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The wounded man is escorted to a waiting ambulance in Patong last night

Phuket Expat Slashes Throat in Patong Cry for Help

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
PHUKET: A Swiss man attempted to slash his throat in a cry for help on Phuket last night, his Thai wife said today.

The man, who inflicted three cuts with a blunt kitchen knife, suffered from depression and sometimes felt neglected, his wife told Patong police and doctors.

Officers quickly reported the incident to Phuket Governor Maitree Intrusud. He has asked to be told about every incident in which expats and tourists are involved.

The man's wife told police that she arrived home at their Nanai district apartment about 7.30pm to find her husband slumped in the toilet, bleeding profusely.

They had been together for four years, she said. Her husband was a ''nice man'' but she had to give him warmth all the time to stave off noi jai, she said.

Photographs taken at the time showed the man sitting on the toilet in a pool of blood.

He was treated at Patong Hospital then transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City, where he was admitted.

The man's wounds did not appear to be life-threatening. ''It's not the first time he has done this,'' she said. ''His time is spent trying to stay cheerful.''

Phuketwan has been given the 58-year-old man's name but is withholding it, to assist with his recovery.

People on Phuket suffering from depression are advised to talk to family or friends or discuss the issue with a doctor.


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Depression is a very ugly thing and understanding and compassion in this complicated illness is needed.
I always wonder what the mental health care in Thailand is, even in the west it still has a stigma.

Posted by Tbs on September 11, 2013 11:59


Unless you have experienced depression it is a very difficult illness to convey. Commonly, rumination of negative thoughts and resultant physiological effects such as the fall of serotonin [neurotransmitter] levels in the brain plunge the sufferer into a black abyss. Imagine trying to haul yourself out of an abandoned mine shaft when physically paralyzed. Thoughts of suicide present as a alternative and can progress as a perceived real solution. Self medication with alcohol and drugs are triggers to the severe onset of depression. Depression happens over time and grinds you down. Social stigma exists but like many issues is just a result of lack of understanding. It does not discriminate, is triggered by many and varied causes but manifests itself severely inhibiting mental and physical functioning.
Recovery also takes time through medication, therapy and learning self management. Optimistically, 80% of sufferers can recover from depression given help and support. I admire the Swiss man's wife in instinctively offering warmth which I feel is a natural trait of Thai people. I sincerely hope this man can get the professional help he needs. He is not alone and my thoughts are with him and his wife.

Posted by Pe-Terr on September 11, 2013 21:56


Many, many people have issues and need help. Hopefully, some sort of multilingual help hotline could be developed in the future to assist those in need.

I suspect that there are plenty of people, once properly trained, who would like to be part of a hotline team to give distressed people an ear to listen.

Posted by Anonymous on September 11, 2013 23:08

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