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Private marinas contradict the principle of a public coastline

Phuket's Private Marinas Defy Principle That All Coast is Public, Meeting Told

Saturday, August 2, 2014
PHUKET: The marinas around Phuket's coast were probably illegal because they took public space and turned it to private use, a meeting heard this week.

Lawyer Sutha Prateep Na Thalang, a member of the Chalong Bay Preservation Group, said Phuket's coast was governed by a variety of bodies with different powers and little coordination.

The Marine 5 office controlled the beaches but was unable to enforce regulations, he said.

''If you stay in a forest the Forest Department takes care,'' he said. ''If you stay in a national park the National Parks department takes care.

''But local councils look after the beaches and they do not have the power of enforcement,'' he said.

Phuket had grown without planning, he said.

As a result, opportunism had taken hold, Khun Sutha told a gathering of about 300 people at a seminar on Phuket's coastal issues at Prince of Songkhla University.

He said piers were for the public but marinas were for private use and their development contravened the principle of keeping the entire coast available to the public.


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Whooosh. That's the sound of foreign investment evaporating.

Posted by The Night Mare on August 2, 2014 20:04


Um where do they propose the marinas are put then? If they wana use logic like that then, what about the deep sea port?

Posted by A local on August 2, 2014 22:04


Pfttt...! The resulting sound of brainless utterings. The Thai xenophobic reaction again. Before the foreigners came, the coast was the least valued land. Now that it has value, lets kick out the foreigners.
On a square meter basis, marinas return absolutely the most money to the Thais and governnment. Also, Marinas are located in not so desirable coasts, not prime beaches. Boat Lagoon is inland, Yacht Haven is on rock and so is Ao Po. Also, ask the locals if they would like to get rid of their biggest local employer. Following this logic, lets kick out the Sea Gypsys, the Thai Navy, all the long tails in Phi Phi etc... Like I said, brainless.

Posted by earmuffs on August 2, 2014 23:28


Yes, marinas are for private use for those who pay ... but everybody have access, should they wish to use the facilities, then they pay what's the problem ?

Posted by Sailor on August 3, 2014 00:17


With crews not getting the correct Visas issued and regulary having problems at the borders and Customs rules of the yachts changing daily...I am sure that yachts will be dissapearing to Langkawi soon anyway so the "illegal" marinas will be empty anyway !

Posted by Captain on August 3, 2014 06:04


Most Phuket marinas are Thai owned so the xenophobic argument is pretty pointless. Commonsense, however, is severely lacking by those that lump marinas in with beach and land encroachment and illegal businesses on public land. Huge difference. Sounds like some official trying the old diversionary tactic again to avoid addressing the real issues.

Posted by Duncan on August 3, 2014 08:55

Editor Comment:

What xenophobic argument?


Ed, I was referencing @earmuffs' argument. Oops, didn't make that clear.

Posted by Duncan on August 3, 2014 11:03


Private marine should be approved only if they give free access to public and keep 30% or more of those moorings for local tour operators at fair prices.
Today many dive liveaboard boat operators have no place to keep their boats during the monsoon period because private marinas are too expensive.
Fishermen in Phuket have public ports and piers at cheap prices but those working in tourism industry get no help from local governments to provide decent moorings in public marinas in Phuket because we do not have a single public marina in Phuket which is a shame.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 3, 2014 12:00


@WB, yes a public marina administered by the Phuket Government, that would be a great idea ...maybe they should locate it at the west coast to facilitate for the ferry service the authorities long for between the airport, Patong and beyond...this will be a unique opportunity and showcase for the Andaman region.

Posted by Sailor on August 3, 2014 14:15

Editor Comment:

The west coast is considered by most good judges to be too rough at some times of the year for a marina, Sailor.


@Whistle-Blower your public marina is in Chalong. Put your boat there if you dare.

Posted by Duncan on August 3, 2014 15:15


@ Sailor and Phuketwan
Chalong Bay would be the best of the best place to have a public marina with half for the tour boat operators with full access by cars, minibus and bus along the quays and the other half for private yacht.
We have many years ago had meeting about it but greedy local administrators did not like it and did a one-stop-center with a useless marina.
perhaps with the Royal Thai Navy 3 in charge of Phuket, something may change if tour boat operators were asking to have one public marina in Chalong.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 3, 2014 15:28


But the Marinas ARE open to the public. I have visited Boat Lagoon and Royal Phuket Marina for coffee and lunch/dinner. I could walk around and watch the boats, no problem.

Posted by christian on August 3, 2014 22:38

Editor Comment:

Surely nobody needs to explain to you the difference between ''public'' and ''private, but accessible to the public''? Did you fail to notice the ''private'' homes attached to the marina? Do you think the owner built the marina (a) out of the kindness of his heart, as a donation to local marine welfare or (b) to make a profit?

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