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The bashing of surfer Fred Aakerlund burned in the brain of Mark Pendlebury

Phuket Expat Free on Bail Over Patong Killing Was Only Trying to Help, Friend Says

Thursday, March 12, 2015
VIDEO of Fatal Stabbing Outside Taipan in Patong

PHUKET: Australian ''Captain Mark'' Pendlebury was heading to his Phuket home this afternoon free on 500,000 baht bail over the stabbing death of a security guard outside a Patong nightclub early yesterday.

According to friends who met the 59-year-old boat tour operator briefly, he was ''very exhausted and will probably sleep for about 12 hours.''

''Both eyes are blackened,'' one friend said, ''and one is closed.''

Mr Pendlebury faces a charge of murdering security guard Sanya Khluewaengmon, 26, whose family and friends were in court today and who opposed bail. It is believed the family is likely to seek substantial compensation.

The Phuket Provincial Court, however, accepted that Mr Pendlebury is married to a Thai and has a well-established tour business and so is not a potential flight risk.

One of his friends said that in conversation today, Mr Pendlebury said that he was pushed to the ground and at least one tuk-tuk driver joined others in ''stomping'' him in Rat-U-Tit 200 Pi Road about 12.30am on Wednesday.

''He was in fear of his life and fully recalled what has happened to other expats who have been set upon around that part of Patong,'' the friend said.

Mr Pendlebury told a Phuketwan reporter yesterday that he was alive because of the intervention of two Indian tourists.

Investigators are keen to talk to those tourists and anyone else who may have witnessed what happened or recorded a video.

Earlier that night, the Australian had been at a Patong Rotary meeting with a guest, disabled Danish surfer, Frederik Aakerlund, 48.

Mr Aakerlund - better known as Fred - lost both legs in a military action in 2007 and has since dedicated his life to showing disabled children that they too can learn to surf.

He was set upon in his wheelchair by a gang of thugs in daylight two months ago in Patong's beach road and suffered a ''Clockwork Orange'' style random beating that kept him in the local hospital until last week.

''I am delighted to hear Mark is free,'' Fred said today. ''He was vitally concerned about my safety and walked me home on Tuesday night after the Rotary meeting.''

The friend who spoke to Mr Pendlebury before the court's decision to grant bail said that Mr Pendlebury told him that the injustice of the attack on the disabled surfer was still ''burning in his head'' when he saw the melee outside the Taipan nightclub and crossed the road to begin videoing what was happening.

''Mark said he thought the attack on Fred was shockingly unjust and he didn't want anyone else to be bashed and kicked in that way again.''

Within minutes, after being told to stop filming in the middle of the public road by a security guard, Mr Pendlebury was fighting for his own life.

Video footage supports his account of what happened.

VIDEO of Fatal Stabbing Outside Taipan in Patong


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... and " friends " of all farangs - tuk tuk drivers came into action to stomp on him, although they hardly knew what is going on.

Mr.Pedlebury can and may be should sue Tai Pan enterprise as its employees rushed to harm him , and also this kind type of tuk tuk driver - farang stompers .

Posted by Sue on March 12, 2015 18:07

Editor Comment:

The tuk-tuks should be in the compound proposed south of Patong and called in as needed. That was the solution to the problem of traffic and violence in Patong. It still is.


Must be hundreds of peoples just stand their & watching , really appreciate what courage shown by these Indians jumped in & save his life otherwise we never know the truth.

Posted by jam on March 12, 2015 20:20


""The tuk-tuks should be in the compound proposed south of Patong and called in as needed. That was the solution to the problem of traffic and violence in Patong. It still is.""

ED u couldn't be more right... as i say before.. Mr pendlebury was protecting hi sown life knowing what was about to happened.. one can wonder where the Hell police was at the time... i really feel for him and hope PW to continue the great job put this in brighter light.

Posted by frog on March 12, 2015 20:51


"Mr.Pedlebury can and may be should sue Tai Pan enterprise as its employees rushed to harm him , and also this kind type of tuk tuk driver - farang stompers".

Are you out of your mind sue.I really do want to stop your bull.If you know anything about the Thai legal system you have a lot to learn.

I have seen about 20 or more similar so called happenings outside Tai pan and down the road on soi sansaibai down from soi bangla. Two with deadly outcome. I have been in two of them personaly with days of hospital treatment.
If you think that your legal bull is working so shut up. I know the owners since way back and I promise you that your perhaps legal europian s*** aint worth a s***. I am very sorry and hate what is going on but please sue, you are maybe in Thailand and not in Europe or another place that suits your legal system.
Get Thai or get out. Those owners are not my personal friends.I have friends with in the tuk tuk cartels, bikers,russians cartels and police force and so on and on. Your legal poining fingers are pathetic.

Posted by Joe on March 12, 2015 21:27


In respect of family and friends seeking compensation from Mr.Pedlebury, it's worth to remind who is a victim - Mr.Pedlebury, and who is perpetrator - those people, incl.deceased, who attacked Mr. Pedlebury.
Actually, Mr.Pedlebury has been victim of double offence;
1. his constitutional rights to freely seek and collect information have been violated - actually it was initial target of perpetrators to stop him filming evicting from Tai Pan course of (1) series of various acts that had been administered by perpetrators, ever- increasing severe bodily harm had been caused to Mr. Pedlebury . In order to save himself from further enduring this, and as that could possibly escalate up to a point of death of Mr. Pedlebury, he rightly used his rights to self-defence, and, yes, as a result of self-defense action perpetrators have been injured.
Proportional self-defense is not punishable act under Thai Penal Code.
Also such kind of self-defense doesn't give relatives any rights to claim a civil compensation from Mr.Pedlebury:
Thai Civil and Commercial Code 1925 , especially in part of tort law, has been built almost identical to German Civil Code BGB, so no tort happens in case of lawful self-deference, so no basis to claim compensation out of non-existing tort act.
Actually it is Mr.Pedleburry who can claim damages both from Tai Pan as employer of deceased who similarly to is responsible for actions of its employees, but also appropriate share of damages can be claimed directly from deceased estate.

Unless law enforcement will not use on Mr. Pedlebury tricks similar to jetski route - i.e. threatening with criminal charges, extra or more sever than should be in the case, unless he "settles with a family", he normally shouldn't pay a dime to them.

Posted by Sue on March 12, 2015 22:54


The camera should identify the tuk-tuk driver's number plate if the police do their work. The Indians should also be identified and if the passport at reception is effective they also could be traced one way or another as witnesses. It may also be asked if the thugs that beat the friend of Mark, "Fred" have been apprehended or is this an ongoing case with the police. It is rather strange with all of the supposed increase of CCTV that nobody has been apprehended. What would have been the verdict by the police if Captain Mark had been killed? It is unreal and very coincidental that he was walking his friend Fred home and unfortunate that physiologically he had armed himself against a similar attack. Question is, what would have happened had he of not had support from the Indians and what would have happened had he of not been carrying a knife. Incidentally fishermen or sea faring man do tend to carry pocket knives. I would guess that a mixture of fear, and situation with some alcohol blend from a Rotary meeting made for this terrible outcome. Bottom line is that the doorman had no right to set upon him on a public domain, nor did the tuk tuk driver have the right to join in, or be parked there in the first place. Good luck Captain Mark and Mr. Fred

Posted by irishkev24 on March 12, 2015 23:55


@ sue. I happen to have time on my hands and so do you obviously.The legal stuff you are pointing on are probably real but we can discuss every aspect of it for hours and years in Thailand.I make it easy. Money talks and bulls*** walks.Prove I am wrong and you have a point.

Posted by Joe on March 13, 2015 08:49



have a nice walk then!

Posted by Sue on March 13, 2015 12:25


@ sue. You proved yourself cheap. No more point at all to "make out" reasonable conversation. I suggest you get deeper into the law but you are already lost so what is the point?

Posted by Joe on March 13, 2015 16:12


Editor, can you translate what Joe is saying/meaning into understandable English?

Posted by Vfaye on March 15, 2015 01:54

Editor Comment:


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