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US crew are the innocent victims of another  display of  Phuket greed

Phuket's Greed and Lack of Care Must Unite China, the US and Europe

Thursday, May 30, 2013
News Analysis

PHuKET: How typical of Phuket that the massive nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and the warship USS Princeton should become pawns in an argument about money.

Even if the blame for the latest Phuket indignity lies with the contracted marine service group, it's Phuket's reputation that is being shredded.

How much more thoughtless and irresponsible can people on Phuket get?

While the wrangle goes on, it's the innocent US servicemen and women who are being fleeced in a new way by Phuket's tuk-tuk and taxi drivers.

It may not be a problem created by the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers - but it's certainly their greed we are now seeing in action once again.

Want to get to Patong, sailor? That will be 2000 baht for you and your friends. Want to get back at 2am? Maybe 4000 baht, if you're lucky.

It has taken Phuket to bring superpower rivals China and America together to agree: Phuket stands for trouble, Phuket stands for corruption, Phuket stands for greed.

We hope the US Ambassador does what China's Ambasador did this week and holds a public meeting to tell the Phuket authorities and the Phuket media exactly what she thinks of Phuket.

The absence of ''duty of care'' on this international tropical holiday island not only puts lives needlessly at risk. It also reflects shamefully on some greedy locals and their wish-washy administrators.

While most tourists keep coming and manage to enjoy themselves, those with two eyes and a nose can see and smell the problems that Phuket's so-called leaders ignore.

Phuket needs a major shakeup, an overhaul that sorts out all the problems before its once-bright future is tarnished forever.

We hope the US joins with China and Europe and demands immediate changes. The alternative for them all is simple: lift anchor and sail on to somewhere else.


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What is strange is the 2 largest media newspapers in bangkok do not write any article about the blockade which is a diplomatic issue as US Servicemen did a courtoiy and friendly visit to Phuket and official in Phuket.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on May 30, 2013 16:44

Editor Comment:

They're probably just slow.


The more people that read this the better, at LAST someone is calling it is what it is! GREED pure & simple

Posted by eezergood on May 30, 2013 17:24


- Whistle-Blower

My thoughts exactly. Not a word about these incidents and even in the light of the German prisoner slipping out of the transit area at BKK, not a word about what happened to the French couple here at PIA.

There's so much reporting on PW I'd love to see hit the mainstream news and I've been sending them links to the articles.

In the big scheme of things I guess Phuket doesn't matter much after all. Too bad. Can't fix problems you don't even know (or want to know) exist.

Posted by ThaiMike on May 30, 2013 17:30


What's sad as well is that the general work they were going to do as volunteers will be cut short if it happens at all.

Posted by Lost In Translation on May 30, 2013 18:25


Well said Mr M it just beggars belief killing the golden goose again

Posted by Scunner on May 30, 2013 19:17


The servicemen being stranded in Patong is a serious breach of port security. I'm surprised that the navey crew is not looked after better as to depend on Thai transport they should have their own security aproved transport for safety reasons.

Posted by Jimmy Rawai on May 30, 2013 20:07


I would like to thank Phuketwan for bringing many controversial articles to the world. Many on here are moaners including myself sometimes but let us remember that Phuket has many postive points, generally very safe, great beaches, fantastic diving, tasty food and of course the lovely petite Thai ladies. The most positive country I have lived in is Australia (QLD) and I think that we also need postive news. Not just at PW but also on CNN, BBC etc. Thank you PW.

Posted by Lost In Translation on May 30, 2013 22:13

Editor Comment:

The positive news will come when the problems - corruption, rip-offs, lack of care - are solved. The rest is just puffery. The Chinese Ambassador, the US Ambassador and Europe's Ambassadors believe a few improvements are need before Phuket is perfect. So do we.


when there are no warships and no tourists the taxis wont be able to figure out why.

Posted by slickmelb on May 30, 2013 23:21


I find it a little too coincidental that the bus drivers all of a sudden claim they haven't been paid / stop work and the tuk tuk drivers are now all making some big bucks... it's not rocket science to work out, is it?? Just goes to show once again, who rules this beautiful island - so sad for not only Phuket but for all of Thailand.

Posted by Dave on May 31, 2013 05:21


I hope this newsletter gets to the Governor's desk and other important officials, and in the Thai language.

Posted by Plastik bin Lina on May 31, 2013 08:42


Well done - your reporting will make a differerence , and the regular (moaning) readers comments are very funny :)

Posted by John on May 31, 2013 08:54


Great point Dave. Avoiding speculation at this point it should be easy to follow the money trail and if they were in fact paid what led to this mess and the cash windfall directed towards the 'heroes' that stepped in to save the day. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the corruption...we may never know.

Posted by Jon on May 31, 2013 09:18

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