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The father of an alleged rape victim wrote a song of protest at injustice

'Evil Man From Krabi' Concerns Grow

Saturday, November 10, 2012
PHUKET: Efforts being made to contain the damage to Thailand's tourism industry caused by the 'Evil Man from Krabi' rape case were not working especially well tonight.

Police in the appealingly beautiful Thai province posted a video on YouTube to explain their approach in pursuing an allegation that a Thai tour guide raped a 19-year-old Dutch tourist.

By late tonight, the police account had attracted 303 views. The YouTube song 'Evil Man From Krabi,' posted weeks ago by the young woman's angry father, a songwriter and musician, had tallied 362,764 views.

Resorts in Krabi are reporting damaging cancellations of holidays because a court granted bail to the tour guide accused of severely beating then raping the young Dutch woman.

What the Krabi police had to say about the case through an unnamed spokesman made sense - but the video was in Thai, not in English.

In the new video, the Krabi police spokesman makes the point that police opposed bail for the tour guide, that Krabi was generally a safe place to holiday, and that the same Thai laws were applied regardless of whether those involved were Thai or from overseas.

The concern of tourists who are turning their backs on Krabi appears to be that despite the severity of the accusations, the tour guide has been freed on bail by a Thai court.

In the West, people accused of crimes involving a severe beating and rape are seldom allowed bail. The opposite appears to be true in Thailand, where many Westerners come to holiday.

The issue has been compounded by reports today of a comment by Thailand's Tourism Minister, Chumphol Silpa-archa.

According to 'the Nation' newspaper, the minister ''said earlier that the incident could not be considered rape.

''He quoted provincial tourism police chief, Pol Maj-General Loi Ingkhaphairoj as saying: 'The woman had dinner with the Thai suspect and a foreign man. Later, she told the foreign man to return to the hotel before heading off with the suspect.'''

The comment conflicts with what the Dutch woman and her boyfriend told Krabi police.

Whether or not the quotation is accurate, it has inflamed the situation and added fuel to growing concerns among Western women that Krabi - and Thailand in general - is not the place to go for a holiday.

Even in the Comments section under the Krabi police video on YouTube, observers were making the point that Nineteeth Century attitudes towards women should not be tolerated, in Thailand or anywhere else.

johninthai wrote: ''In Western society it is quite normal for a man and woman to have drinks together as friends and without the man thinking that he has the right to assault her because he thought 'she liked him!'

''If a foreign woman has a drink with a Thai man, then this man makes sexual advances at her and she refuses, this does not give him the right to rape her ! Doesn't really matter what time at night is is or how she dresses. Ao Nang is a beach area so indeed women will wear shorts and loose clothing, guess that's why it is a beach area!

''I understand that the police arrested the suspect and the court released him on bail. So the problem here seems to be the court that grants bail way too easy ! What I find disturbing is that the police officer says that these rapes (yes there is more then one case going on with similar circumstances) always happen late at night by a suspect who befriended the victim and that both parties have been drinking!''

It could now be up to two years before the Thai tour guide - who initially confessed to the beating and the rape but changed his mind and pleaded not guilty in court and was freed on bail - faces trial.


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I see. As usual, she either:

1. Deserved/Invited a beating and rape

2. It was a misunderstanding.

Posted by fw on November 10, 2012 22:28


Considering the amount of attention this is getting it will be either:

A) The Thai Authorities are going to have to change their ways or;

B) Watch Tourism collapse.

The sad truth is it is going to take a collapse of tourism before positive action is taken and by then it will be too late.

Posted by Graham on November 10, 2012 23:03


The only video I could find that looks like it is the Krabi Police issuing a comment is here - - Is this the one? All in Thai, so don't see how it helps counter the Evil Man in Krabi video.

Posted by larry on November 11, 2012 05:09

Editor Comment:



For me, what is even scarier is that people don't realise the trust that is involved with people in power. Although being a tour guide isn't a high powered position, it is still a position of trust between the tourist and the guide.

Without this trust, many things collapse in society.

I am sure everyone loves it when a young lady talks to them and even drinks with them but like the comment said, just because this happens it doesn't mean that you now have the right to do what you want.

Despicable behaviour and I do hope this gets more international media pressure.

Posted by Tbs on November 11, 2012 08:05


Didn't you also have a headline about the Thai authorities trying to get You Tube to take the VDO down?? Good for the father for taking a stand. This is just awful!! But not surprising.. I'm still recovering from the fact that for the assault by 7 teenagers on the 2 was "resolved" by arresting only 2 criminals and not all 7.

Would be interesting to see and compare what kind of Police training police officers get. How long is the academy etc..

Posted by Vfaye on November 11, 2012 10:34

Editor Comment:

The court granted bail, against the advice of the police. Police appear to have done everything they could to apprehend and detain the suspect. As the father says in text under the video: ''Please watch and share this clip . . . it will help us to put the Raperman from Krabi into jail. This is a message against all sexual violence in this world.''


I am living in Thailand 12+ years and for 10 of those years have been happily visiting Ao Nang.... My observations would suggest that this video may be an irritant but it only masks the real reason tourists are avoiding Ao Nang. As I will from now on. Everything that made Ao Nang special is fast disappearing. Greed has taken over and the main drag which was a lovely place to meander is now a haven for annoying ladyboys, tailor touts, over priced restaurants,shops and tour operators... I stopped one night to look at the prices being charged for minibuses and taxi's... The one that stuck out most to me was a trip to Koh Lanta... 1,600 Baht! Now from Phuket to Koh Lanta with the regular mini bus service costs just 240 Baht? A 10 minute trip to Krabi 800 Baht in a taxi? A Bangkok taxi would be less than 150 Baht! And the hotels! Well for a start the hotels have brought forward the high season to Nov 1st and are charging up to 3,600 Baht for a room in a 2/3 Star hotel and they refuse to negotiate on the price. And most important the attitude of the staff is poor as it is all over Thailand now. Rude staff! Last week I booked into a hotel in Songhkla and was disgusted at the way my family were spoken to ie the dismissive up to you attitude. Anyway I could go on and on but what really shocked me was the number of Thai youths on the streets and the threatening attitude... I was approached by a youth in his 20's just before 2am who blocked my way on the street who said with a broad smile; "Hello I hope you have good time here in my country (In English)followed by "Foreign dog" (In Thai) He concluded in Thai "Be careful on your way back to your hotel!" And was there a police presence anywhere to be seen? No!

Posted by Nip on November 11, 2012 10:59


In the comments section it also says in Thai. "I'm waiting for these foreign buffalo's to come visit again so I can rape them some more, it's so easy. He then says in 3 or 4 months this story will be forgotten," followed by some more dribbled nonsense about breaking a cheekbone as an extra. There are a few Thais with twisted views on farangs it seems. It isn't all one-sided.

Posted by logbags on November 11, 2012 13:37


It is not uncommon in European countries for serious assaults to get bail. Only latest in Berlin, where a pack of Turkish youngsters beat to death a 20 year old guy with Asian roots, who really did not do anything but beeing in the wrong place at the wrong time. And? They got bail. Very disturbing for me.

What I really do not like or understand is the stand of the minister of tourism. "not a case of rape"? Is he the one who judges here? It is a Mitt Romney moment. 47% of all voters are suckers and now the Thai minister for tourism (also the female ones, I hope!!) declares them to be prey, as long they have dinner before.

As the Thai tourism minister seems to indicate, it is now OPEN SEASON on foreign women, after the meal of course?

WHAT A SCANDAL. Please, Ms. PM, take a stand. Make him apologies or kick him out.

Posted by Lena on November 11, 2012 14:06


quote "In the comments section it also says in Thai. "I'm waiting for these foreign buffalo's to come visit again so I can rape them some more, it's so easy."

I too read this and am not surprised at this attitude given endemic xenophobia (farang aren't human like us), a decline in adherence to Buddhist tenets (well, seriously, most of them aren't Buddhists are they), and total lack of law enforcement. It will only get worse.

Posted by findlay on November 18, 2012 10:03

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