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Richard Collins: Stabbed in a rage by a jealous husband

Taxi Driver Who Killed Begins Murder Sentence

Friday, September 27, 2013
PHUKET: A taxi driver in Krabi was finally due this week to start serving a 15-year sentence for the stabbing murder of a tourist committed in March, 2005.

Briton Richard Collins, 35, was killed by Uthain Duangnoi who admitted the crime - yet remained free on bail until this week.

His initial sentence of 15 years was halved on appeal, but Yvonne Hart, the mother of Richard Collins, was shocked at the shortness of the sentence.

This week, after successive appeals by both sides, the Thai Supreme Court ruled in her favor, the Hereford Times reported.

''I am absolutely delighted that our appeal has been upheld because it's been a long, hard struggle,'' she told the newspaper. ''I am just so thrilled.''

Ms Hart said she is still disappointed with how Britain's Foreign Office has treated her family during the eight years.

She will be joining 100 other people whose relatives have been murdered abroad at a demonstration at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on October 9.

Richard, who loved rock climbing and poetry, said the newspaper, was killed when he returned to Krabi with his Thai girlfriend.

The couple checked in at the Greenery Hotel after being picked up by their friend Sunitsa Sririrot.

But when Sunitsa asked Richard to drive, her husband Uthain Duangnoi flew into a jealous rage when he saw the British man behind the wheel and he stabbed Richard to death, the newspaper said.


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'Briton Richard Collins, 35, was killed by Uthain Duangnoi who admitted the crime - yet remained free on bail until this week.'

Just WOW. Unbelievable.

Posted by Matt on September 27, 2013 22:55


This story is an affront to ones sensibilities and an abomination. This raw, unprovoked and uncontrolled act of violence is frightening.

Thank goodness that justice was pursued.


Posted by Concerned and Shocked on September 28, 2013 05:27


Why are foreigners jailed for short overstays of their visa (sometimes by only days) while Thai murders & rapists are released on bail & allowed to roam the streets? Recent shootings, murders, etc have been committed by criminals on bail.

Documented instances of Thais assaulting foreigners are numerous although the situation is treated almost as a civil matter (as opposed to criminal)and the perpetrator typically suffers no consequences.

Thai boat "captains" with expired licenses are not penalized while foreigners without proper documents are extorted and/or deported.

What's happening in Thailand? The foregoing illustrates one of the main reasons why crime and corruption have reached epidemic levels in Phuket.

Phuket's ineffective, corrupt law enforcement system and the inept legal system should be purged on a regular basis and manned with officials from other provinces.

Posted by Etters on September 29, 2013 00:27

Editor Comment:

Mostly overstayers are fined and deported, not jailed.


Ed.. Over stayers are detained, until deported or they leave under their own volition, therefore if being "detained" then jailed, by definition, - being in captivity, is correct. I think you owe Etters an apology.

Posted by DSI Watch on September 29, 2013 08:52

Editor Comment:

DSI Watch, if Effers wants an apology, Effers can speak up. No need for your usual guesswork and attempts at being a know-all when the truth is, you know very little. Phuket Prison is a jail. Police cells and Immigration cells are not. Your efforts at gaining notoriety are pathetic.


Ed..Sorry. but you are wrong here...and your attack on DSI is totally unwarranted..

The difference between a jail and a prison is that the jail is a place where a person convicted or suspected of a crime is temporarily detained while a prison is a place of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes. The most notable difference is that prison inmates have been tried and convicted of crimes, while those in jail may be awaiting trial.
In posting here both Etters and DSI are absolutely correct, yes?

Posted by Sean on September 29, 2013 09:44

Editor Comment:

Both those awaiting trial and those serving sentences are held in Phuket Prison. There is no difference between a jail and a prison,Sean. Etters and DSI are both confused, not correct. I'm not going to waste my time on this futile discussion. Most overstayers are dealt with quickly by the court and handed straight to Immigration.

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