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Time for celebration tonight as Phuket FC rejoins the winners

Phuket FC Break Through for 2-0 Victory in Local Derby

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
PHUKET: A bumper crowd would have been overjoyed to see Phuket FC win 2-0 tonight after a loss and four draws.

Most pleased of all would have been coach Panipol Kerdyaem, whose job was on the line, according to some disillusioned fans.

At Phuket FC's last home game, irate fans called for his resignation. Last night, as so often happens in football, all was sweetness and light.

Phuket started the deby against neighbors Krabi FC lacking a star or two, out through injury. And for the first half, it appeared as if their lousy fortune would continue.

At the 53 minute mark, though, Phuket finally scored through Geoffrey Doumeng. A second goal followed, with Chana Sonwiset scoring at the 80 minute mark.

Phuket were fifth before tonight's clash and the win will keep them in the hunt for promotion from First Division to Premier League.

A few more victories, though will help.

Krabi player Ju Myeong Gyu was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City for a checkup after a physical challenge on Phuket's goalkeeper.

A large crowd of 3650 for a midweek game watched the derby.

Phuket FC's Route to the Top: The Story So Far

Round 13 Phuket FC 2-0 Krabi FC
Round 12 Trat FC 3-3 Phuket FC
Round 11 Phuket FC 2-2 Rayong FC
Round 10 Ayutthaya FC 1-1 Phuket FC
Round Nine Phuket FC 1-1 Singh Tarua FC
Round Eight Airforce 2-1 Phuket FC
Round Seven Phuket FC 1-0 Khon Khaen FC
Round Six Nakhom Pathom 0-0 Phuket FC
Round Five Phuket FC 1-0 Ratcha Navy FC
Round Four TTM Lopburi FC 0-1 Phuket FC
Round Three Phuket FC 3-1 Sriracha Suzuki FC
Round Two Phuket FC 2-2 Bangkok FC
Round One BB-CU FC 1-1 Phuket FC


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