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The 'Evil Man from Krabi,' now made infamous in a YouTube music video

'Evil Man From Krabi' Video: Justice Delayed

Thursday, October 25, 2012
PHUKET: A father's YouTube video song campaign for justice for his daughter, who says she was raped earlier this year at her nineteenth birthday party in Krabi, is likely to bring a quick reaction.

'Evil Man from Krabi' could become popular viewing in Europe and severely damage Thailand's reputation as a safe tourist destination.

In Krabi, a neighboring province to Phuket, police this year have already failed to determine the cause of the mystery deaths of two tourists, young Canadian sisters Noemi and Audrey Belanger, on the holiday island of Phi Phi.

The fuss being created by a Dutch father's anger at bail and freedom being granted to an alleged ''raperman'' and tourist guide could damage Krabi tourism even more.

Mystery deaths and rapes are not desirable at any tourist destination. Krabi's image also suffered earlier this year when a young German tourist had her thumb cut off in an attack in Krabi Town.

International attention will now focus on the alleged rape and the father's protest song, a unique response that could even trigger a change in approach in such cases.

It's not unusual for courts in Thailand to grant bail in rape cases, even where the person involved is also accused of inflicting a vicious beating.

The Deputy Commander of Krabi Police, Colonel Jongrak Timthong, said today that officers had not given the suspect bail, but that he later denied the charge in court and was granted bail.

''His denial could mean that the case taken a year or perhaps even two years to be decided,'' Colonel Jongrak said.

Colonel Jongrak said that the father of the alleged victim was free to protest if he wished.

Krabi Tourism Association president Ittirit Kinglek said today that the YouTube video would inevitably create the wrong impression about tourism in Krabi.

Aimed directly at the perpetrator, The words of the song go:

Would you like to face me? We'll get you out in the wild
Would you feel the pain that you put inside my child?
Would you pray to god just to stay alive?
Would you beg him on your knees?
Would you lay aside, would you lose your mind?
Would you say 'don't hurt me please'?
Evil Man from Krabi, we're going to put him into jail

VIDEO Evil Man from Krabi

A FATHER'S angry rape case song finds an audience in a unique YouTube video protest.

The 19-year-old model told the police that she was beaten so severely that she is sure she would have died if she had not finally stopped resisting the attack.

The party to celebrate her coming birthday had been held at a bar in the tourist resort of Ao Nang, and the tour guide offered her a ride on his motorcycle back to her holiday apartment.

She was treated for her injuries at Krabi Hospital, filed a police report, then returned to the Netherlands.

The tour guide was identified from security camera footage at the bar. After being arrested, he initially confessed then denied the rape in court.

The video protest comes as tourism authorities on Phuket and around the neighboring Andaman region work at the request of PM Yingluck Shinawatra to improve tourism safety and maximise the return from tourism to Thailand's government coffers.


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Better for him to come over here and apply justice by himself, the only way to get some results.

Posted by Jean_paul Patrick on October 25, 2012 20:34


A girl raped and Phuketwan blame the video for severely damage Thailand's reputation as a safe tourist destination? Makes me vomit.

Posted by Lars on October 27, 2012 22:07

Editor Comment:

We don't ''blame'' the video for anything. I hope you managed to avoid your shoes, Lars.


show all of his face don't protect bad man

Posted by zChoPiNz on November 12, 2012 15:42

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