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Rider Dies as Minivan Hits Truck in Phuket Wet on Bypass Road

Sunday, June 2, 2013
PHUKET: A chain reaction crash on Phuket City's bypass road caused a minivan to hit a truck and a truck to hit a motorcycle, killing the rider, early today.

The pileup came in wet weather on the slippery slope that leads down to the Tesco Lotus intersection about 1.15am.

Police said that the minivan struck a six-wheel truck, which was propelled into a motorcycle.

Sittipon Konmek, 17, was killed by the impact. Three people from the minivan were taken to Phuket City hospitals for treatment.


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I don't think a chain reaction caused the crash, the minivan driver did! Please update as to the charges laid against the driver.

Posted by jimmy on June 2, 2013 11:55


I was caught in one of the heavy showers in the day last week and it was bad enough during daylight. One of the most frustrating things was the complete non adaptive behaviour to the wet conditions by some drivers even to the extent that they drive so fast and near to bikes the spray is terrible and then you can't see the small rivers covering any pot holes. This is Phuket so people do what they want and sadly people are selfish. Terrible shame for such a young person to die.

Posted by Lost In Translation on June 2, 2013 16:18


And as usual the blame goes to the rain, not to speeding drivers, people who don't keep a reasonable safety distance, or just lack of driving abilities.

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on June 2, 2013 20:35


Failure to drive at a appropriate speed to the prevailing conditions is the culprit and jimmys comment is correct
the math is if C followed B and B followed A then A is the cause & that would be the minivan driver.

Posted by slickmelb on June 3, 2013 01:09


More i review this the more shocking it is,in wet conditions on a steep downgraded road he slams into a six wheel truck in a lightweight minibus and manages to cannonball it into a motorcycle,thats one big hit at excessive speed in a lightweight mini bus to nudge a 6 wheeler too far even in the wet,thats a lot of momentum, as for the driver being charged he will likely say one of two things or both 1/ not my fault it was the rain 2/my brakes failed and for some strange reason thats apparently a acceptable defence in thailand,the road toll on this island is so high and such a disgrace they wont release the figures might damage tourism incoming baht is a priority above lives and limbs so we hide the problem then no problem
yep this is Thailand.

Posted by slickmelb on June 5, 2013 02:03

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