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Mark Pendlebury being interviewed by officers in Patong Hospital today

Phuket Knifing: Australian Charged With Murder Over Stabbing of Security Guard at Patong Disco

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
PHUKET: The Australian expat charged with murder today over the fatal stabbing of a security guard at a Phuket discotheque is Mark Hamilton Pendlebury, 59, a well-known and highly-regarded member of the expat community.

Mr Pendlebury is believed to have attended a meeting of Patong Rotary last night before being involved in the altercation at Taipan nightclub that led to a scuffle and the death of a security guard from knife wounds about 2am.

Initially from Western Australia, Mr Pendlebury, who has lived on Phuket for about 10 years, was being questioned by officers at Kathu Police Station today.

According to details of the case relayed to a Phuketwan reporter at the police station, Mr Pendlebury was walking past the Taipan discotheque about 12.30am when he saw a scuffle involving a security guard evicting customers. Mr Pendlebury attempted to photograph the incident and the altercation led to the fatal stabbing of the security guard.

The guard's death came about 2am after both men had been taken to Patong Hospital to have their wounds treated.

Mr Pendlebury runs a boating business on Phuket and is held in high regard. Just yesterday, he invited Phuketwan to accompany a legless Danish surfer, Frederik Aakerlund, 48, on a boat trip on Thursday.

The boat trip was being provided for free by Mr Pendelbury to speed the recovery of Mr Aakerlund from a brutal kicking he suffered two months ago in Patong at the hands of a ''Clockwork Orange'' style gang.

Today's fatal stabbing, though, is rare for the holiday island, where a series of safety zones have been coordinated by police since the fatal stabbing of Australian tourist Michelle Smith in an attempted bag-snatch in 2012. Mrs Smith's two attackers are serving life sentences.

Coordination between Phuket authorities and the island's honorary consuls is at an all-time low, though, because of the lack of regular meetings. The present governor and his predecessor appear to not be keen to talk to the island's international representatives.

Expats also are a key part of tourism protection on Phuket, with volunteers patrolling the streets around Soi Bangla every night until last Thursday, when the volunteers stopped patrols because of a sense that their support from local police is lacking. The volunteers were due to meet with Patong's senior police at 10am today.

VIDEO Phuket Murder Aftermath


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i guess that the truth about the event will meet the surface.. like the assault of the younger boy that Mr.Pendlebury was trying to film... and then was attacked by the security guards because of filming... and then he was protecting himself from being assaulted ... as we seen before that can be fatal...

Posted by Frog on March 11, 2015 10:41


Photo's seeing it looks like mr Pendlebury was wounded (Bleeding), needed medical care. Was he also stabbed ( not fatal) by the security guard? Sad situation, but it is not a murder case.

Posted by Kurt on March 11, 2015 11:28


As it seems from the context, he was attacked because of taking photos of the guard evicting a customer - so that's clear self-defense case. Thai police usually succumbs not to charge those who acted in self-defense, why such exclusion this time.
If TaiPan employees attacked him, why not sue them - personally as criminal charges, and TaiPan as a responsible person here for damages.

Whose knife is that?

And, of course, where is a police patrolling actually most crowded end of BangLa? As per custom hiding in their house at the opposite end of Bang La?

At the worst case, if knife is his, and he indeed acted grossly above self-defense scope, then charges should come with a self-defense "deduction".

And police habitually allow a bail in such situations, again, hope no exceptions here.

Posted by Sue on March 11, 2015 12:28

Editor Comment:

No definitive account yet of what happened. No point in guessing. Security cameras may help.


Why does the Governor not want to meet with the Consuls? Not showing a great deal of respect for them is it.

Posted by Too Much on March 11, 2015 13:14

Editor Comment:

We cannot imagine why people with the collective knowledge of the consuls are not high on the list for meetings. It's plain that the governor has been listening to some people who are not as well-informed. That's a pity.


What a horrible story ! I was often in TaiPan as well as Hollywood Disco and i have to say the security staff on both locations was always high quality. They are very friendly to normal guests and deal fast and reasonably with troublemakers of all kind. Good Luck for all parties involved in it.

Posted by fred on March 11, 2015 14:44


I just hope the actual truth comes out without any cover ups . This guy has been around a long time. I am sure he would not just knife someone unless he was fighting for his life.

Posted by Pete on March 11, 2015 15:27


what happened to the so called patong 'safety zone'?? all night clubs should be required to have working security cameras covering all angles inside and out for the protection of staff and customers alike..

Posted by another steve on March 12, 2015 19:55

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