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New Phuket Governor Jamleran, island born and ''Brave enough to change''

'Brave Enough to Change' Man Returns

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
PHUKET: Phuket is to gain a new governor from next month, Cabinet decided today. He is Jamleran Tipayapongtada, a former vice governor of the island where he was born.

He is the man responsible for Phuketwan's motto, "Brave enough to change."

Then Vice Governor Jamleran delivered the quote in tackling Phuket's problems back in 2013.

He told the Mayor of Karon: ''Are you brave enough to try to fix this problem here? Are you brave enough to change?''

The answer has yet to be delivered.

Nevertheless, Phuketwan liked the sentiment so much that we adopted it as our motto, replacing ''Sweet Phuket Every Day.''

The crusade continues.

Vice governor Jamleran did have some success, clearing Kata beach from night restaurants. It is believed he may be the man whose job it becomes to decide the future of all of Phuket's beaches.

He has been vice governor of Nakohon Pathom province since late last year.

Governor Nisit Jansomwong is moving to Nonthaburi province, close to Bangkok, after one year in the Phuket role. His transfer was part of the twice-yearly movement of governors and other officials around Thaiand.


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Happy to hear that. Any change from the current situation is good.

Posted by Herbert on September 8, 2015 14:16


Let's hope he really is brave enough to change, let's start with the absurb 10% rule and the jetskis and go from there !

Posted by Discover Thainess on September 8, 2015 14:51


Alan, is K. Jamleran the first Phuket-born Guv? It may mean significant differences. Hope springs eternal...

Perhaps the present governor could apply his crazy 10% on-and-off rules in his next governance and see just how popular they are with normal Thai people. Oh, and on the way out could he please take his friends, the jet-ski people, with him?

Posted by Sam Wilko on September 8, 2015 19:10

Editor Comment:

I am not sure, Sam. Phuket's governors can be divided between those who have had experience as vice governors on the island and those who haven't. It's one of the most difficult assignments, either way. Most governors have said: ''I didn't realise there were so many problems.'' The will is there to solve them. But it will take someone who doesn't settle for compromise to do it.


Good to hear that the present governor can go to apply his 10% sunbeds zone in Bangkok, there it will not hurt the tourism. He can take his jetski friends with him and let them disturb the people on the chao praya with there engines.
Lets hope that the new one is business minded and bring us back sunbeds in a regulated way, tourists and prosperity to the island for all .

Posted by Eric on September 8, 2015 19:49

Editor Comment:

''Business minded'' is not what Phuket needs, Eric. Too many businesses, from the beach vendors to rich developers, are all about self-interest and greed. Phuket's future needs to be decided by people who want to preserve its beauty, not make money from it. That cuts the field considerably.


Yes Alan. This time it's different as K. Jamleran is fully cognizant of the island's problems. That's why I wrote/quoted: "Hope springs eternal".

Good luck to him - it's a bloody difficult job.


Posted by Sam Wilko on September 8, 2015 19:59


this guy is in for a arduous road ahead as the scams and corruption have been entrenched decades so deep its considered standard business practice I wish him well in all his endeavors.

Posted by slickmelb on September 8, 2015 22:05


I am excited by the news. With his background and experience there will be no time wasted on the learning curve, nor on building the necessary relationships. He will know who the power brokers are, who is greased up, who has the power, and more importantly, what the key issues are. I anticipate that this governor will hit the ground running, and will have zero tolerance for blackmail, intimidation and misappropriating of public land. Phuketwan ran a wonderful piece on 23-Dec-2012; "Phuket Vice Governor Demands Action to Save One-Stop 'White Elephant'", by Chutima Sidasathian. A classic line from the article was the quote from the vice governor when he said, ''We can't have this,Phuket's money is being wasted and nothing is being done.'' Very good news and I hope that naysayers and doomsayers alike rally to his support and help him do what needs to be done. I have a feeling the head of the Marine 5 police unit won't be thrilled with the return of "Mr. Clean" as the former vice governor was not a fan of jetskis.

Posted by Ryan on September 9, 2015 07:33

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