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Phuket vendors chat to Justice Ministry officials probing property rip-offs

Justice Ministry Probes Phuket Councils

Saturday, March 14, 2015
PHUKET: The holiday island of Phuket has been promised an investigation of cases where local authorities and large investors have conspired to steal land for development.

The undertaking came yesterday from the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Justice Ministry, Dussadee Arayawuth, who visited several key spots on Phuket where alleged attacks on public land appear to be obvious.

At Kamala, between 30 and 50 beach vendors from all over Phuket attempted to hijack the tour by making a protest about their treatment since last year's clearance of commerce from the island's sands.

Khun Dussadee promised he would speak to the Governor of Phuket about the vendors' issue but his main purpose was to see for himself the kinds of alleged encroachments now under investigation.

At Koh Raet, a small island off the east coast from Ao Po Grand Marina it's alleged that 161 rai of land has been misappropriated for development.

Khun Dussadee said that the Land Offices in Phuket City, Kathu and Thalang had some questions to answer about how titles have been issued, apparently without proper checks or documentation.

The Land Titles offices on Phuket have been somewhat reticent to join in the probes already underway on the island, in some cases point-blank refusing to provide historical documents.

Intervention by the Justice Ministry may well expose a decade or more of suspect transactions to public scrutiny.

At Kamala, Khun Dussadee was keen to see for himself whether there was any truth in allegations that public space along the foreshore had been gobbled up by encroaching resorts.

The probe is expected to intensify quickly.


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Normally on Phuket, when someone isn't doing the bidding of the Powers that be, they are transferred to another location.

Why not transfer the Land Title chief and put someone in who actually wants to make Phuket and Thailand a better place for the future. Or is there a reason why certain Powers that be, don't want things uncovered.

Posted by Tbs on March 14, 2015 13:26


"Why not transfer the Land Title chief and put someone in who actually wants to make Phuket and Thailand a better place for the future" - Brains says you got to get into the Phuket lifestyle - do you think corruption exists at many levels......understand Thai means money....monee also means come here....I joke you not.

Posted by Brains on March 14, 2015 20:05


This is about time share at Koh Raet still on offer starting 100,000,000 baht :
"Jumeirah Phuket Private Island Resort is located off the east coast of Phuket.
The resort boasts four restaurants and bars as well as extensive leisure, spa and fitness facilities including a large free form swimming pool and a 400m private, white sandy beach. In addition the resort will offer a residents marina, a private members club, tennis courts, several boutiques and a business centre.
Access to the island will be restricted to residents and those using the Private Pier Facilities, Private Club members and Hotel Guests
The Island can only be reached from the mainland with a short journey by helicopter from Phuket International Airport or utilising the Islands Private launches with a journey time of approximately 5 minutes.

As an owner of a Jumeirah hotel pool villa, you can enjoy up to 60 days a year in your villa enjoying the world class services that has made the Jumeirah name synonymous with excellence.
Only 12 pool villas have been released for sale each offering direct beach access and private tropical landscaped gardens.
Jumeirah management provide the upmost quality and service and owners can enjoy a guaranteed 5% rental return for 2 years or leaseback their villa through Jumeirah hotels."

Here are good pictures of 'development" at Koh Raet left by Jumeirah Phuket Private Island, a bit old pics, but nothing changed there for sure:

I've seen "Parmalat land" at N.Caicos is. in Carribean, the site of abandoned Prospect of Whisby hotel looked much better.

Posted by Sue on March 21, 2015 00:32

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