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Tourists Escape as Storm Flips Longtail: Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga Weather Alerts

Saturday, May 11, 2013
PHUKET: Small boat skippers in the Phuket region are being warned to check storm forecasts after a longtail boat was overturned in a squall today.

The longtail - a traditional coastal vessel - had just dropped off five tourists at a popular destination in Krabi when strong winds and waves flipped the boat soon after noon.

The daylight storm off Ao Nang and the nearby popular landmark of Thale Waerk followed heavy waves that caused overnight damage among 25 boats anchored off a beach on the nearby island of Phi Phi.

While conditions vary slightly between the Andaman tourist provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi, the onset of the monsoon season produces sudden, intense squalls in all three provinces.

On Phuket, heavy rain is considered to be a possibility to fall tomorrow - and its predicted to grow more intense for Monday's long weekend public holiday.

In Phang Nga, similar conditions are likely to prevail. Already, small boats in Phang Nga have been warned not to venture out on Monday.

In Krabi, there's a 10 percent likelihood of heavy rain tomorrow, rising to 40 percent on Monday.

Tourists in the region are advised to make their own decisions about safety and postpone day trips if conditions seem not ideal.


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'Monday's long weekend holiday?

Posted by Sam W on May 12, 2013 12:48

Editor Comment:

Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day


Just to share my weekend experience heading out to Phi Phi on a day trip. No one in the company told us about the big waves, about the squalls that had crashed boats. At 9.15 am all 300 of us headed out to seas in our various speedboat. My speedboat was a 5-engine craft, 11 rows x 2 columns, captain made all of us squeeze into 4 pax per seat, total capacity of the tour that day: 106 pax. 106 pax in ONE speedboat. There were only 3 life jackets per seat. I didn't get one the entire day as there was not enough.
The waves were torturous all day, guests were all throwing up and it was hell. I can't imagine any of them going home with fond memories of Phi Phi.
Funny thing, no farangs were on our boats, only Chinese, Koreans, Japanese Thais and Indians. The ones who would not make any major complaints. While other 3 engine speedboats were carrying farangs, only 20 - 25 pax per boat. Mine felt like a refugee boat in comparison.
And as if the tides were not bad enough, the captain had fun racing with another speedboat on the way back, drenching the entire boat and eliciting screams which only seem to amused the crew and encourage them to try even more daring stunts. I swear at one point the boat angled more than 60 degrees on an uptide before we crashed down. Amazing thing, the guide dared ask for tip at the end, saying that twenty baht and coins were not accepted, only hundred baht onwards, and insulted the Indians who gave twenty baht tips. Amazing Thailand.
I am naming the company, Anda Waree. I hope the authorities look into this company before another tragedy takes place this monsoon season.

Posted by May on May 13, 2013 10:10

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