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Expat ''Captain Mark'' Pendlebury is now on bail awaiting a trial for murder

No Plans to Interview Tuk-Tuk Drivers

Friday, March 13, 2015
VIDEO of Fatal Stabbing Outside Taipan in Patong

PHUKET: Injuries to the face, head and torso of Australian Mark Pendlebury are consistent with his claim that he was ''being stomped'' by security guards and tuk-tuk drivers before a fatal stabbing in Patong early on Wednesday.

Charged with murder, Mr Pendlebury, 59, an expat resident and boat tour operator on the Thai holiday of Phuket, was freed on 500,000 baht bail yesterday by Phuket Provincial Court as police in Patong continue their investigation into the fatal knifing of security guard Sanya Khluewaengmon, 26.

Video from one security camera close to Patong's Bangla Road walking street and focused towards the Taipan nightclub shows Mr Pendlebury attempting to film the eviction of customers from the premises in Rat-U-Tit 200 Pi Road around 12.30am.

Friends of Mr Pendlebury say he had earlier been to a meeting of Patong Rotary with a legless Danish surfer who had been severely bashed by thugs in Patong in January.

Having just escorted wheelchair-bound Frederick Aakerlund, 48, home safely, Mr Pendlebury was anxious to film the disturbance in the street to make sure no other expat was being treated with brutality.

Several savage gang bashings of tourists and expats have taken place in that part of Patong, most often without coverage from security cameras.

The video recorded on Wednesday morning clearly shows a figure confronting Mr Pendlebury, who quickly retreats along a row of parked tuk-tuks. Within moments he is shown being pursued by five or six men.

Seconds later, Mr Pendlebury has told police, he was knocked to the ground, being kicked in the head and fighting for his life, then desperately lashing out with a pocket knife.

Two men he says were Indians - or possibly tourists from the Middle east - intervened and saved his life, he said.

Mr Pendlebury and Khun Sanya were both taken to Patong Hospital where Khun Sanya died about 90 minutes later.

The officer leading the murder case investigation, Lieutenant Colonel Jetsada Sangsuree, of Kathu Police Station, told Phuketwan today that he would soon be interviewing Khun Sanya's workmate security guards from Taipan.

Two customers were being evicted by the guards as Mr Pendlebury, heading home after dropping off Mr Aakerlund, paused on the other side of the road then decided he should film the disturbance to protect the safety of others.

Lieutenant Colonel Jetsada said he had no plans to interview any of the tuk-tuk drivers whose vehicles were parked near Taipan at this stage.

It would be up to Mr Pendlebury to make a complaint first at Kathu Police Station, the lieutenant colonel said.

Mr Aakerlund was too badly injured during the ''Clockwork Orange'' attack he endured in January to go to police but the likelihood is that the gang who attacked him at 7am in beach road were Patong nightlife workers heading home.

VIDEO of Fatal Stabbing Outside Taipan in Patong


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Oh yes the competent police investigation begins

Posted by Ciaran on March 13, 2015 12:15


Lt Col Jetsada is probably right- no point wasting time interviewing 'innocent' tuk tuk drivers as they would only get a sever telling off (if that) anyway if they had done something. Blind leading the blind.

Posted by Mister Ree on March 13, 2015 12:27


It would be up to Mr Pendlebury to make a complaint first at Kathu Police Station, the lieutenant colonel said.


Right, it's so called "compoundable offence", i.e. not against state, then victim should file a complaint, and if state enforcement declines to bring , then can bring private prosecution. But it will be a separate criminal case case, tried separately, and it's not like a civil counter-claim that adjudicated along with the original one.

Investigations is acting more like Mr.Pedlebury prosecution - collecting only selected facts that supports their hypothesis of Mr. Pedlebury guilt, and ignoring apparent facts that would support a self-defense as grounds for release of liability.

Investigators should have made thorough and objective investigation to be able to evaluate all material circumstances of the situation, in order, to decide what charges to bring and against whom, before passing file to a prosecutor.

Posted by Sue on March 13, 2015 12:33


So..."Lieutenant Colonel Jetsada said he had no plans to interview any of the tuk-tuk drivers whose vehicles were parked near Taipan at this stage." More excellent police work..., I mean, why wouldn't the police pursue any of these tuktuk thugs that were an integral part of this assault and battery. It is clear that the police never want to involve their little partners in crime. This place disgusts me more all the time, and I just hope this incident adds to the groiwing barrage of bad press for tourism in Phuket. Another example of why military presence is needed here.

Posted by Ed Sanders on March 13, 2015 13:13


The moral of this story is not to get involved. Taking pictures or recording an incident was just looking for trouble, as it attracts unwanted attention. Foreigners are only tolerated to a point, and the accused would have of known this. Carrying a knife or concealed weapon of any sort on your person will again raise suspicion, and complicate matters further.

Posted by reader on March 13, 2015 13:38

Editor Comment:

Nobody was ''looking for trouble.'' A responsible citizen figured that being on the spot, recording what took place might help someone avoid a beating or at least have what took place on record. Your attempts to encourage thugs to do as they please are puzzling and reprehensible.


I have seen many 'pack-attacks' on tourists the past 30+ Years here in Phuket.
Most of the time i have seen other Thai Man just joining and brutally beating the victim without even knowing the reasons for the attack.

Posted by Mr. K on March 13, 2015 14:11


Sue, what country do you live in? Or, probably more appropriate, what planet?

Posted by FrankieV on March 13, 2015 15:05


A proper police investigation about what happened is a justice authority matter, described by thai laws. The idea that a 'crime-investigator' can do what he feels to do is ridiculous.
A senior police officer has to investigate EVERYTHING. Otherwise the investigator proofs not to be competent according Thai/AEC standards.

Posted by Kurt on March 13, 2015 15:29



Posted by Ed Sanders on March 13, 2015 17:38

Editor Comment:

You need to add something of value, Ed, for a change. We have no interest in your opinion.


@Ed Sanders..military presence was here for a short while..things were looking promising but then they left and from what I can see..things here are even worse than before..So why haven't they come back?..They don't know whats going on here?....Military presence just won't happen here...the "mafia corruption" thing has a stronghold with no signs of leaving..For me personally, I have recently made a strong commitment to look for an alternative living situation..It may take awhile but I'm on my way out..I'm tired of it all and truly hope I won't be here when this place implodes all together

Posted by sky on March 13, 2015 18:04


"encourage thugs"

So you condone the carrying of knives? Should we all carry weapons in case we get attacked?
This guy is a popular figure around Phuket and an outstanding citizen and man from what i can gather. He was carrying a knife and he used it and someone is dead.
If a tourist was found to be carrying a knife and killed a local everyone would jump to say about "quality tourists" and to throw away the key, no matter what.

I'm not saying security staff are angels here, far from it.

Posted by sateeb on March 13, 2015 18:09

Editor Comment:

Phuketwan is non violent and we do not believe weapons should be carried. Our opinion on what should happen following this tragic encounter will be published soon.


So there are a group of local men seen on camera chasing the alleged murderer down the road, probably delivering some mob justice, someone gets killed and the cops don't want to interview the guys who were giving chase. Sometimes the word UNBELIEVABLE is used loosely, but this is truly unbelievable!!!!

Posted by geoff on March 13, 2015 19:15

Editor Comment:

At the time he was being pursued, he was not ''an alleged murderer.'' He was a citizen being pursued for no good reason. He was soon to be stomped on for no good reason. The only good to come from this is that attacks by thugs should occur less often if there are concerns that expats or tourists who are attacked for sport could fight for their lives.


Huh... I thought everybody was aware that the police take their orders from the transportation industry not the other way around.

Posted by hotgem on March 13, 2015 20:59


I am confused as to why a charge of murder has been made against him. AFAIK, the act of murder requires a conscious decision to kill someone, perhaps with pre-planning.

It is quite evident that this is not a case of murder. Manslaughter perhaps, self-defence perhaps, but not murder.

Posted by Simon Luttrell on March 13, 2015 21:28

Editor Comment:

Police may have been too quick to believe the initial misshapen version of events.


More disgusting behaviour from the tuktuk and other thugs that now run phuket.

Seems pretty clear that the authorities want more and more chinese people to come for a couple of days, spend money in their businesses and then leave.

They clearly don't give two hoots about expats and other holiday makers. It's such a shame

I know so many people who are leaving - chiang mai, Krabi and other countries will benefit from the money they spend in the local economies

Leave Phuket to the package tourists !

Posted by Discover Thainess on March 14, 2015 01:14


Please, Anyone that has any footage from outside the Taipan Night Club from the night the Security guard was Killed can you please forward to Captain Marks web site, we need to get hard evidence so we can show the Truth to protect the innocent.

Posted by Peter T on March 14, 2015 16:13


"..but the likelihood is that the gang who attacked him at 7am in beach road were Patong nightlife workers heading home. "
pure speculation- something you often chastise commentors for.
equally as likely that they were night time revellers returning home..

Posted by another steve on March 14, 2015 16:42

Editor Comment:

Muscled up Thais out having fun near Bangla? Not likely.


The matter is simple. As long in Patong the 'safety zones' are not implemented or sabotaged (pick your choice), police is outnumbered by the tuktuk drivers, Patong police has not the skills, guts, dignity like Singapore police officers, than patong remains a slump where the power of the strongest is ruling and ( proven now many times) tourist safety is not a issue. Not at beach ( can be taken hostage by jet ski operator), not in the traffic (Do not park your car where it is allowed if a tuktuk driver tell you not to park there), not in bars,( security guards with thai fighting skills) etc. Foreign Consuls on Phuket should make flyers to warn their countrymen upon Phuket arrival for all the criminal/illegal traps they can fall in. Renting a car/motorbike, NOT give your passport to renter. Avoid discussions about fare price tuk tuks, you can end up in hospital, and at the end it was all your fault. Hire helicopter on Phuket is cheaper than a tuk tuk. (joke)

Posted by Kurt on March 17, 2015 09:05

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