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Dressed as a human, the gibbon photographed on Phi Phi recently

Tourists Can End Phi Phi's Gibbon Shame, Say Phuket Activists

Friday, September 13, 2013
PHUKET: Animal rights activists are disturbed by the mistreatment of a gibbon on the popular tourist island of Phi Phi and want to save the creature from harm.

The photograph above has been posted on the Facebook page of Phuket's Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, a highly successful operation now restoring gibbons to the wild.

A message posted with the photograph urges residents or tourists to contact authorities if they see the gibbon, which has been dressed as a human and is most likely being used by a tout for ''photo opportunities'' involving a fee.

Gibbons were once used as photo props for tourist on Phuket, especially in the west coast tourist hub of Patong, but are seldom seen there these days.

Instead, protected slow lorises, cute but out of place in the Soi Bangla walking street, are used by touts in place of gibbons.

A Facebook message posted with the photograph says: ''This is going on right now on Phi Phi island out of Krabi province. It is illegal to use gibbons as photo props or pets and because these animals are always taken from the wild, the wild populations have plummeted by more than 50 percent in the last 30 years.

''Please help spread the message not to particiapte in this to all your friends and family! If you witness wildlife used for entertainment whilst in Thailand - report it to the authorities at


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Headline: Photo evidence - Phuketwan Editor spotted on Phi Phi - Proof the comments are written by a monkey with a keyboard

Have a nice day bashing your readers!

Posted by Haha on September 13, 2013 07:20

Editor Comment:

Oh no, another Phuket intellectual.


This is a real pet hate of mine, some of the most shameful money grabbing antics ever. Still, only last week, the Loris's were proudly displayed for all to see...

Posted by paul on September 13, 2013 08:30


@haha - you know people like you really bother me. Here PW print an important story about the mistreatment of an animal and instead of being constructive you offer some ridiculous comment.

Posted by Ciaran on September 13, 2013 09:20


Will there be someone to take care of the "Tiger Paradise" in Kathu? It does not look much better than the poor gibbon.

Posted by BeerChang on September 13, 2013 10:10

Editor Comment:

The tigers are well-cared for and born in captivity. They would not survive in the wild. Gibbons have to be patiently educated before being released into the jungle.


Only tourists can fix the illegal animal problem? Because you can't count on the actual authorities to do their job and enforce any law. Last night I saw 2 senior officers walk unknowingly into a group of loris touts. The touts didn't see them coming. They took one look, turned around and grabbed every ladyboy in the area and took them in for processing. It was so obvious to everyone that was looking, it was shameful.

Posted by rc on September 13, 2013 11:25


Ed, your comment about the tigers is not humane, just because they are born in captivity does not mean they should be subjected to a totally alien life to a tiger. Stop the breeding for this purpose or even better breed tigers that have no human contact and introduce them back into the wild. Money is the sole purpose of tiger "touching places" not the care of the animal. @Haha get a life and stop showing your low IQ on sites like this or any where else you missed the point.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on September 13, 2013 12:29

Editor Comment:

Do you eat other animals, FF? Even been to a slaughterhouse? Humans domesticate animals of all kinds, rightly or wrongly. And the ''wild'' is disappearing.


@HaHa, you are a jerk. Grow up, or go home.

Posted by Anonymous on September 13, 2013 17:09


@haha what a mug you are

Posted by darren walker on September 13, 2013 22:05

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