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Taxi driver and confessed Phuket rapist Suksan Mornanron yesterday

Phuket Taxi Driver Confesses to Raping, Beating, Robbing Victim

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
PHUKET: An illegal Phuket taxi driver accused of rape admitted yesterday that he punched his victim in the stomach and beat her up before forcing himself upon her.

Police from Phuket City nabbed Suksan Mornanron, 31, originally from Krabi, about 1.30pm yesterday.

They found in his possession 4000 baht in cash an ATM card, ID, two necklaces and other items belonging to his victim.

Khun Suksan confessed that he met the woman and took her to the Happy Inn Hotel on Monday night.

When she said she did not want to go home with him, Khun Suksan punched her in the stomach and forced her into his car.

Later, he said, the woman fought back and so he bit her finger and tied her hands with electric cord.

He raped her and stole her belongings at a small ''love'' hotel. Police were continuing to question Khun Suksan yesterday.


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why would you show the victims ID card? real tasteless ED. it shows what garbage of a newsline you are. lets see your mug shot.

Posted by johnny to be good on March 6, 2013 09:07

Editor Comment:

If you can identify the victim from our photograph, you have world's best eyesight. As we always do, we checked first. Maybe it's about time you did too, johnny to be good, formerly jimmy, johnny, john, and seldom the author of anything

The matter is hereby closed.


ID is present but you can't read it, unless you have superhuman powers in reading something that is evidently unreadable.

BTW Johnny, if this website is gabage as you so describe, then why are you bothering to visit this website at all ? Surely there must be other news websites that are willing to tolerate your tasteless comments ?

Posted by reader on March 6, 2013 13:03


Its ok to show id and photo of criminals !!!
Maybe scared many to not do the crime !!!
Should be same here in sweden and rest of europe !!!

Posted by j??rgen48 on March 6, 2013 14:17

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