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Phuket Taxi Drivers, Jet-Ski Operators to Attend Seminars on Good Behavior and Service, Says Governor

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
PHUKET: Taxi drivers on Phuket are to attend educational seminars about responsibilities and service standards from August 10, Phuket Governor Maitree Intrusud told a meeting today.

Jet-ski and beach paraglide operators would attend similar seminars from September 10 or 11, he told a gathering dealing with tourism issues today.

English language skills and a broader knowledge of how Phuket tourism works would be part of the seminars, the governor told the meeting at Phuket Provincial Hall in Phuket City.

Tourism guides on Phuket would soon be given the opportunity to attend courses in Chinese, Russian and Korean languages at Phuket's Rajabhat University, he said.

The Crime Crisis Centres to be operated by the Department of Special Investigations and the Ministry of Tourism and Sport from next month had the province's full support, the governor said.

Another series of seminars would follow designed to explain and clarify the laws governing investment and obligations in Thailand to to the owners of Russian, Chinese and Korean businesses operating on Phuket, he said.

One aim would be to have Thai guides in place on all tours to Phuket to work with native-speaking guides from the countries where the tourists originated, he said.


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Posted by Nicke on July 30, 2013 14:48


Seminars!! Hahahahahahaaaahahaa. Good one!

Posted by smik on July 30, 2013 14:49


are they serious, will they also provide pigs with flying lessons?

Posted by eezergood on July 30, 2013 15:00

Editor Comment:

Are you still in agreement with the ''things will never change'' thugs, ezergood? Everything changes in time.


Classic, can't wait to see the young ganja smoking Jet Ski boys attending a seminar, do you think they know what one is?????

Posted by phuket madness on July 30, 2013 15:46


So far, not a single mention of lowering tuk-tuk prices to a reasonable rate.

Posted by sir burr on July 30, 2013 15:58


I agree nothing will change until RADICAL measures are taken, not pie in the sky schemes & hubs! Who will be paying for this? My tax 'dollar'? Or will these fees just be passed onto the already ripped off end users?

Posted by eezergood on July 30, 2013 16:29


Chutima ... I am sorry you had to report on this particular one ... You should have delegated it to your in-house comedian

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on July 30, 2013 17:34


He just doesn't get it bless him seminars for these thugs what ever next .Hows about him just telling them to do their job properly courteously and efficiently or they will loose their operators license that doesn't need long winded discussion groups and expensive seminars

Posted by scunner on July 30, 2013 18:01


i like the idea of seminars. do not be so negative readers. anyway hoping that the authorities focus on the real problems like public transportation.

Posted by Jack on July 30, 2013 18:55


Seminars as described are a good idea but I fear the tuition will fall on deaf ears.
The problems to overcome are immense but we must all support the efforts being currently made and make our judgement by the results which will be slow in coming

Posted by Paul on July 30, 2013 19:24

Editor Comment:

We've made our view plain:

Transport: Require all tuk-tuk and taxi drivers to register again and to meet international standards of service before being given new licences. Reduce their numbers by 10 percent a year for three years, offering alternative training. Introduce a call centre and abolish double-payment for journeys passengers don't make.

Corruption: Start a well-promoted public campaign to end corruption on the island and prosecute any official caught taking bribes. Investigate all allegations about Immigration officers and police. Create a corruption-free Phuket model for other provinces.

Sustainability: Begin an investigation into what's required to keep Phuket a natural and appealing destination and set limits on development and tourist numbers based on the results of that investigation. Save the reefs and the beaches. Create a Phuket Beach Authority.

Crime: Provide an extra 500 police for Phuket based on its actual population. Take up the Australian ambassador's suggestion of obliterating all illegal weapons and make the island a no-guns, no-knives zone.


I disagree with a lot of your responses here. I think a properly set up couple of day sort of indoctrination course would be of a lot of benefit, just like Las Vegas does for anyone entering into the service sector. Thai people are very good at doing things in the right way if they know what that is. I think taking a professional approach would do a lot more good than not, making the industry a way of life rather than just a job the got, it would also give more of a way to point out to the bad behaviors just where they go wrong when needed.

Posted by Tim on July 30, 2013 19:40


Excellent news, that should solve this !

Posted by Sailor on July 31, 2013 00:57


how much for a tuk tuk to attend the meeting & how much to leave by tuk tuk
what same fee no change!

Posted by slickmelb on August 1, 2013 00:26


What a great idea. If they ever plan one on child minding, they can invite Myra Hindley over too.

Posted by Barry on August 1, 2013 00:56


Just start easily on them folks, basic manners and responsibility would take two weeks. After that would come the other issues, like how to tell the truth, how to not be afraid to give the boss your ideas too?

Posted by Robin on August 4, 2013 20:28

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