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David Antolin Velasco, who allegedly beat up two men after making love

Ladyboy's Hot Film on Phuket Beach Leads Love Making Couple to Police Cell

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
PHUKET: Spanish tourists have been charged with assault after they spotted a ladyboy filming them making love early today on a Phuket beach, say Phuket police.

The session on the beach took place at 4.30am today on Karon beach, Spaniard David Antolin Velasco, 35, later told officers.

Once Mr Velasco spotted the ladyboy, he took off after her and chased her into the Golden Sand Inn, where he and his friend had been staying.

Two security guards appeared to be intent on preventing him from pursing the ladyboy so Mr Velasco allegedly beat them.

Sawan Suwanwong suffered a cut head and Roket Mankongket injured a hand and arm in the scuffle with the Spanish pair.

After being place in the cell at Karon Police Station, Mr Velasco allegedly damaged the cell in anger.

The pair were to appear at Phuket Provincial Court today for a hearing but the case been postponed because the Spanish translator is at sea on a trawler.

Mr Velasco and Maria Carmen, 33, arrived on Phuket on April 10 and are due to leave on July 9.


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Any charges foreseen for the ladyboy ? Usually you need ones permission before you can start capturing images of people...don't you ?

Posted by Resident on June 4, 2013 18:19

Editor Comment:



Doesn't this story sum up the behavior of some foreigners that get into trouble on Phuket? The Spanish couple gave up their right to privacy when they used a public beach as the locale for an amorous tryst.

By the same token, when foreigners rent jet skis despite all of the warnings and publicity not to, and then get ripped off, they blame everyone but themselves for their irresponsible behavior. I have a feeling Don Juan is going to feeling some pain in his wallet, if he is allowed to stay.

The ladyboy did a community service when he filmed these debauched tourists. Maybe it will deter others from using the beach as a rendezvous for carnal pleasure.

Posted by ryan on June 4, 2013 19:49


If they had made their intimate love visible on a beach in Saudi Arabia the consequences would have been disastrous for them. Why did they chase after a poor lovesick ladyboy. Remember in my youth i camped in a tent on a beach in Spain. 3pm in the morning police came an took our passport. In the morning we was told that a catholic church was located near the beach so we had to pay police a huge fine even without intimacy.

Posted by One Expat 13 years on June 4, 2013 22:03


... any uploading on the web yet ? ;)

Posted by sarge on June 4, 2013 22:15


You missed a good headline opportunity:

"Transsexual terminates tourists testosterone tryst"

Posted by Logic on June 4, 2013 23:41


He should get a minimum of 1 year in jail for this heinous assault on a ladyboy. That is a hate crime based on intolerance of someone's sexuality.

Posted by Bhagwan on June 9, 2013 04:59

Editor Comment:

The report indicates that the ladyboy escaped harm.


You wanna get busy on a public beach, then expect to be watched/observed/ filmed. What were those Spaniards thinking, anyway?

Posted by Ben on June 10, 2013 11:04

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