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British Ambassador Mark Kent talks to Phuket's media today

Phuket Making Progress on Problems, Says British Ambassador

Friday, November 1, 2013
PHUKET: British Ambassador Mark Kent was full of praise today for the progress Phuket has made in addressing its problems.

The key was to get everyone ''looking in the same direction,'' he told reporters after meeting behind closed doors with Phuket Governor Maitree Intrusud at Phuket Provincial Hall.

The ambassador and other European Union envoys drew up a list of seven items after meeting with Governor Maitree on Phuket in July.

He said the governor had mentioned the new airport bus and the plans to expand the service.

With the help of British honorary consul Martin Carpenter, the governor and other Phuket administrators were organising a seminar on marine safety.

This high season, more British tourists would be arriving on direct flights to Phuket, Mr Kent said, ''and most have an enjoyable time.''

He said signs were good that Phuket would continue to flourish as a tourist destination.

British envoys have also been helping Tourist Police to prepare a brocure to supply to visitors, highlighting potential pitfalls.

''We should all look to make things the best they can possibly be,'' he said. ''Nobody expects things to [suddenly improve] like that. These are issues that will take time.''

He said that from today, British honorary consuls on Phuket and Samui will no longer offer notarial and documentary services.

This would help the voluntary honorary consuls to provide more assistance if necessary to British citizens in trouble, Ambassador Kent said.

Tonight he and the governor will be attending a British trade dinner.

European Union Ambassadors' List of Seven Phuket Needs

.. An efficient and fairly priced public transport system in Phuket which is available to foreign tourists and residents alike.

.. An end to intimidatory and violent behavior by an element of tuk-tuk and taxi drivers.

.. Strict enforcement of marine safety standards, including flags on beaches to indicate when it is safe to swim.

.. Strict enforcement of standards of behavior for public officials, including police and Immigration, to ensure that foreign visitors and residents feel protected, treated in a fair way and never at risk of extortion.

.. An end to scams involving hiring of equipment such as jet skis or motorbikes.

.. Strict enforcement of road safety regulations.

.. Promotion of environmental issues, including monitoring of water quality.


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" the governor had mentioned the new airport bus and the plans to expand the service "

Does he mean the Airport Bus service local authorities have been fighting tooth and nail to make sure it will fail ?

It beggars belief how the Governor can make such statements with a straight face.

I sure hope Mr Carpenter has been following the news on that bus service and will not be taken for a ride. Pun intended.

Posted by ThaiMike on November 1, 2013 17:04


Let's be precise :

... making progress ON MAKING PROGRESS on problems.

There is no quantifiable and perceivable progress ON problems.

Posted by Sue on November 1, 2013 19:34

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