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A flag flies on Patong beach where two tourists drowned earlier this year

Phuket Tourist Drowns at Patong Beach

Monday, November 19, 2012
PHUKET: A tourist drowned at Patong beach today near a spot where two other tourists died earlier this year.

The man, named by police as Mikhail Bogdanov, 69, was holidaying alone on Phuket from Russia.

Lifeguards used a jet-ski to pull Mr Bogdanov from the water about 8.30am but he could not be revived.

Mr Bogdanov checked in to a resort in Phrabaramee Road on Tuesday and intended to stay until November 23.

The spot where he drowned is near the intersection of Patong's beach road with Soi Chaloem Phrakiat, wnere an American and a Chinese man drowned earlier in the year.

Lifeguards say they need the help of resorts on Phuket's west coast to warn tourists of the dangers of swimming on red-flag no-swim days or outside the designated lifeguard-patrolled zones on beaches.

The American and the Chinese man both stayed at the same three-star resort, not far from the spot where Mr Bogdanov died.

When Phuketwan called the resort after the second death to ask whether warnings were being given, a spokesperson said the local municipality was responsible for safeguarding guests beyond the boundaries of the resort.

There was no plan to introduce warnings on checkin, brochures or a sign in the foyer on dangerous days, despite the request for help from lifeguards.

Phuket beaches are usually tranquil between November and April but unseen currents known as ''rips'' are present in danger spots at Patong and Karon all year long.

Mr Bogdanov's body was taken to Patong Hospital.


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most countries I have been to with dangerous sea conditions the hotels give warnings and guides to swimming, why do the hotel here keep turning a blind eye to something that is easy for them to do and could save lifes, more somnomna thinking

Posted by Michael on November 19, 2012 14:05


someone needs to tell the people that rips are not dangerous at all if you know what to do - let yourself get carried out to the sea, and swim back SIDEWAYS along the coast,
rips do not pull you under!
the people drown because they get exhausted fighting against the rip,
wait and swim sideways later

Posted by nel on November 19, 2012 14:17


Well, better swim parallel to the beach immediately, but cool, as the rip can carry you pretty far out. In case of Patong, you can save your power to stay afloat and try to signal for help with your arm(s).

What is a rip? It is like swimming suddenly in a wildwater river in the mountains. The water stream will carry you (felt) superfast out to the sea. It is quite a shocking sensation. But you have to keep cool, and remember, that maybe only 5-15 meter cross, the stream and sensation will be gone.

Posted by Lena on November 19, 2012 14:57


some of these hotel owners and senior staff should be made accountable for putting up signs and giving verbal warnings. Very tragic once again R.I.P.Mikhail

Posted by mick.s on November 19, 2012 15:00


..Becasue when the wind shifted to the South east fo rthe last week or so, it is safe, (yet the forgotten red flags still fly.) Then when the wind shifts back to the west suddenly as it did last 36 hours or so, you get the water being pushed into the beach, it has to go somewhere so it channels out hence term, " rip " tide.

When the flag is blowing onto shore do not swim, blowing off-shore, OK to swim.

Incidentally, Bang Tao is safe almost always, especially the north end.The waves get big alright midsummer, but no rips.

Posted by CBF on November 19, 2012 19:00


"When Phuketwan called the resort..."

Why don't you name the resort?

Posted by Buster on November 19, 2012 19:49

Editor Comment:

If a third guest from this resort drowns, I imagine it will never recover its reputation. We will certainly name it if that happens.


You print the names and addresses of criminals and victims, but not the name of the hotel where he was staying or swimmming...WTF...? So typical of a second rate rag...!

Posted by Ted Davis on November 19, 2012 21:42

Editor Comment:

Gratuitous insults achieve nothing. As a loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed know-all, attempting to explain anything to your third-rate red-neck mind is clearly a waste of time. Why do you even pretend at times to have the power to reason? Bye bye Ted.


And if you do get tired, saltwater is very bouyant and one should know it is easy to float on your back if you just try to keep your feet up, and your head back. btw I learned this in 1st grade. MIchael, this country has a fatalistic religoius base. If you drown, or are killed by a sppeding cement truck, you deserve it from a past life's misdeeds. I only wish tourists were informed of this attitude.

Posted by CBF on November 20, 2012 09:27

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