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Nikki Urges Patrons to Find Love and Peace

Nikki Urges Patrons to Find Love and Peace

Monday, September 7, 2015
PHUKET: Nikki Beach Club Phuket closed in advance of yesterday's Sunday brunch and management has so far been coy about future plans. Various rumors have yet to be laid to rest.

A notice on the beach club's Facebook page simply said: ''To our Nikki Beach friends and family, we want to let you know that our Phuket location is currently closed. Please join us for love, peace and the celebration of life at our other location in Koh Samui, or at any of our other ten locations around the world.''

Efforts by Phuketwan reporters to establish what's going on have failed so far. Nobody was answering the Nikki telephone number.

Another cryptic Facebook message from the management said: ''We're doing everything to resolve these matters.''

A spokesman for the brand's legal representatives had nothing to say.

Among many rumors is one that the beach club is renovating and could rebrand.

Nikki has been perceived as popular, despite complaints of noise carrying through an adjoining national park and an incident with a young elephant at a pool party.

Back in 2012, Commercial Real Estate Developer, The Castlewood Group Singapore, announced they were expanding the world-renowned lifestyle brand, Nikki Beach, in Asia, commencing with a Hotel, Spa and Beach Club in Phuket in 2013. Nikki Beach which has already seen massive success with its Koh Samui Beach club which opened 2009, plans to operate and expand its brand with Castlewood Group in Singapore, Koh Samui (hotel property), Bali, Langkawi and Hai Nan - potential investors will have the opportunity to own a slice of one of the hottest and exclusive properties which attracts celebrities and trendsetters alike.

Castlewood Group CEO Chris Comer said: ''We are delighted to contribute to the expansion of this hugely exciting and successful brand in Asia and offer our investors the chance to become part of the Nikki Beach lifestyle. The Nikki Beach Club plus The Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa in Bang Tao, Phuket will be our first offering to the market and will comprise a five-star hotel with 151 luxurious suites and a mix of 23 sky villas and exclusive villas all with private pools and gardens.

''In addition there is a 45 m free form swimming pool, roof top infinity pool with bar and lounge overlooking an external yoga area. Combined with the glamour of the Nikki Beach Club this will be the place to be seen in Phuket."

The beach club did not open until 2014 on Layan Beach, Bangtao, but since then it has been seen as extremely successful, at least in brand exposure.

The marketing launch brochure reported as follows: ''Modeled after the same stylish and contemporary look and feel as all of the brand's locations around the world, Nikki Beach Phuket is adorned in plush, all-white sun beds, chic drapery and their trademark teepees located throughout the property.

''Guests are able to spend their days and evenings indulging in refreshing cocktails, endless champagne and an extensive menu of delectable dishes featuring signature tastes and spices representative of all the countries Nikki Beach is located including delicious salads, creative sushi rolls, original seafood entrees and slow-roasted free-range rotisserie chicken.

''The oceanfront beach club & restaurant includes a pool, indoor & outdoor dining options, opium beds and 4 bars. Nikki Prive, the brand's ultra-VIP lounge, is located on the 2nd floor of the main building and is able to accommodate up to 70 guests for private events, dinners & celebrations and also includes a deck that can accommodate an additional 60 guests.

''Phuket has always been on our priority list of great locations for Nikki Beach and with 5 successful years in Koh Samui, the opening of Nikki Beach Phuket is a great accomplishment for our growing brand.

''We are so proud to be opening our second location in Thailand. The beaches (in Thailand) are magnificent,'' says Jack Penrod, Founder & Owner of Nikki Beach Worldwide.

''We look forward to welcoming both our loyal and new customers to experience the amazing cuisine, service and ambiance found at all the Nikki Beach locations around the world at Nikki Beach Phuket,'' adds Bruce Hanrahan, Regional Director of Nikki Beach Thailand.


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Ghastly place in the wrong location.

Posted by john clubber on September 7, 2015 13:11


Good news, perhaps all these club owners should show some respect and have the music at a level that does not disturb everyone else. At Surin Beach yesterday afternoon the noise was out of control at one club. The clubs are a great addition for sure offering good employment etc, just show some basic manners for others and everyone will be happy.

Posted by Show some respect on September 7, 2015 13:36


The landlord will reopen in six weeks under there own brand

Posted by Expat on September 7, 2015 13:51


Fantastic news. Now discerning tourists and local Thai families can enjoy hearing the sound of the sea again.

Posted by Anonymous on September 7, 2015 14:11


Nikki won't be missed, and what is touted as a "chic and stylish" facility was thrown as fast as possible, with crap design. Throw in the fact that the thumping syntho beat pulses through the National Park, and you have one of the most obnoxious places in Phuket.

Posted by Richard Vickers on September 7, 2015 15:55


I felt that Nikki spoilt what used to be one of my favourite areas in Phuket, Layan. I for one won't miss it.

Posted by Michael on September 7, 2015 20:30


In comparison with such locations as Miami, Phuket definitely lack a mass of easy-spenders on that scale, there is no market for,say, a table with minimum charge 2,000USD, and Phuket Nikki Beach clearly exposed that as although, of course, not being the cheapest place, it was perfectly affordable to any average tourist who is OK with average European/US prices.
Average tourist in Phuket, incl.Europeans and North Americans, are such petty miser - that of course reflects on their average financial status - if nightclubs and similar establishments in Europe would be full of such patrons,who are at ease to spend at least 100-200EUR per night out per head, they would go bankrupt in a week.

Issue of noise is left unresolved: any other beach club or whatever, can continue to create noise there;
and that's because planning&zoning regulations for that area are of such poor quality - as in general on Phuket. Planning&zoning local laws are primary tools to resolve such issue, to ascretain in greta details what can be done in some particular areas, and what is limited or prohibited.
To identify such issues as daytime noise, first, there is a need for a technical competence on subject, and the second, yes, political will to to balance interests of stakeholders..

Posted by Sue on September 8, 2015 02:20


Historically Phuket was marketed internationally as a cheap place to come. Cost-effective. Value for money. Today, that no longer holds true, however, it is still marketed that way to some degree. The second positioning of Phuket was that it is part of Thailand with the emphasis being on all things Thai - the smile, the culture, the food.

It's easy for us farang "locals" to laugh at such, listen to the bar talk, but Phuket still have lots of the Thai elements many of us enjoyed when we first arrived. Perhaps they are harder to find today than in the past, but they are there. And this is where the like of Nikki Beach, in my opinion fail. I don't believe tourists come so far (referring here to Western tourists) to experience what they can back home. They are here for something different.

I won't be sad to see Nikki Beach go, but I will be sad if it is replace by more of the same under a different name.

Posted by Duncan on September 8, 2015 08:19


I posted a comment here last night (Sept 7) regarding the story about Nikki Beach. Why hasn't it been posted, yet others have been?

Posted by Paradise on September 8, 2015 09:58

Editor Comment:

You failed to add value, Paradise.


There is a sign up pinned to a palm tree beach side saying under renovation and opening soon from the Management at '8 over 8 Co. Ltd'

Posted by Anon on September 9, 2015 17:27

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