefer to rely on being able to tell right from wrong than rely on your support about anything.


He illegaly entered Thailand at the Malaysian border, and some people still try to defend him? What's wrong with people these days.

Posted by christian on July 2, 2013 21:03


Ed and Christian I see your points, Christian point especially but just in the last few days a Canadian guy who is a better example is living on a Canadian pension of around 11,000Baht a month and as far as I know is not working and not hurting anyone is being deported. According to other news even his ex girlfriend that is now apparently with another man sent food to him in jail. Sure there are rules but if I drive a little drunk, or speed will the Policemen use discretion? All I am saying and this refers more to the Canadian chap if someone is not hurting anyone and entered the country legally let them live out their later years in peace. Politics aside this is a Buddhist country.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on July 2, 2013 22:07

Editor Comment:

In one case where the person overstayed for years, he felt a sense of relief when eventually his situation had to be resolved. I suspect that may be the case with the Canadian man. The law should certainly be tempered with mercy. Thousands of illegal workers across Phuket pay for the privilege. Is that ''discretion'' - or corruption?


So Ed, you are right. A criminal is a criminal. May I ask you to go one step further in your line of thinking: indicate how good law abiding foreigners like us can tip-off our friendly immigration police? Hmmm? No?

Posted by pmoo on July 3, 2013 02:25

Editor Comment:

You're one of those people who think small crimes don't matter? No harm is being done in sneaking across the border - just like a terrorist? You prefer to decide what's acceptable, and the law is there to be bent or broken occasionally? That puts you in total agreement with the pedophiles, the fraudsters and the scammers. Shame on you.


Doubtless he/they are rather naive to live as an illegal aliens in a tourist area where expats are somewhat easy meat.
Doubt many moralizing,sanctimonious expats are completely lily it buying illegal knock off products,speeding,after hours drinking/ whoring,smuggling a bit of booze or whatever?
The BIB's vigilance so often seems to be take the easier photo op' road to law enforcement.

Posted by David on July 3, 2013 07:29

Editor Comment:

It's up to individuals who knowingly commit crimes on whatever scale to take responsibility for their actions.


Ed, do NOT confuse me agreeing with you, on your reply to Fiesty Farang with "supporting" you. 2) Re: " it's just a pity they don't pursue their only people as vigorously as they do farang and others." referred to all Thai agencies NOT only immigration. With regard to you reply to yourself have FAILED to follow the chain of corruption and illegal activities of those in authority, as you often point out, you have more info than us lowly readers, so ED does this mean you support these people. In your own words "SHAME on you."

Posted by Phuket_IOC on July 3, 2013 08:06

Editor Comment:

We are journalists, not enforcers or informers. It's a pity you don't take a long, hard look at yourself. Try giving up your assumption-making. People who guesswork their way through life are likely to encounter serious problems.


I not always agree with the editor but this time yes . I pay every year to do my workpermit and visa properly. So should others do if they want to stay and work in Phuket, and if I see around me a lot of more people could be tipped off to immigration for working without workpermit and staying on a visa run.

Posted by Eric on July 3, 2013 08:10


I remember an Ed that was quite upset about Chutima being denied a US visa. Made a big deal about it and allowed an article to be written about the 'unfair' practice of denying a visa for someone who didn't even have permission to use a PRIVATE library on a campus where security is taken very seriously and a country that has a large number of illegal immigrants, as well a long long list of people who want to get in and stay no matter what.

Maybe some of these overstayers here in Thailand have faced difficulties in getting the proper visa. Maybe they are doing jobs that Thai's can't or won't do. Maybe the system for getting proper visa is filled with so much red-tape and corruption that some people choose, albeit unwisely, to just let it go and take a chance.

Maybe you could vigorously pursue their own backstories as you did Chutima's.

But that is right, you already said - the law is the law and you must obey the law and accept immigration's rules and proceedures.

Interesting how you flip flop.

Posted by Hmm on July 3, 2013 08:41

Editor Comment:

There's no comparison, Hmm, between an honest applicant for a visa being rejected and people knowingly committing crimes. Khun Chutima didn't and wouldn't try to get to the US illegally, which is where your comparison - and your moral judgements - are flawed. I didn't get ''upset'' or ''flip-flop'' about anything, merely reported what transpired. It was a newsworthy event, just as these arrests have been.


Just asking you to go on with your logic and publish the way of way to contact law enforcement authorities, a current practice for local newspaper in US, and you write me down as terrorist, paedophile? I'm puzzled by the brutality of your reaction. Look, Ed, you do an impressive job of reporting about Phuket news, but maybe you should allow yourself some well deserved holidays, eventually take time to meditate about the middle-path concept.

Posted by pmoo on July 3, 2013 11:47

Editor Comment:

We'd like individuals to feel empowered enough to do their own research, pmoo. And to eventually come to the correct conclusions. If you think you've been described as a pedophile and a terrorist, then your thinking process requires a bit more adjustment. There is no middle path between right and wrong.


Your readers, the ones who participate to the online forums, are your friends. Please treat them politely, even if they voice opinions different than yours. Nowadays, you really sh*t on everybody, just look are your posts on this thread; continue like that and it's a loose-loose situation: nobody will have any more interest on your stuff, and we will loose valuable source of independent news and lively, once courteous, forums.

Posted by pmoo on July 3, 2013 16:02

Editor Comment:

We don't seek to make friends or enemies in the comments threads, pmoo, only to have readers add value in the form of information if they possibly can. Some of those who comment are definitely not friendly. I usually respond on the basis of my interpretation of whether people are adding value or not. It would be a misunderstanding to confuse the journalism and the comments. Some people make valuable contributions. There will always be room for lively responses because this is not real life, and you are an anonymous cypher. However, I try to remain courteous unless others are discourteous first. You should consider whether ''Nowadays, you really sh*t on everybody'' is fair and accurate or whether you really wish me to respond in a similar fashion. My advice would be to move on. I have given up expecting apologies.


These 2 incidents, among with many others in the past, should serve as a strong reminder not to break local laws, in particular the immigration and labor laws.

If you make enemies here, they have you by your balls (not sure which part they hold you are a woman). All they need to do is to call immigration and you are out.

Both of these cases were based on tip-offs. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who's the likely culprit.

You can bet your butt the local authorities will be a lot more motivated to chase foreign law breakers instead of locals. Why play in their hand by breaking the law ?

That's just plain stupid.

On a side note - it would be interesting to know what happens to the property of any value a deported person might own at the time.

I mean like a car, condo, motorbike, company etc. If anyone knows, please share the info.

I know from a couple of drug busts on our properties that the police more or less loot the house of any valuables, leaving only clothes and consumables behind along with a horrible mess.

Had to clean up after them a few times.

Posted by ThaiMike on July 3, 2013 16:52


"However, I try to remain courteous unless others are discourteous first." And when was I discourteous with you first? You associated me with terrorists, fraudsters, scammers, pedophiles, put shame on me, all in one answer following my first polite post.
You are right on one point: I move on.

Posted by pmoo on July 3, 2013 17:10

Editor Comment:

A total misinterpretation. You simply failed to make your point - any point - clearly. That's why the first three sentences in response all end with question marks.


I was travelling so read this article late. I cannot believe the scale of comment on a relatively 'soft' topic. Overstaying is a minor misdemeanor, but none-the-less breaking the Thai law. Entering without a visa is a more serious offence & would suggest that person may have something to hide.

There is enough written & stated in Europe, America & Australia about illegal immigrants, so there should be no surprise if the Thai authorities decide to clamp down on those foreigners who break Thai law.

I have always thought it unfair to those who have tried to run businesses fairly & within the law (permits, taxes, etc) to have to compete with those who cheat & hide behind Thai partners or whatever other method they adopt. But it is up to the individual's conscience to decide whether they would wish to 'grass' on someone.

Posted by Logic on July 3, 2013 18:11



Your concept of "adding value" to your article is to:

A. not disagree with you,

B. not query why you don't perform like a journalist and take matters up with the authorities.

C. Nothing else

Posted by poiuy on July 3, 2013 18:23

Editor Comment:

Nope. We are quite happy to hear dissenting views, provided they're expressed with logic and supported by facts. We're definitely not in favor, though, of commenters making assumptions and employing spurious guesswork, as you just have.

Journalists never have been go-betweens for characterless commenters who have opinions but no courage. But we're happy to report your accusations when you meet any authority face to face.



Posted by poiuy on July 3, 2013 18:45

Editor Comment:

No interest in people who have no interest in the issues, poiuy. Goodbye.


I wasn't in Thailand for months already but reading through this article seems like I am there. Fiesty Farang does local people's mentality is contagious? If you are smart enough then you would know what I mean
@Phuket_IOC:I know Ed and I have a number of mmm "differing" opions, but Fiesty Farang, this time I back him 100%.. WHHAATT? I just read his/her first comment. What good on people who breaks the law?

Posted by ThaiGer_Lady on July 3, 2013 20:48


Obviously the fact that he was a Brit walking down the street at 10 a.m. aroused the police's suspicions. Every other Brit in Phuket would still be in bed nursing a hangover at that hour.

Posted by Andy on July 7, 2013 12:06


Deporting foreigners without proper entry visa or on overstay is done in all countries around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and Europe.
I do not understand foreigners moaning all time against the Thai lmmigration which are doing its job to control, arrest and deport foreigners without proper documents to stay in Thailand.
Many of those foreigners have little or no income and make a living by begging money, food or lodging from other expats or relative to survive until the next day.
Some are working illegally for petty jobs such as to be touts for bars, restaurants or businesses owned by expats or deal drugs.
At the end many of those illegals borrow petty money from their friends and leave the province to another province to continue the same way until they are caught by police months or years later.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on July 7, 2013 16:06


@ Wistle-Blower..... Amen.. At the end this is a country belongs to Thaipeople.. they not really asked us to come.. dont tell me they dont want our money but yet they are happy without these kinds of people staying illegally here so again. Amen.. W-B.

Posted by Frog on July 9, 2013 01:14

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