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New Phuket policemen listen to the commander on arrival yesterday

Phuket Police Boosted: 97 Reinforcements Told to Set High Standards, Protect Tourists

Saturday, November 2, 2013
PHUKET: Ninety-seven new police arrived on Phuket yesterday to greet the start of the tourism high season on the holiday island.

Phuket's new Commander of Police, Major General Ong-Art Phiwruangnont, told them: ''Improve your behavior. Be polite. Don't use your uniform to seek benefit for your wallet.''

The new recruits will be distributed among all of Phuket's 10 police stations. Hundreds more will follow as the Region 8 Police Headquarters are transferred to Phuket.

It's the first increase in years as Thailand's Government and senior police recognise the need to better protect tourists in Thailand.

All Phuket's police station superintendents were at Phuket Police headquarters yesterday to meet the reinforcements.

''Don't behave like the mafia,'' Major General Ong-Art told them. ''Phuket is a tourist place. Even if you carry a weapon, you must always consider the safety of others.''

He urged the new arrivals to ''be careful in your personal life.'' ''Do not take drugs, do not drink alcohol before going on duty or while on duty, do not gamble.''

The arrival of almost 100 additional police to boost Phuket's total number to about 1200 officers is the latest sign that Phuket's issues are finally all being addressed.

What Phuket still needs are more policewomen to deal with cases or rape and sexual assault.


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This is such a welcome step by the Government of Thailand. Region 8 is a top force. The police in Phuket are doing a great job with the biggest menace to society and to tourism and that is Drugs. I believe that once the drugs are dealt with, the society will get much better. This is the biggest problem with societies all over the World. Evil spreads it's way through drugs and crime is a by product.Nobody is born bad.We should all support the police and make a difference to this wonderful Island and the good people.

Posted by irishkev24 on November 2, 2013 10:44


He urged the new arrivals to 'be careful in your personal life.' 'Do not take drugs, do not drink alcohol before going on duty or while on duty, do not gamble.'

The mere fact that he has to make this statement speaks volumes for the quality of some of these new police recruits


Posted by Simon Luttrell on November 2, 2013 11:01


It is a very positive visual signal that things just might be about to change for the better on Phuket.

I take Simon's point that the briefing has undertones. Let's hope it was a standard briefing & not a reflection on the quality of the new arrivals.

I work in the offshore industry & drug & alcohol testing is a routine part of our life, with random testing possible at any time. Positive results are rare as being caught leads to instant dismissal.

Posted by Logic on November 2, 2013 13:44


- Simon Luttrell

My thoughts exactly.

Where in the world do you have to instruct police officers not to use drugs and alcohol while on duty ?

Duh !

Posted by ThaiMike on November 2, 2013 17:38


It's never going to happen. Bangla has not changed one bit since reforms!!!! I can give you photos of police officers within 10 metres of touts and loris sellers. What about the bike hirers who take up 10 parking bays with there bikes for hire, I get moved along if I even stop in front of there public space business. Your lost Phuket, stop chaising your tail and make some solid decisions!!

Posted by Ryan on November 2, 2013 23:09


@Simon Luttrell/Thai Mike:
A short while back I and three friends spent a couple of days in Tachilek, Burma for a round of golf. The hotel we stayed in had a casino on the ground floor and our guide (who was not allowed into the gaming rooms) informed us that around 60% of the gamblers were usually Thai generals who had lucrative drug businesses as their main source of income. Of course those were the words of the tour guide, but at breakfast just about everybody, probably 95% of the occupants were dressed in full uniform.

Posted by Pete on November 3, 2013 06:49


They look ready for a meal and a nap.

Posted by Charles on November 3, 2013 08:43

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