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Inside out: The bus comes to a rest in the living room of a Patong house

Patong Hill Bus Crash: the VIDEO Horror

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
PHUKET: Dramatic footage showing an out of control bus slamming into a house on Phuket yesterday will add pressure on authorities to improve road safety.

Phuket Pegas Bus Crashes on Patong Hill

YET ANOTHER Phuket bus comes to a sudden stop when it hits a house

The footage was taken by a security camera at Wild Kingdom Tours, which is based near the spot where the Pegas T bus hit the house at the base of Patong Hill.

Many times, buses out of control have crashed on Patong Hill or at the base of the hill. Locals believe it's just a matter of time before there's ''a big one.''

At a road safety conference on Phuket last month, experts heard that the Andaman region has the worst quality buses in all of Thailand.

The rating came from the Director of the Road Safety Group. National Health Foundation, Thanapong Jinrong.

He added that buses in use on Phuket and in nearby provinces were often second-hand and far from perfect.

''People often blame the drivers but the buses are usually not in the right condition,'' he said.

Certainly, buses with faulty tyres have previously slid off Patong Hill in the wet because they couldn't grip the road surface.

There are estimated to be 1300 large buses operating on Phuket - with only 500 registered on Phuket - and close to 3000 minivans.

Kwanrak Mengtrakul of the Collaborating Centre for Injury prevention and Safety Promotion, Khon Kaen Hospital, sais that legislation obliging buses to have seatbelts fitting is coming soon in Thailand.

''The problem is that although fitting seatbelts will be compulsory for buses and minivans, only the drivers will legally have to put them on,'' she said.

She added that there was only one place in the whole of Thailand where buses could be thoroughly checked to see that they meet international standards.

Thaland rates third in the world in terms of road deaths - but experts believe the figures for Thailand are unreported.

Many of the deaths are tourists. Rachel Cooper, a campaigning British mother on a mission, came to Thailand in April to crusade for better road safety.

Her son Felix, 19, was killed in a bus crash in Ranong province, north of Phuket, in 2010.

Ms Cooper was shocked when she discovered that the tyres on the bus were bald of tread. Good tyres were probably switched for bad after a roadworthy check, she was told.

Hoping other mothers in Thailand can avoid her anguish, she wanted to see the bus driver in court and try to have the bus company prosecuted.

The bus driver, who fled the scene and was not apprehended until March this year, was due in court in Ranong today.


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Just look at the speed the bus is going at!!!!!

Posted by phuket madness on June 5, 2013 11:44

Editor Comment:

I am sure the driver was not looking at the speedo. But he might as well have been.


I have a good tip for all bus drivers: fit an boat anchor at the back of the bus and drop it while brakes fail to work or jump off before crashing and let your passengers to their destiny.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on June 5, 2013 11:52


It's amazing no one was killed or seriously injured.
I wonder if Nice has this added attraction.

Posted by richie on June 5, 2013 12:04


Granted the roads could use improvement but the vast majority of bus accidents are a result ov poor maintenance and/or poor driving, with excessive speed a major factor. Until the buses can be properly maintained and inspected along with driver training these accidents will continue injuring/ killing passengers and innocents at the accident site.

Posted by Jerry on June 5, 2013 13:58


It seems like the control of (especially) heavy vehicles are non existing in Thailand. Even in Sweden, where we have yearly scheduled check-up of all registered vehicles, there are well known problems with breaks on buses and lorries. Breaks on heavy vehicles must be checked on a regularly basis, and often. It's as simple as that.

Posted by OJ on June 5, 2013 17:16


Given that the bus was going downhill, gravity had a part in speeding it up. Despite the mess it caused, one has to hand it to the driver who managed to avoid hitting anyone and swerving at that speed, only to come to a stop at the dead end which unfortunately is someone's house.
And frankly after the number of accidents Pegas' vehicles have caused, has anyone actually clamped down on the company for a more intense check?

Posted by May on June 5, 2013 17:38


Great bus stop. What a luck, that no people on the road malmed by the bus. Patongs luck will run out one time.

They should build a bus looping in that dead end. Enough speed for a rollercoaster it was.

Posted by Lena on June 5, 2013 20:47


Anyone can see wasnt the drivers fault it was the lounge room wall that failed its the lastest high tech braking system on phuket the ARABF-FPS
Anti Rain Anti Brake failure Fail proof System.

Posted by slickmelb on June 5, 2013 22:02

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