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Russians Seek Improved Safety, Security in Pattaya

Monday, November 19, 2012
PHUKET: Russian embassy officials sparked a meeting today aimed at improving the safety of tourists to Pattaya and Thailand.

Ironically, the meeting took place in Pattaya on the day a Russian tourist drowned at Patong beach on Phuket.

Among the issues raised by Russian Consul Andrey V. Dvornikov with local officials, business investors and tour operators were the confiscation of passports by police, rip-offs and thefts from resort rooms.

Russian businesspeople often encountered people posing as Thai government officials who demanded cash, he said.

''There has been a lack of clear answers and solutions from the Thai government,'' he said.

The idea of using the Royal Thai Navy to help with security had been suggested to the Thai government 10 years ago but never acted upon, Mr Dvornikov said.

''Instead of taking passports, which are the property of the Russian Government, police should hold credit cards as security,'' he added.

Deputy Pattaya Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasin said the local administration continued to try to deal with the issues, especially jet-ski rip-offs.

Hundreds of security cameras had been installed. Russians remained the most significant national group to visit Pattaya, he said.

On Phuket, the issuing of low-cost travel insurance to Russian visitors that specifies the compulsory use of public hospitals rather than private hospitals adds to the pressure on Phuket's overloaded public facilities.

Bus and mini-van drivers working for one specific Russian brand have become notorious for putting others at risk on the roads.


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so its pattayawan now or what?

Posted by stanley on November 20, 2012 02:52

Editor Comment:

We've never hesitated to report what's happening in other parts of Thailand, especially when it comes to tourism safety. Unrest in Bangkok, deaths at the Dowton Inn. There are lessons everywhere, stanley. Pattaya today, Phuket tomorrow, Burma next month.


A minivan operating for that particular agency and full of tourists almost ran me off the road yesterday. The wild, irresponsible and aggressive driving continued long after passing me.

They usually drive like this when empty but recently even with passengers. I wonder what the occupants thought of it all but hope they will express their feelings to an agent.

The threat of losing money seems to be the only thing that can achieve any change here.

Appealing to decency or common sense is like flogging a dead horse.

Posted by Andrew on November 20, 2012 07:03


Turn over Russian credit cards instead???? What Russian credit cards. The vast majority of Russian tourists do not have them and if they do they have a good chance of being fake. Turning over your passport for renting a car or motorbike is something to be avoided--I would suggest large cash deposits.

Posted by Capealava on November 20, 2012 09:37

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