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Mayor Keesin explains his decision to contest the 2012 election

Three Deputies Run Patong as Mayor Keesin is Ordered to Step Aside

Friday, September 27, 2013
PHUKET: Three deputy mayors have taken over the running of Patong from Mayor Pian Keesin following formal notification of his suspension in a voting fraud case filed by the Electoral Commission.

Another 17 members of Khun Pian's governing Rak Patong (Love Patong) group have also stood aside, one of the three deputies said.

Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukban confirmed today that he and two other deputies, Somvhaai Boorarak and Prasarn Yordtor, would take over the mayor's duties.

Yesterday's verdict by the Administrative Court to nullify the results of last year's mayoral poll was expected.

Back on August 18, Mayor Pian told Phuketwan that if the court backed the Electoral Commission's finding, as seemed likely, he will stand again in any fresh poll for mayor.

Discrepancies found by a Phuket investigation and passed on to the national Electoral Commission include a large number of voters who used the same address.

A letter to Patong Council on August 8 confirmed that the national Electoral Commission had supported the findings of the Phuket Electoral Office.

''I'll accept what the court says,'' Mayor Keesin told Phuketwan back then. ''I have no problem with that.''

At the age of 70, he said, any election that followed the court's decision would probably be his last.

He has no intention, he said, of encouraging his children to go into politics when he gives politics away.

Mayor Pian, a force in local politics since 1994, won the poll in early September 2012 with 4352 votes. Rival candidate Kittisan Kuru and his Patong Kawna (Patong Development) group attracted 3154 votes.


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Suspended Major Pian. That much time must be.

Patong will get the election it deserves.

A house register like a telephone book, how cool is that. Who let all the people register? Who signed off the book as it is an administration task done by a "competent official"?

Posted by Lena on September 27, 2013 16:31


Three's surely not enough, all the ground that K Pian covered, the dolphin projects at every corner and hilltop, the (non-)rolling stones on the Patong Hill no stop lookout (just before the eternal hole in the road if you're coming in). How do we sign up to help in this crisis?

Posted by juswunderin on September 27, 2013 18:08


He'll be as "uninvolved" in the local government as Thaksin is in the national government.

Posted by Buster on September 27, 2013 19:40

Editor Comment:

If you have some information to that effect, please pass it on to the Electoral Commission. if you are just guessing, please don't bore us, Buster. Pathetic guesses by uninformed expats are a waste of time.


...4352 votes for Mayor Pian and 3154 votes for his rival candidate Kittisan Kuru. Total 7.506. The two main group togheter attracted less than 50% of the total votes (Patong population over 15.000 and many votes were false). So these numbers show very clear how much the inhabitants of Patong keep us to the fate of their city...

Posted by dave on September 28, 2013 13:14

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