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The jet-ski that hit the swimmer was hired from Patong beach

Additional Costs Make Waves in Phuket Jet-Ski Crash Mediation

Saturday, March 14, 2015
PHUKET: Mediation sessions between the French rider of a jet-ski and a German swimmer he struck on the head off Phuket have so far failed to reach settlement, police said today.

The Frenchman, Chadd Attardi, 20, has had his passport confiscated and may still face charges even after compensation has been agreed.

The German, Erick Heim, 55, is no longer on Phuket so lawyers on both sides are involved in negotiations.

Days are continuing to pass since the incident in the water off Paradise beach, south of Patong, on February 28.

Colonel Anukul Nuket is the Deputy Superintendent at Kathu Police Station, which is located in Patong.

''Mr Heim needed treatment for head and neck injuries in the intensive care unit at Bangkok Hospital Phuket and the bill mounted to 400,000 baht,'' he said.

''He is also seeking a further 300,000 baht because he knows he will need more surgery back in Germany at a later date.''

Insurance covered 150,000 baht of the hospital costs and the jet-ski rider has offered an extra 100,000 baht towards costs on Phuket.

''The complicating factor is that with lawyers now involved, it's not just about the cost of treatment on Phuket and in Germany but about the legal costs as well,'' the colonel said.

''I understand the parents of the Frenchman have sent a considerable sum but it is less than what the
German is asking and does not include an allowance for legal fees.''

Mr Attardi has been charged with riding a jet-ski without a licence and with reckless riding endangering others. He is out on bail from Phuket Provincial Court.

Another German was struck by a jet-ski while swimming off Naka island on March 10 but the injury was not serious and police did not become involved.


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If person A doesn't have the money person B wants, then person B should ask for less. You can't get blood out of a stone.

Also this should be a highlighted case about how bad the insurance is and what it covers.

Patheticness on government controlled jetskis. The accident may have been caused by the Frenchman but the insurance should cover it all.

Posted by Tbs on March 14, 2015 13:23


Mr Attardi has been charged with riding a jet-ski without a licence and with reckless riding endangering others. He is out on bail from Phuket Provincial Court.

Surely It should be the renter that is breaking the law by renting a machine without checking the rider has a current PWC License - theres the solution to all these Jetski problems cannot rent to unqualified unlicensed people - jet ski business over and beaches safer !!

Posted by paul smith on March 14, 2015 14:19


It is about time that when the Phuket Authorities want to have Jet skies, than the Phuket Authorities should force/implement that Jet ski operators have now a insurance to cover all this. This particular 'accidents' show that a jet ski insurance of 150,000 thb is peanuts. Hardly can call it a serious 'insurance', as we see now.

Posted by Kurt on March 14, 2015 14:23


Ed, could you please re-run those quotes from Marine Office 5 and the Governor, both of which stated that something better get taken care of "or else!". I could swear both of them had threatened to start getting serious about the jetski nightmare... but all I have heard is blah blah blah. Something tells me that even a death would not result in anything happening about the internationally infamous jet-ski nightmare on Phuket.

Posted by Ed Sanders on March 14, 2015 16:28


This is a classic "salang" (motorbike side car) way of thinking. As my Thai friend who has one tells me it is illegal but ok to use until you have bad luck and an accident than "big problem" - same with The License Law. Another issue insurance does not cover is loss of earnings due to injury which could be months in a case like this and therefore even higher. I agree he should pay, perhaps his parents can re-mortgage their house, I see the "Ben-Hur" tourists every day on Jetskis.

Posted by Ping Pong Ting Tong on March 14, 2015 17:13


If he is 20 years old and can come from France to Thailand on holiday he must have a few Euros in his pocket, or his parents are Euroed up. It don't take a genius to work this one out.....

Posted by Brains on March 14, 2015 18:41


"Mr Attardi has been charged with riding a jet-ski without a licence and with reckless riding endangering others. He is out on bail from Phuket Provincial Court."

So effectively any tourist without a valid licence is breaking the law and so is the renter for allowing them to rent it ... but that's ok providing the money keeps on flowing.

Posted by Graaham on March 14, 2015 19:31


Surely the owner of the jet ski business should be liable to pay some of the costs as he (or she) dos not check the hirer had the right paperwork or provide adequate insurance

There must be liability there, surely.

Posted by Discover Thainess on March 14, 2015 20:28


Is it compulsory for jet ski operators to ensure that all jet ski drivers / hirers have a current relevant licence to drive the jet ski ?

Posted by Paul on March 14, 2015 20:48


Well,Listen up,I have Travel insurance that covers almost everything,it covers medical costs,lost kuggage,bail,luggage,theft,my cars at home,no departure insurance,liability,and so on at a cost of 350 euro per year for a 3 person family,so everybody travelling should have one certainly if you are praticing dangerous sports.

Posted by Khun Philippe on March 14, 2015 21:41


@Paul Smith you hit the nail on the right spot. And after the jetski's the same Valid licence check (cc's printed on most liscences) for motorbikes. The rental company should be liable if something goes wrong. The Police is not doing their task properly if they only check the name on a paper. NO Insurance Will needs to pay when No Valid liscence.

@TBS at first your name is very funny for the Dutch and the Flemish. And it stands for what should happen to him who causes a deadly accident. Your concept of lowering damage claims is not fair to the innocent victim. And I call your "solution" Thai-logic Style. You punish the victims and not the ones who are responsible (Jetski rental who dit not check Valid liscence) & and the French kid who drove without attention for swimmers. Like 9 out of 10 does Due to lack of experience and boating skills. Then in the Patong case I find Marine Office 5 also to blame and liable. They allow jetski's to close to the beach and between swimmers. I can give a label for this allowance from Marine 5. But then my message gets block by the editor. Wake UP Thailand. The clock points 5 to 12. make logic regulations, explain them clearly and sufficient and let police enforce the laws and reasonable regulations... tic tac tic tac. Almost 23:59

Posted by phuketgreed on March 14, 2015 23:49


"If person A doesn't have the money person B wants, then person B should ask for less"

Thats nonsense, person A must ensure not to enter into uninsured risk they cannot pay damage for. I recently was caused a million bahts worth of damage, The Thai offered 10k restitution. I am supposed to just accept 99% of the problem they made because they are poor ??

Posted by LivinLOS on March 15, 2015 04:10


the problem will never cease while it is all cash money. who keeps an account of the money they collect from hiring these horrible things

Posted by bondi on March 15, 2015 04:47

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