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The posts for the billboard at Phuket's Heroines Monument are lowered

Phuket Billboard 'Too Big for Heroines,' Four Men Arrested

Monday, November 19, 2012
PHUKET: About 50 protesters stopped a large billboard being erected near Phuket's central Heroines Monument roundabout today, leading to the arrest of four workmen.

The crowd told local authorities that the billboard would be higher than the famous statue of the heroines, who are regarded as heroes on Phuket.

The statue of the two sisters who succeeded in fighting off the Burmese is Phuket's best-known image.

Locals treat the statue, in the middle of a roundabout on Phuket's main artery, Thepkasattri Road, with great deference and respect.

Locals said that on erecting the billboard, the workmen were planning to ''borrow'' electricity from the mains power system to connect to the billboard's spotlight.

The billboard owner was being sought today by officers from Thalang Police Station.

Most visitors to Phuket are shocked by the number of billboards on Phuket, which is supposed to present itself to the world as a tropical holiday island.


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Personally I would not be sad to see 95% of the islands bill boards taken down. They obstruct views of the roads for safety sake, distract from drivers watching the roads abd make the island look like a cheap trash heat when they fall down. I say tear the buggers down and don't put up any more.

Posted by graham on November 19, 2012 15:01


The intention of a billboard is to GET attention, yes to be seen and watched by those who are passing it. It also gets drivers attention and this way becomes a DANGEROUS "obstacle". Crazy that where a governments wants to increase Road-safety and lower the amount of, deadly, accidents the amount of billboards keeps increasing. Since a few weeks there is new MOVIE-theatre on The TESCO-LOTUS / BILLION-plaza crossing. This bill-boards seems to get a LOT of attention. I experience almost on a very frequent the risen amount of accidents there. Let please some one take the plug out.
This is not Amazing, not Amusing just CRAZY.

Very bad LEO-advertising. We should boycott the advertisers on it. These are DEADLY signs, called Bill-boards. Let the advertisers and the owners pay the BILLS for all the damage and sadness they cause!

Posted by PhuketGreed on November 19, 2012 15:15


What nonsense protesters. Some of the bill boards around the monument are much taller and more prominent than the Heroines Statue. Anyway I think the monument should be relocated to the field behind the police box, thus making it easier for those to pay homage to it easier and less risky than running in the traffic at the circle. Then replace the circle with traffic lights.

Posted by Dun on November 19, 2012 16:00


Power to the people!..if we all took the time to destroy one bilboard or advertising based roadsign we could rid this beautiful island of this awful visual pollution. The next step is to stop the insane practice of teams of vans driving around with advertising boards on them... as if we need the extra traffic and fumes.

Posted by ElCapitan on November 19, 2012 16:07


"Sign, sign everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind." What's next? A ban on long haired freaky people???

Posted by Jon on November 19, 2012 16:07


Surely the type of tourists that choose Phuket like the commercialisation. They like having beautiful beaches, yes, but they also like FantaSea, beach clubs, Patong (!), cinemas, Central, Junceylon, shooting ranges, go-karts, jet skis, ATVs et al. I'm sure they don't mind a few billboards. They probably even find some of them reassuring that Phuket is somehow 'modern'. I'd be pleased to see the back of them but Phuket is a developing commercial destination so accept it or join the Scandies further afield ! (Having said that the article was not about tourists.)

Posted by James on November 19, 2012 19:15


"Most visitors to Phuket are shocked by the number of billboards on Phuket..."

This resident is also shocked.

Posted by Buster on November 19, 2012 19:54

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