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Kurt Trotnow is out of a coma, but with no recollection of being attacked

Phuket Tuk-Tuk Attack: No Total Recall

Monday, September 12, 2011
PHUKET: Phuket ''dog pack attack'' victim Kurt Trotnow is out of intensive care at a Phuket City hospital, talking, and hoping to leave his bed to try walking again soon, his wife said today.

Mr Trotnow, 53, a German expat Phuket resident, recollects the party in Patong before he was knocked senseless into a coma in a dispute over whether a tuk-tuk journey of about 800 metres should cost 100 baht or 200 baht.

''But Kurt does not remember even getting into the tuk-tuk, or the dispute,'' his wife Jiraporn 'Joy' Choochep, 30, said today. ''He can talk and move in bed and he came out of ICU at Phuket International on Friday.

''When he came out of the coma the first thing he said was: 'What am I doing here?'

''He will probably be in hospital for one more week. He is looking forward to sitting up and walking again. But we just can't say whether his memory of what happened with the tuk-tuk will ever return.''

Mr Trotnow was beaten into a coma about 11.05pm on August 25 in Patong when a gang - probably tuk-tuk drivers - attacked after he disputed the 200 baht fare for a short trip by tuk-tuk from a rank near Soi Paradise to the Taipan nightclub at the top of Soi Bangla.

Potential witnesses have failed to name the attackers, security cameras failed to capture the incident, and even Khun Joy has been unable to identify the driver or his wife from photographs shown to her by police.

Mr Trotnow was considered to be the only chance of identifying them and a case being pursued against the men. Now that seems to be no longer likely.

The couple, who wed in July after being friends for three years, were planning to head back to Germany on September 7 so that Mr Trotnow could have an operation for a blood vessel condition. The flight and the operation have had to be postponed, Khun Joy said.

German honorary consul Dirk Naumann aims to pursue the matter with Phuket Police Commander Major General Pekad Tantipong because he was not informed officially about the incident until a week later, then was invited to Kathu Police Station to take part in ''mediation.''

No progress has been made by police in a second case involving violent tuk-tuk and taxi retaliation, an attack on a Phuket tour driver that took place outside a Kamala five-star resort on September 4.

Two men named by police have so far failed to present themselves to Kamala Police Station, the tour company manager, Sinlapachai Choosen, said today.

''I still can't figure why only two men are wanted by police when five were involved in the attack,'' he said.
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How very inconvenient that he "forgot" everything about the attack. One would of course recoil indignantly from the scurrilous suggestion that he might have been gently coaxed by the powers that be into this retrograde amnesia so that the entire ugly episode can be swept under the rug once and for all.

Posted by Sir Marmaduke on September 12, 2011 13:29

Editor Comment:

As the police have yet to talk to the man, it's hard to imagine how he could have been ''coaxed'' to any conclusion, Sir Marmaduke. The usual excessively imaginative piffle, if you ask me.


I don't know if this has any bearing on the case, but most other sites are reporting that the journey began at Aroonsom Plaza which is next to the Andaman Suites hotel rather than at Soi Paradise.

200 Baht is still expensive even for that short distance, but an 'average fare' for a tuk-tuk in Patong I would have thought.

Posted by Xircal on September 12, 2011 14:12

Editor Comment:

We reported that they hailed a tuk-tuk from a rank ''near Soi Paradise'' because more readers are likely to know that landmark than the Aroonsom Plaza. 200 baht is the minimum fare but it is possible to negotiate the fare downwards, or it used to be. Not that long ago I joined three others in a tuk-tuk from Graceland Resort to close to the Courtyard by Marriott for 150 baht. Is it still possible to negotiate? Are tuk-tuk drivers still pulling the ''but that was the fare for every passenger'' scam? Only regulation, meters and strict enforcement will solve the continuing problems.


I may be in the minority here, but I fail to see meters as being the end-all answer. Far too easy to just forget - or refuse - to use them. And if so, what recourse would the passenger then have? These thugs have already proven that they are above the "law".

Registration and strict regulation of total numbers of vehicles, strict registration and licensing of drivers, and govt. mandated fares, which are fairly priced, would do more good.

But then there's always that little stickler about enforcing any such regulations...

Posted by Relox on September 12, 2011 15:40


What I don't understand is, seeing as there is so much m**** in Pattaya too, how come they don't have a m****-controlled transit system there? You can ride a songthaew for 30 minutes in Pattaya for 10 baht. In Patong, it's more like 30 baht for 10 metres. If they can do that in Pattaya, how come they can't do it here?

Posted by Greg on September 12, 2011 16:02


Why is this newspaper so scared to print the truth that it has to edit out the word that starts with ma and ends in fia?

Posted by Greg on September 12, 2011 21:15

Editor Comment:

Because, Greg, the Mafia kills and tortures people. It's an exaggeration when used to describe Phuket's public transport problem.


and under the rug so shall it go...

Posted by bob J on February 3, 2012 07:26

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