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Taxis and tuk-tuks like this one in Patong are ''Karon's Number One problem''

Karon Mayor Challenged on Tuk-Tuks, Taxis: Are You Brave Enough to Change?

Monday, June 3, 2013
PHUKET: Eighty percent of public parking spaces in the Karon district have been taken over by tuk-tuks and taxis, a meeting was told today.

And the number of tuk-tuks and taxis continues to grow ''day by day,'' said the local council's senior officer, Werasak Anekwongsawat.

Members of the public who parked in tuk-tuk or taxi designated spots had their cars scratched or faced intimidation, he said.

Khun Werasak was speaking at a special meeting called today at Karon Council offices to address tourism-related issues.

Vice Governor Jamleran Tipayapongtada, who chaired the meeting, said he had just returned from three weeks in Europe.

''The fares are about the same here as they are there,'' he said. ''But the service there is much better.''

Solving the problems associated with tuk-tuks and taxis was Karon's number one issue, he said.

He said similar problems in Chonburi had been fixed by the local authorities.

He turned to the mayor of Karon and said: ''Are you brave enough to try to fix this problem here? Are you brave enough to change?''

He said that the tuk-tuk and taxi drivers were ''beating themselves.'' ''You are eating fast but the meal will not last long,'' he added.

He said Phuket had all the laws it needed ''but we do not have law enforcement.''

He questioned whether the drivers cared about the feelings of tourists, the people on whom they depended for their income.

''You only seem to care about the money,'' he said. ''Taxi prices are high and the service is bad.''

Karon was chosen last year as the ideal place on Phuket to begin trials of a central call service for taxis so that the district's streets could be cleared. Drivers rejected the plan.


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So the question was asked, but no indication of the Mayor's reply. Maybe it was unprintable!

Posted by Mister Ree on June 3, 2013 17:56


[quote]"Are you brave enough to change?"[/quote]

Of course not. He can't afford to give up all that money.

[quote]"The fares are about the same here as they are there," he said. "But the service there is much better."[/quote]

He didn't have to go to Europe. Just go up the road to Bangkok. The fares are much cheaper there and the service is much better.

Posted by Buster on June 3, 2013 19:04


Average income level in Europe is about 10x to 15x higher than in Thailand.

The fact that the taxi prices are nevertheless equally expensive certainly puts things into perspective.

I will not even get started on the subject of service, safety or accountability.

It's a sad day for any community or society where it's leaders have to ask their subordinates if they are brave enough to enforce the law.

That's not exactly leading by example either. Don't send them to fight tanks with bows and arrows.

The positive thing even about bad news is that they keep making it into the news.

Thank you for keeping this issue in the headlines.

Hopefully the EU Ambassadors will arrive on Phuket well informed and with a firm action plan like their Chinese counterpart did.

I wonder how much longer this issue can be stretched before it snaps.

Posted by ThaiMike on June 3, 2013 19:12


@PW. Why do you feel the need to rewrite the same article again again and again? I am sure it is so you can place your same self opinionated views that will eventually lead to you banning someone from your poorly written so called English newsfeed. I personally have read your newsfeed for years just for a late night laugh ( after a few drinks always assisted), but after a few years I have decided to take off the rose colored glasses off.... Good bye... You always defend the misunderstood people as I guess you were classed as that prior to arrival in the land of smiles... So try and report some good news instead of regurgitating the same same, which is ok to the new reader but I expect that is a minimal amount to people..... You are just entertaining the circus, and after so many years of producing the ground hog day newsfeed you also know this.... Move on... Bye.

Posted by Ground Hog Day. on June 3, 2013 23:42

Editor Comment:

You are free to ban yourself from reading Phuketwan anytime you like, Ground Hog. We will continue to report events as they happen. We are criticised by some for being too harsh and others for being not harsh enough: we must be doing something right. If you tried reading sober for a change, you might understand what's happening around you. It's your life and your habits that are same same. Nothing to do with us.


Last year I drove up to my own place in Karon by car, right now I have problems to park a scooter nearby. The drivers are just painting all parking spots of Karon yellow (Tuk Tuk Only, Taxi Only) now, and no one of the officials cares about it. :-(

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on June 3, 2013 23:50


Can the vice governor please tell, where in Europe he was driving a tuk-tuk?

Posted by Lena on June 4, 2013 01:30


This looks like a job for Khun Veera!

Posted by sky on June 4, 2013 07:56


Vice Governor Jamleran Tipayapongtada, who chaired the meeting, said he had just returned from three weeks in Europe.

''The fares are about the same here as they are there,'' he said. ''But the service there is much better.''

Not only better,safer but have to pay 4 or 5 times the price for petrol,diesel, insurance, road tax, be licensed and hold a proper drivers license ect, ect

Posted by richie on June 4, 2013 13:06

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