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The Long Horn Saloon in Ao Nang, Krabi, where an American tourist was stabbed to death early today and his son was seriously injured

American Murdered in Krabi, Son Stabbed

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
PHUKET: An American was stabbed to death early today in a bar in the Thai holiday province of Krabi because he refused to stopped singing, police said.

The man's son, who was also singing with his father, was seriously wounded in the attack at the Long Horn Saloon in Ao Nang, a coastal resort town.

The dead man has been named as Bobby Carter, 51, and his son is Adam Hayes Carter, 27.

Three men are under arrest for the murder, say police.

The killing took place when three local men objected to the Carters hogging singing time at the saloon about 1am today, officers said.

The dead man and his son were taken to Krabi Hospital and the son was transferred to Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Phuket, a neighboring province also noted for tourism, early today.

Three men have been arrested for stabbing the two American with sharpened steel rods, a preferred local weapon.

The three men are Ratikorn Ramin, 27, Sathit Somsa, 40, and Noppanan Yoddecha, 26. They are being held in Krabi.

Adam Carter declined a request for an interview today. He appeared to be in reasonable condition and able to talk when reporters called at his room.

It's believed the stabbing took place out the front of the saloon.

The killing is bound to reignite the issue of tourist safety in Thailand. Police are using more security cameras on Phuket and have introduced ''Safety Zones'' in key tourist areas, including the nightlife hub of Patong, on the west coast.

Krabi is further off the beaten tourism track and not as much attention has been paid to safety there. The best-known destination in Krabi is the offshore 20-something rites-of-passage island of Phi Phi.

Krabi has been the scene of several violent crimes against tourists in the past 18 months, including the unprovoked knife attack on a British man strolling home with his girlfriend.

A German woman had a thumb cut off in another attack.

The notorious rape of a Dutch tourist in Krabi triggered her father to pen and sing a viral YouTube song about justice and revenge, 'Evil Man from Krabi.'


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attackers have been found, with or without cameras, and the poor guy is dead anyway,
so now cameras are capturing murders as the happen, great, I feel much safer now

Posted by steve on July 31, 2013 17:31


you failed to mention that those trio is a musician's band, that regularly took a stage in the Saloon

Posted by Sue on July 31, 2013 21:39


Singing on stage to be the cause of a murder? Come on. there is more to this story!

Posted by Not the truth on July 31, 2013 23:36


There is nothing that can justify the murder of my father. He was there spending money that he didn't have to spend there .. he was just a customer who was leaving upset from a place he didn't feel gave him what he paid for.. The band then should of took a different roal as they didn't they followed my family outside the exit door where they where leaving (hello leaving out the EXIT door...) He wasn't stabed inside the salon he was killed outsid on the sidewalk... That means the band got off the stage and followed him outside (where again he was leaving) then got right up in his face and stabbed him where also my stepmom was hit by a shotgun (which they fail to mention) my brother tried to save my dad where then he was also stabbed in the arm... I mean come on since when is it ok to kill your unhappy customer...This is so low ... that other news are making it seem like my dad went to this bar picked a fight with band members .. and then dragged them outside to be stabbed by the band...)) That's the way they make it seem... Hey its all about keeping it on the low so that the next family will still come to there stupid bar to sing with a stupid band who wants to get paid but not make the customer happy.. if it wasn't for tourist they would be begging for food from us... I mean how you going justify this.. Yes Bar+Beer+people= a night spot .. Do you really think there are sober people spending money at a s*** hole of a place.. when your there you would want to relax and enjoy your Bday with your family ...I cant believe this has happened... My dad gone because of ungreatful idiots..RIP dad I love you..

Posted by Bobby Carter III on August 1, 2013 02:22


Sue, what are you gibbering about? These animals are a disgrace to all musicians. I play and run a 7-piece band (mainly made up of Thais). The guys in my band are extremely well-connected within the Thai live music scene. They will personally make sure that these people never work in music ever again.

Posted by Paul on August 1, 2013 07:49


The suspects added that they did not start the fight and that they had no intention to kill" This is not justify to kill or to baldly injured the son! whats ever who start, it can't be "self defense" unless it's proven by Camera street or photo! Maybe American are a bit Arrogant but the Thai guy are not Angel too and certainly much more arrogant when become the time to Argue! 3 Thai Guy against 2 and young Kid , i doubt those US guy's was really attempt to kill them! But as Usual after few's day's it's released on a bail, then in a few's months or years later a probably trial, if not the case lost some where in a archives, in a Other Hand Thats show also whats ever you come from and you been hosted by foreigner country DO profile low! whats ever you like it or not it's not your home, Argue at Home not and ever outside unless you have sufficient knowledge about the local ! at any country in a world a Local will make you understand whats is local in a worse way ! This is whats Happen last night ! Stupid Attitude cost one LIFE! R-I-P

Posted by Raider on August 1, 2013 12:17


Bobby, I am sorry about your families loss. I am a friend of your fathers from China. There are so many holes in the stories on the other sites. Your father was a happy go lucky man. A fun person to hang around with. And a great friend. And since I knew him from China, I know he was respectful of the local culture. I am sure he was equally as respectful in thailand. This is tragic, I am disgusted and the world is missing a great person. My heart goes out to you, your stepmom, sister and I hope your brother recovers soon. You have people who know the truth.

Posted by Luke on August 3, 2013 10:42


A very sad and unfortunate story. But a word of advise to other travellers. Thailand is not America or Europe! In our countries, if we are not satisfied with a service or product, we complain and demand our money back, or demand fair treatment. In other countries including Thailand, this is taken as great offence and worthy of violence. I find Thailand to be one of the safest travel destinations in the world, but have seen first hand, what the outcome of disrespect for the locals can cause.

Posted by Dave on August 4, 2013 08:00


It is always at Long Horn All the serious violence happens.

Posted by Anonymous on August 5, 2013 03:36

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